Wölfe Solo & Brachial – …Für Immer Compact Disc

November 24th, 2015


Wölfe Solo:
01. Die Zeichen sind gesetzt
02. Lügner
03. Hooligan
04. Walhalla ruft
05. Oligophrenie

06. Bessere Laune
07. Ich bin Skin
08. Hurra, hurra
09. Deutsche Soldaten
10. Tag der Rache
11. Für immer Skin

No Remorse Smash The Reds White T-Shirt

November 23rd, 2015

No Remorse Smash The Reds White T-shirts

No Remorse Sample

No Remorse Smash The Reds! White T-Shirt

November 23rd, 2015
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Who Rules Russia: known politics, businessmen, journalists, actors of Russia

November 22nd, 2015


Table of Contens
(last name first)

Oligarchs / Tycoons

Abramovich, Roman. [...]probably one of the most famous "Russian" oligarhes in the world. Jew Roman Abramovich is one of the richest (or probably the richest) thieves and criminals in Russia, close friend of Yeltsin and protector/curator of Putin[...]Duma member [...] President Vladimir Putin changed the law to abolish elections for regional governors, and on 21 October 2005 Abramovich was reappointed governor for another term." [...]

Alekperov, Vagit. an oligarch of mixed Azerbaijani (a Turkic Muslim ethnicity) - Slavic ancestry[...] eighth richest person in Russia with a net worth of $13.9B; President, and main stakeholder of the leading Russian oil company LUKOIL.

Aven, Pyotr. Jewish oligarch banker (Alfa Bank, Alfa Group), controls Russia's largest private bank. $5.4B as of 2013. Connected to Putin and key Putin's administration officials since early 1990s.

Deripaska, Oleg. Jew [...] member of the Board of Directors and CEO of United Company RUSAL, the largest aluminium company in the world and a President of Enplus Group[...] Vladimir Putin with Oleg Deripaska, said to be the richest man in Russia and a member of the Kremlin elite. $8.5B as of 2013. A known buddy of Nathaniel Rotschild. Deripaska is often described as "100% Putin loyalist", "Kremlin-friendly", "closely connected to the Kremlin" and even "the oligarch closest to Putin".

Fedun, Leonid. ancestry unclear (though sometimes believed to be a Jew). Billionaire ($7.1 B), owns one of the most popular football clubs in Russia. Anti-White. Likes Jews, finances campaigns and drives against "xenophobia" and "anti-semitism" in sports (among football fans).

Fridman, Mikhail Maratovich. Jew [...] Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Alfa Group Consortium, which is now one of the Russia's largest privately owned investment groups. In 2011, Forbes assessed his wealth as $15.1 billion, making him the 7th richest man in Russia [...]On excellent terms with Kremlin, member of Putin's Public Chamber; [...]one of the founders of the Russian Jewish Congress[...]large contribution to the work of the European Jewish Fund [...] developing European Jewry and promoting tolerance

Gutseriev, Mikhail Safarbekovich . Ingush (* non-Slav, Muslim Caucasus ethnicity) entrepreneur and businessman. [...]. His family clan is the richest in Russia in 2013 and recent years. […] after successful deals with Putin's clans, all criminal cases were terminated and his family business is booming.

Kantor, Vyacheslav Moshe. Jewish "chemicals tycoon" ($2.4B as of 2013), heads Acron, one of Russia's (and the world's) biggest fertilizer producers. Known as "Putin's ally and associate" with "close links to the Kremlin"; he is the current president of the European Jewish Congress and ex-president of Russian Jewish Congress, recognized as "one of the '50 Most Influential Jews in the World'" and a big time champion of anti-White thought-policing, repression and indoctrination, in Russia and worldwide.

