Canada: 4 high schools pull out of cheerleading competition over jihad threat

March 5th, 2015
“And that has one mother suggesting the terrorists have won.” She is right, of course. Threats like this are designed to “strike terror into the hearts of the enemies of Allah” (Qur’an 8:60), and make them live in fear, curtailing their activities because of the specter of jihad. This leads inevitably to curtailing also of speech critical of jihad terror and Islamic supremacism, and that leaves the way clear for the jihad to advance unopposed and unimpeded.
“Terrorist threat sees three Regina schools pull out of cheerleading competition,” CJME, The Canadian Press, March 3, 2015:
REGINA – Three Regina high schools and one in Saskatoon have pulled out of a cheerleading competition after threats were made against West Edmonton Mall in an online video.
And that has one mother suggesting the terrorists have won.
The video purportedly came from the Al-Shabab group and urges Muslims to attack malls including the Mall of America in Minneapolis and the one in Edmonton.
Denise Fisher of the Alberta Cheerleading Association says a dozen teams have pulled out of the competition scheduled for this coming weekend.
They include Campbell Collegiate, Balfour Collegiate and Winston Knoll Collegiate in Regina, and Bethlehem High School in Saskatoon.
Tina Caderna says her daughter, Trinity, was panicked when told about the cancellation, as she is serious about her cheerleading and trains for 30 hours a week.
“Whoever it was that posted that video has now won because we’re making a decision not to go based on the surfacing of that video naming West Edmonton Mall,” says Caderna.
The Regina Public School Division says it had heard from some parents who were concerned about the trip and would not be sending their children to the competition.
“The school division determined that due to the parents’ safety concerns and because we the school division can’t ensure the safety of the students travelling to the event, that we would not be participating as a school division,” explains Terry Lazarou, supervisor of communications with the school division.
Caderna, whose daughter also competes on another squad, says she will drive her daughter to Edmonton if she has to.
“This is something that she’s been doing for a long time and it wasn’t even an option not to go,” she says. “We were going, regardless.”
The Edmonton competition is a qualifier for cheerleaders to go to the 2015 World Cheerleading Championships in Florida in April.
The association’s website says the mall’s administration has confirmed “there will be significantly increased mall and police presence in the mall during the competition, although many will be plain-clothes officers.”
It also says the cheerleading association has contracted some additional security of its own, and has been working with an independent company to have onsite first aid and to ensure that its response plans align with West Edmonton Mall’s plans….

Danish asylum numbers plunge after rule changes

March 5th, 2015
Newly-released figures show that the number of asylum seekers in January was only one fifth of what it was in September, while just three individuals from Eritrea applied for refugee status compared to over 500 in July. 

The number of people applying for asylum in Denmark has plunged after the country tightened its immigration laws last year to stem the influx of Syrian refugees, data released Wednesday showed.
In January, 626 people -- around half of them from Syria -- applied for asylum compared with 3,150 in September, according to the Danish Immigration Service.
The government said in September it would introduce a temporary, one-year residence permit for asylum seekers fleeing civil wars such as the Syrian conflict.
The new permit, which came into force this year, can be extended for another two years and does not allow family reunifications to be granted during the first year.
Denmark also introduced measures to make it harder for asylum seekers from Eritrea to come to Denmark. Due to those efforts, just three Eritreans sought asylum in Denmark in January, down from a peak of 510 in July. The restrictions on Eritreans were brought about as a result of a highly-controversial 'fact-finding report' that was roundly criticized by the report's one named source and other experts on Eritrea
"I think one of the most crucial factors for how many people apply is the length of the asylum and the conditions for family reunification," the ruling Social Democratic party's spokesman on integration issues, Ole Hækkerup, told Ritzau. "This is where the government has made an effort."
Denmark already had some of Europe's toughest immigration laws after governments between 2001 and 2011 relied on the support of the anti-immigrant Danish People's Party in parliament, in exchange for which the party was allowed to help shape migration policies.
The number of asylum applications also fell in neighbouring Sweden in January but by a much smaller percentage, down to 4,894 from 9,976 in September, according to the Swedish Migration Board.
Sweden became the first European country in 2013 to grant automatic residency to Syrian refugees and has since seen asylum requests rise to record levels, expected to reach about 90,000 in 2015.
The country receives the highest number of refugees per capita in the EU and is second only to Germany as a destination for Syrians fleeing the Middle Eastern country's civil war.
The number of migrants entering the EU nearly tripled in 2014 to 280,000 from to just over 100,000 the previous year, mainly due to the conflict in Syria, the bloc's border agency said on Wednesday.

France: Cake maker threatened with legal action by black activists unless he stops selling "Racist" chocolate cakes

March 5th, 2015
A cake maker in the south of France has been threatened with legal action for inciting racial hatred unless he stops selling cakes deemed “obscene” by an anti-racism group in France. The baker told The Local he's a victim of "intellectual terrorism".

The owner of the pâtisserie in the town of Grasse, near Nice could find himself in hot water after being accused of selling racist cakes.
The sweet pastries in question, named “Gods” and “Goddesses” are in the form of obese people, covered in dark chocolate with over-sized sexual parts.
While the baker who sells the little men and women filled with shortbread and chocolate mousse sees the cakes as inoffensive, for one anti-racism group in France, they are anything but.

“It’s pure and simple racism,” Louis-George Tin from France’s Representative Council of Black Associations (CRAN) told The Local.
After being made aware of the cakes by a shocked customer, CRAN denounced the “obscene slave trade caricatures that tap into the tradition of colonial racism” and threatened to lodge a complaint for inciting racial hatred.
“We are in a country where the word equality is part of the constitution, which means it doesn’t allow for racism. Does he think these treats adhere to the values of the French Republic?” said Tin.
“We must fight this kind of racism. I cannot imagine what would be said (rightly) if an African baker decided to represent Jesus Christ or the Virgin Mary in a similar way,” Tin said.
The group has asked the local mayor Jerome Viaud to take a stance.

However the baker Tannick Tavolaro remains defiant.
He told The Local he found the complaint absurd and firmly denies he is racist.
“At first I thought it was a joke then I read the news. It’s absurd and hurtful. These pastries have absolutely no racial connotation at all," he said.
“It’s made of chocolate mousse, which is why it’s black. The characters are little human beings, a man and woman but not a black man and a woman,” said Tavolaro.
“These people who attack me don’t know my story or my career or who I am. It’s just intellectual terrorism and I won’t yield to that kind of terrorism,” he said.
Tavolaro has vowed to continue to make his controversial cakes despite the threats.
“I am not racist. I do not belong to any political party. I just argue for freedom of speech,” he told The Local.
It's not the first time a bakery in France has provoked outrage over its creations.
In September last year a pâtisserie in Auxerre was forced to change the name of its biscuits named "bamboula" and "negro" after complaints from anti-racism groups.
And it's not just in France.
In 2012, Sweden's then culture minister Adelsohn Liljeroth came close to losing her job when she cut into the vagina area of a cake modelled on a black woman's body, which was part of an art project.

March Against #WhiteGenocide – March 21st 2015

March 2nd, 2015
Short Summary

The team behind Fight White are coordinating a March Against White Genocide on March 21st 2015 to spread awareness that massive non-white immigration and forced assimilation in ALL white countries IS White Genocide.

Donations will be used to produce White Genocide marketing material to be distributed by activists on March 21st.

What We Need & What You Get

  • Money raised will go to the production and distribution of White Genocide marketing materials i.e Stickers, Flyers and Banners
  • We are looking to raise $1,000. Any additional funds will be put towards our #WhiteGenocide billboard project in the Northern USA.
  • Donating to this fundraiser is an active way to participate in Fighting White Genocide
  • All contributors over $20 will receive a White Genocide media kit for distribution, if desired
The Impact

Genocide is a crime. And flooding ALL white countries with MILLIONS of non-whites and force assimilating the populations IS White Genocide.