Kerimov, Suleyman Abusaidovich. an ethnic Lezgin born in Dagestan - a non-Slavic, traditionally Muslim Caucasus peoples, similar to Chechens [...] a secretive Kremlin-connected Russian tycoon. [...]Kerimov sometimes appears to be an extension of the Kremlin, the bankers say [...] the things [he does] seem to be in tandem with the government,” said Chris Barter, former co-chief executive of Goldman Sachs’ Moscow office [...] Suspiciously (*for a non-Jew) well-connected to the American/global juden-bankster oligopoly circles

Khan, German. [...] a leading member of the Russian Jewish Congress [...] an active supporter of Jewish initiatives in Russia and Europe [...] large contribution to the work of the European Jewish Fund [...] aimed at developing European Jewry and promoting tolerance [...] On excellent terms with Kremlin. [...] Net Worth $10.5 B As of March 2013.

Mamut, Alexander. Jewish oligarch and mafiozi, he has connections in the top levels of government: First Deputy Prime Minister of Russia in Putin's and Medvedev's cabinets, Igor Shuvalov, is an ex employee of Mamut's and they are strongly connected as associates. "He remains very close to the Kremlin and he is understood to be close to Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin". $2.3 B As of March 2013 (official and publicly known wealth).

Mikhelson, Leonid. Part-Jewish although he doesn't publicly admit or identify with it. He controls Novatek - one of the most important natural gas companies in RF. $15.4 B As of March 2013. Deals and partnership with Kremlin-controlled Gazprom is a source of much of his fortune.

Prokhorov, Mikhail Dmitrievitch . multibillionaire ($13B as of 2013) of Jewish-Russian-Osetian origin, jew by mother's side [...] politician, and owner of the American basketball team the Brooklyn Nets, and different nickel and gold producing factories in Russia. He is well known for his contempt towards workers and awful working conditions in his factories. On decent terms with Kremlin.

Rottenberg, Arkadiy (and his brother Boris). Jewish billionaire ($3.3B as of 2013, and $1.4B for Boris Rotenberg) and one of the richest men in Russia, personal friend of Putin, his former judo training partner. The huge capital he earned through personal acquaintance with V. Putin, last years he got practically unrestricted flow of budget money.

Shvidler, Eugene. Another Jewish billionaire ($1.3B as of 2013), natural resources tycoon, friend and partner of Abramovich. Together with Abramovich holds stakes in Evraz group - one of the biggest natural resource companies in Russia.

Usmanov, Alisher. Muslim Asian (Uzbek) - the richest man of Russia and the United Kingdom. $17.6B as of 2013. [...]For his economic crimes he was even arrest and imprisoned in the Soviet Union. Today he gets awards of Putin [...] has "close links to the Kremlin" [...] married Jewish Irina Viner, a top rhythmic gymnastics coach, in 1992. She is considered to be close to Putin, having introduced him to his current partner, one of her former gymnasts, Alina Kabaeva

Vekselberg, Viktor. Jew [...] the richest man of Russia 2012. $15.1B As of 2013. This oligarh of mixed Jewish-Ukrainian origin is the owner of numerous oil and metallurgy plants of Russia [...]On good terms with Kremlin [...]


Lesser caliber non-Slavic (Jewish etc) tycoons and Putin's pals benefitting from state contracts: Ziyad Manasir , Iskander Mahmudo , Muslim Ziyaudin Magomedov, Aras Agalarov, Armenian Vazgen Gevorkyan

"State corporation oligarchs"
People entrusted with running huge multi-billion dollar state corporations and monopolies, they are somewhere in between an "oligarch" and administration official, and easily a match in influence to a Minister or Deputy Minister.

Chubais, Anatoly. [...]Jew by mother's side[...] was an influential member of Boris Yeltsin's administration, insider of oligarchic mafia circles of 90s [...] receives awards from Putin and Medvedev, as well as control of multi-billion dollar state corporations - RAO UES and RUSNANO.