On March 21st we are looking to make a HUGE impact and one of our goals is to see #WhiteGenocide as a trending hashtag on twitter.

Currently we are seeing a massive number of impressions each day, but more attention and discussion of this crime is needed.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you are unable to contribute financially, there are so many ways you can contribute to the success of this event:
  • Get the word out and make some noise about our campaign to help with fund raising.
  • On March 21st Get Out, Get Active & Get Pictures of your activism and send them in to
  • Help make #WhiteGenocide a trending hashtag on twitter by posting and retweeting the hash.
  • Every little bit of activism helps towards forcing the conversation on White Genocide.
Fight White Genocide

My video from last year's March -

‘Pegida not welcome here!’ Newcastle counter-protest to reject ‘twisted prejudice’

February 27th, 2015
Community leaders, politicians, union representatives and ordinary citizens have told organizers of the anti-Islam Pegida UK it is “not welcome in our city,” ahead of the group’s first UK march in Newcastle on Saturday.
A counter-demonstration is expected to attract more than 2,000 people, according to local newspaper reports.
Public figures, including George Galloway MP and comedian Russell Brand, are expected to speak at the anti-Pegida march.
Newcastle police say they are prepared for an influx of people hours before the city’s football match kicks off, as Newcastle United play Aston Villa at St. James’ Park.
Pegida, which translates from German as Patriotic Europeans Against The Islamization Of The West, has staged rallies throughout Germany and drawn thousands to the streets, both in support of its aims and to oppose it.
In Newcastle, the counter-demonstration has been organized by a coalition of trade unionists and anti-fascists, including Newcastle Stop the War and the University and College Union (UCU), protesting under the banner “Newcastle Unites.”

Newcastle resident David Kelly, 33, said he will join the counter-protest.
We don’t want these people in our city. They don’t belong here. We are a friendly, tolerant and welcoming place,” he told the Newcastle Chronicle.
David Stockdale, a Labour Party councilor in the city, said he will also be joining the anti-fascists.

Reuters / Heinz-Peter Bader
Reuters / Heinz-Peter Bader
We have a proud history of standing up to intolerance and hate and to groups like Pegida who seek to do harm to our Muslim sisters and brothers,” he told the Chronicle.
Pegida paint a brutal misrepresentation of Islam. It’s important to stand up to that and for me as a non-Muslim it’s important to speak out against Pegida’s twisted prejudice.”

The Newcastle Unites counter-demonstration will show Newcastle at its best. Islamophobia targets Muslims but it hurts us all and I’m so proud of how our wonderful city has come together to march in peace and solidarity against Pegida and everything they stand for,” he added.
Speaking to RT on Wednesday, Labour councilor Dipu Ahad said: “There’s no chance for them in Newcastle.”
The city is united [and] we’ve got national support. There was a clear message Pegida are not welcome. Our campaign has done a really good job showing unity, we’ve exposed them for who they are.
Social media users also expressed solidarity with the marchers. Animal rights campaigner Jon Proctor tweeted: “Come oppose the Islamophobic group PEGIDA holding a rally in Newcastle.”
Twitter user @catsinbelfry, who describes herself a socialist and feminist on her profile page, tweeted: “Support us against PEGIDA UK! Retweet #NewcastleUnites tomorrow from 10.00 as we march for unity in our city. #nopegida.”
When RT contacted Pegida UK for comment on the planned counter-demonstration, they replied: “Because of the time issue, being so early, numbers might not be so high!
We don't need a gigantic following! Want to keep it any control! [sic],” they added.
Rumors circulated earlier in the week that Pegida UK’s spokesperson, Matthew Pope, had resigned.
The organization has since denied this, saying: “He hasn't resigned. He is taking a break from the media.”

Berlin rapper’s stunt sets off homophobia row

February 26th, 2015
Berlin rapper Bass Sultan Hengzt released an album cover calculated to smoke out homophobia among listeners, prompting what Germans love to call a “Sh*tstorm”.