Kirienko, Sergey. Jew by father's side. A prominent liberal and supporter of Putin, was Prime Minister in Yeltsin's time. In Putin's Russia he heads Rosatom - a huge state corporation controlling the whole nuclear complex of RF - weaponry, R&D and power utilities - described as "state within a state, a powerful and secretive dominion with an almost limitless access to government funds and no accountability to either the state or the public."

Officials / Kremlin administration under Putin and Medvedev

Dvorkovich, Arkady. Jew; married to a non-Slav as well – wife is an ethnic Dagestani) […]an economist, was the Assistant to the President (* i.e. Putin) of the Russian Federation since 13 May 2008 til May 2012. In May 21, 2012 he was appointed as Deputy Prime Minister in Dmitry Medvedev's Cabinet

Fradkov, Mikhail Yefimovich. family of Jewish origin on his father's side […] Russian politician and statesman who was the Prime Minister of Russia (* appointed by Putin) from March 2004 to September 2007. Fradkov has been the head of Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service since 2007

Kalanda, Vladimir. unknown asian/eurasian origin - obvious in looks, born in neighboring with China region. One of senior Putin's officials: Office of the President of the Russian Federation, Federal Migration Service, Federal Service of the Russian Federation for control of drug trafficking. His wife is the Vice President of Rosneft, Russia's leading extraction and refinement company and largest publicly traded oil company, owned by the Government of Russia.

Kalina, Isaak Josephovich. [..]jew, [...] From 2010 till now - Head of Education Department of Moscow government. [...] In 2009-2012 - Deputy Chairman of the Commission under the President of the Russian Federation to counter attempts to falsify history to the detriment of Russia.[...]

Kogan (Cohen), Vladimir. Jewish banker, former co-owner of Industry and Construction Bank of St. Petersburg, a statesman. A close friend of Vladimir Putin from Putin's St. Petersburg days, also known as "Putin's banker". Director of the Department of Construction Ministry of Regional Development in 2008-2011, during the period from July to December 2012 - Deputy Minister of Regional Development - Head of the Federal Agency for Construction and Housing and Communal Services.

Lavrov, Sergey Viktorovich. Russian diplomat who has been the Foreign Minister of Russia since 2004. His nomination to the Foreign Minister office was approved by two Russian presidents, in 2008 by Dmitry Medvedev and in 2012 by Vladimir Putin. Lavrov was born in Moscow to an Armenian father from Tbilisi and Russian mother from Georgia. Big anti-White and anti-WN: Is an activist in everything “anti-nazi”, “anti-racist”(= code words for anti-White) - details inside.

Lesin, Mikhail Yuriyevich. Jew. Minister of The press, TV broadcasting and Media under Putin (1999-2004), temporary acting Minister of Culture in 2004, presidential aide and advisor under Putin and Medvedev (2004-2009), Kremlin's "manager of mass media" and "spin doctor". Once described as "the most influential personality of Russian television and radio", his record includes creation of Kremlin-friendly Russia Today (RT), Putin's election campaign propaganda and much more.

Magomedov, Magomedsalam Magomedaliyevich. an ethnic Dargi (non Slavic, Muslim Caucasus ethnicity)[…] was the President of Dagestan [...] appointment by the President of Russia […] Today he was appointed as "Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration"

Nurgaliev, Rashid Gumirovich. tatar. 2000-2002 - deputy chief of FSB (KGB), 2002-2003 - deputy minister of home affairs (police) of Russia, 2003-2012 - minister of home affairs (police) of Russia, 2012-now - deputy chief of security council of Russia. Fighter against nationalism.

Pavlovsky, Gleb Olegovich. [..]political scientist (he describes himself as a "political technologist") of jewish origin [...] adviser to the Presidential Administration of Russia until April, 2011 [...] one of behind the scenes masterminds and image shapers of Putin

Pollyeva, Dzhakhan Redzhepovna. ethnic from turkmenian […] an Aide to the President of Russia

Reiman, Leonid Dododzhonovich. father was a tajik (asian muslim), mother was a German (jew?) [...]former Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation, Minister of Communications and Information Technologies of the Russian Federation. Leonid Reiman has been numerously rated most influential person in Russian telecom business with personal wealth over $1 bln., according to Finance magazine.