In a first for German rap, the 31-year old released his new album, “Musik Wegen Weibaz” (Music because of girls) with a cover photo showing two men leaning in to kiss one another.
Fans on Facebook and Twitter left hundreds of angry comments about the perceived betrayal by their idol.
“Please no, I can't bring this to the checkout,” one of the first responses read.
Another wrote that "two gays are disgusting... I wouldn't want a child to see a gay couple as normal!"
One connoisseur of the scene suggested that Hengzt had hoped to provoke such a reaction all along.
“I think it comes from humour, because it's music 'against women'” editor Oliver Marquart told The Local on Tuesday.
“I don't think it's a political statement, but it's a very self-aware one.”
Knowing the typical – male, teenaged – audience of his music, the rapper picked a cover calculated to push buttons among a vocal minority, pushing objectionable fans away and gaining mainstream respect.
The outrageous statements of fans propelled the album onto ARD TV's flagship morning show, MorgenMagazin.
“It's a loud minority who have reacted very vehemently, who feel insulted,” Marquart said. “Maybe around 20 percent of the fans, but that's a guess.”
When it came to other rappers, they were largely in favour.
“Rap is too often homophobic, religiously extremist, racist or otherwise awful!” tweeted rapper D-Bo.
As for the mainstream, politicians weighed in too, with Green party chairman Cem Özdemir calling the comment conflagration “absurd”.
Bass Sultan Hengzt's name, the last word of which means “stallion”, is a clue to his usual aggressively heterosexual attitude.
“He's made very sexist music in the past,” Marquart pointed out.
And it will definitely take more than an album cover to solve the problems of homophobia and sexism in rap.
Meanwhile, the stunt's massive uptake by mainstream media and visibility online are sure to do no harm to his record's sales.

Swedish language class teacher in Holocaust row

February 26th, 2015
The teacher claimed one of the students questioned the Holocaust after watching a news segment about the persecution of Jews in an SFI class at adult education centre Kärnan in Helsingborg, newspaper Helsingborgs Dagblad has reported.
But the student said he was misunderstood and claims the teacher yelled at him.
The school co-ordinator later criticized the teacher over the incident – which prompted the student to leave the classroom – according to a recorded meeting about the incident quoted by Helsingborgs Dagblad.
“The student talked to me and he said he felt misunderstood and insulted and painted as a Holocaust denier and Nazi,” the co-ordinator is quoted as saying on the recording.
“What he said was to deny the Holocaust,” replied the teacher.
“Yes, but he felt unfairly treated after he had been accused of that.”
“He wasn’t accused. I only told him it is not okay to say that the Jews just lie.”
The co-ordinator went on to later add: “You should remember that what we think of as history is the history we've been taught. When we have students who have read other history books there's no point setting facts against each other.”
School principal Lena Stenbäck told The Local on Thursday morning that she was to meet with the teacher on Tuesday to discuss the incident, which she said had left the student "very upset".
“I can’t say that the teacher has done anything wrong – I’m sure he tried his best. But a direct conflict in front of all the other students can so easily get out of hand and our opinion is that it is better to deal with that outside of class.”
“The class was about Auschwitz, so they were supposed to discuss it. If a student denies the Holocaust you should challenge that – it’s part of our mission as a school – but this is a matter of how you challenge it.”
The Holocaust has been a hot topic in Sweden recently, after Jews voiced concern of a fresh wave of anti-Semitism following the fatal attack on a synagogue in Copenhagen.
Last week, Swedish Radio was forced to apologize after an interviewer asked the Israeli Ambassador to Sweden if Jews themselves were responsible for anti-Semitism.