Sechin, Igor. strange looking - mystery meat? [...] Russian official, considered a close ally of Vladimir Putin. Sechin is often described as one of Putin's most conservative counselors and the leader of the Kremlin's Siloviki faction, a statist lobby gathering former security services agents [...] currently is Deputy Prime Minister of Russia in Vladimir Putin's cabinet.

Shoygu, Sergey. mixed Slav with Turkic/Mongoloid [...] perennial minister of RF since Yeltsin's times. [...]Minister of Emergency Situations from 1991 to 2012 […] On November 6, 2012 he was appointed Minister of Defence of Russia. Was "at the root of" United Russia (Putin's party) from the beginning, party co-chairman in 2001–2005 and from 2005 and on he is also in the party's main leadership -- its Supreme Council.

Shuvalov, Igor. Nothing specific about ethnicity or parents; possibly a Slav. One of the most important officials in Putin's and Medvedev's cabinets. Another "oligarchs' man" in RF government, close personal and business connections with many of Russia's biggest oligarchs, including Kerimov, Usmanov and, most of all, the Jewish tycoon Aleksandr Mamut.

Sobyanin, Sergey. native Asian, the Mayor of Moscow. [...] was Deputy Prime Minister of Russia and former Head of the Administration of the President of Russia from 2005 to 2010

"Surkov", "Vladislav". (before name change - Aslambek Andarbekovich Dudaev) - half-Chechen, friend of Muslims[...]Vladislav Surkov is widely seen as the main ideologist of the Kremlin [...] contributed greatly to the electoral victory of President Vladimir Putin in 2004 [...] main architect of the current Russian political system [...] top aide to Vladimir Putin, First Deputy of the Chief of the Russian Presidential Administration from 1999 to 2011, Deputy Prime Minister from December 2011 to 8 May 2013

Yusufov, Igor Hanukovich. Jewish businessman and statesman in Putin's Russia: 2001-2004 - Minister of Energy, July 29, 2004 to April 8, 2011 - The Special Representative of the President of the Russian Federation for International Energy Cooperation, Ambassador-at-Large of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; currently on board of directors of huge state monopoly Gazprom - one of the largest companies in the world.

Parliament: United Russia party, supporters of Putin, notable M.P.s

Hinstein, Alexander. Jewish member of parliament, from the ruling party United Russia (Putin's party); member of the Presidium of United Russia - a handful of members who are the top ruling body of the party. Influential and prolific journalist and writer in Russia, advocate of Putin's government in media.

Sarafaliev, Gadzhimet Kerimovich. ethnic dagestanian (non-Slavic, Muslim Caucasus ethnicity), State Duma deputy from the Putin's party "United Russia", head of the Committee of Nationalities in parliament […] big supporter of mass-immigration from turkic-asian ex-USSR republics as well as “tolerance” brainwashing for Whites

Vasilyev, Vladimir Abdualievich. politician of mixed Kazakh(Asian)-Russian origin. Since November 2012 he is the chief of Putin's party "United Russia" in the parliament.

Slutsker, Vladimir. Jewish multi-millionaire and MP in 2002-2010, prominent member of Jewish social and religious organizations in Russia and worldwide. He and his wife (whom he divorced in 2009) are known as supporters of Putin, Medvedev and United Russia. Naturally, he worked to assist the "worker immigrants" who are "humiliated by the extremists". Reportedly a buddy of another Jewish oligarch - Roman Abramovich.

Zhirinovsky (Eidelstein), Vladimir. part Jew. Fake "opposition", in reality controlled by and servile to Kremlin. Fake "nationalist", neo-sovietist, the only kind of "nationalism" not banned in Putin's Russia and allowed non insignificant political representation.