Bully Boys – “White Kid’s Gonna Fight” Compact Disc

February 26th, 2015
Bully Boys - "White Kid's Gonna Fight" Compact Disc The Bully Boys are back and better than ever! 14 tracks of quality White Power rock and roll from one of the United State's (and World's) most notorious skinhead bands! This is one of those instant classics that no music fan will want to be without: 01. Lionsheart (1:38) 02. The White Kid's Gonna Fight (2:55) 03. Breaking Away (3:22) 04. Rage On This! (2:47) 05. Thought Control (3:25) 06. 100% Bully (1:45) 07. You Whine Too Much (2:41) 08. You're Gonna Fall (2:08) 09. Natural Disasters (2:42) 10. Forever Defiant (2:58) 11. Faded Dream (2:32) 12. Nobodys Hero (3:36) 13. Heart Belongs To You (1:57) 14. Hate To Survive (3:15)

White students attacked with rocks and bricks at Western Cape University

February 24th, 2015

Cape Peninsula University of Technology [CPUT] was the scene of a violent race riot last Friday. Hundreds of black students protested the University and blocked the main gate.
The University stopped allowing students with unpaid tuition bills to continue registering for new classes. The protesters were demanding the right to continue attending the University without paying.
When white students tried to get in, they were attacked. Many victims had rocks and bricks thrown at them. The protesters blamed the white victim for the violence. They claim white students “assaulted them” to try to get to class. The victims say they arrived at college to find the black protesters armed with sticks, rocks, and bricks and were attacked without provocation.
CPUT is the largest University in Western Cape with over 32,000 students. It is ranked as the 12th best University in South Africa, and the 2,894th in the world.
From IOL News…
A student struck by a brick said he was next to the gate when the protesters attacked him and his friends. They all asked that their names not be published.
“They threw a brick at my head. I was standing here doing nothing. When we got here, they were already standing with bricks and stones in hand. Then they started throwing them at people,” he said.
He said the protesters did not want other students to attend their classes.
“Why do you have to shut the whole university and start throwing stones at people just to make a point? Why can’t you talk like civilised people to one another? Why do you need to attack people?” said another CPUT student who had been injured in the fight.
Students who were not part of the protest found themselves forced out of classes, the library and from their buses.
Public Order Police arrived to intervene and used stun grenades to disperse the crowd.
CPUT spokesman Thami Nkwanyana could not confirm if there had been any damage to property on Thursday. At the CPUT campus in Cape Town, lectures were suspended and students told to go home. Security kept a close watch.
The protest started on Monday when two students were arrested. They were released on Tuesday, when CPUT management held a meeting with the Student Representative Council (SRC) in an attempt to resolve the students’ grievances.
Several windows were smashed during the protest.
The students demanded that the university allow the registration of students who owed the institution money, Nkwanyana said.

Dr. Duke on the CIA leaks case and the bogus nukes case against Iran

February 24th, 2015
FEBRUARY 24, 2015 AT 11:25 AM

Dr. David Duke spoke honestly about the history of slavery in the United States and around the world, explaining the damage that it did to the individual and to society while at the same time clearing up some of the myths and misconceptions that have arisen regarding the conditions of life for slaves, including the extent to which slave families were broken up.
He then takes up the matter of the Jewish involvement in the slave trade. Demonstrating that it is far from being an “anti-Semitic canard,” Dr. Duke brings up the work by Jewish historians that literally brag about their level of involvement. He then brings on Dr. Slattery, who readsthe list of the oldest synagogues in the New World, which just so happen to be in the centers of the slave trade.

They then go into the case of the former CIA agent Jeffrey Sterling, who was involved in an effort to feed Iran bogus nuclear technology back in the late 1990s called Operation Merlin. Admissions made by the CIA during Sterling’s recent trial for leaking information about Operation Merlin has raised suspicions that the CIA and Mossad have not just fed false information to Iran, but also planted false evidence that could be “discovered” by IAEA inspectors in order to stoke suspicions of a nuclear weapons program that America’s official intelligence reports have concluded was terminated over a decade ago.
This is another show full of important, reliable information that will help you wake up the world. Spread it around!
Click here and look for the show dated 02-24-15.

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