Prominent TV and radio hosts

Shevchenko, Maksim. [...]one of the leading journalists and "experts" of Putin's Russia, muslim activist, anti-White and active supporter of Putin.

Solovyov, Vladimir Rudolfovich. pure jew [...] member of Russian Jewish Congress. He is the lead in the official debates in the parliamentary and presidential elections. […] In addition he's an active supporter for Putin personally and his party "United Russia", Solovyov is a frequent speaker at their meeting; hugely influential Russia's TV and radio journalist, leading pro-government TV journalist, one of the most prominent and recognizeable Russian Federation mainstream TV hosts/media personas


Lazar, Berel. Chief Rabbi of Russia, and chairman of the Federation of Jewish Communities [...] member of the Public Chamber of Russia [...] Lazar is known for his close ties to Putin's Kremlin. [...] Vladimir Putin signed an edict to honor him with the Order of Friendship. This award is being presented for the contribution made by Rabbi Lazar to developing culture and strengthening friendship between nations within Russia [...] At the sixtieth anniversary commemoration of the liberation of Auschwitz at the concentration camp, Putin gave a speech. His speech was followed by Lazar awarding Putin the so-called Salvation medal as a symbol of "the Jewish people's gratitude" to Russia for liberating the camp.

Spiegel, Boris. Jew; MP (senator), pharmaceuticals tycoon, anti-white activist, lobbyist and originator of multiple anti-white, anti-free speech thought crime legislative projects (signed into law and lauded by Putin); according to Jewish press "an oligarch who is closely tied to the Kremlin" and "firmly in the pro-Putin camp".


The Civic Chamber. [...] a state institution with 126 members created in 2005 in Russia to analyze draft legislation and monitor the activities of the parliament, government and other government bodies of Russia and its Federal Subjects. It has a role similar to an oversight committee and has consultative powers. [...] The creation of the chamber was suggested by Vladimir Putin. Hard to find a White Slav - not Asian, Muslim or Semite – there.

Watch the death of Europe …

November 22nd, 2015


November 22nd, 2015

WARSAW, Poland (AP) -- Polish prosecutors are investigating after far-right nationalists burned an effigy of an Orthodox Jew during an anti-migrant demonstration.
The incident occurred in the western city of Wroclaw Wednesday evening when a small group gathered in front of city hall, shouted anti-migrant slogans and then burned the effigy, dressed in black and with side curls. Prosecutors said Friday they opened the investigation at the request of the city mayor, Rafal Dutkiewicz.
Poland's chief rabbi, Michael Schudrich, said the incident is "outrageous and concerning. We cannot help but remember how Jews were burnt in effigy in the 1930s and today by Hamas."
"This is just one more example showing how the hatred for migrants comes from the same place as the classic hatred for Jews," Schudrich said.
A spokeswoman for prosecutors, Malgorzata Klaus, told the news agency PAP that the investigation is trying to determine if demonstrators broke a law that prohibits publicly insulting people based on religion, ethnicity, race or nationality - a crime that carries a prison sentence of up to three years.

Ukraine:Crimea annexed by Russia is without electricity

November 22nd, 2015
"Crimea has been plunged into darkness after pylons carrying power lines which supply electricity from Ukraine were reportedly blown up on Saturday night.

All four power lines were cut reports said leaving the region's two million inhabitants without electricity.

Images circulated on social media showed Ukrainian flags attached to the damaged pylons.

Crimea was annexed by Russia last year but the Ukrainian authorities have continued to supply power to the area.

Crimean authorities said they had managed to partially reconnect the cities of Simferopol,Yalta and Saky using generators.

Mikhail Sheremet Crimea's deputy prime minister said the peninsula's hospitals had backup power sources and would not be affected.

The Crimean Emergencies Ministry has declared a state of emergency and put rescue teams on high alert.

"Crimea is completely cut off." Viktor Plakida the director of Crimea Energy told Russia's Tass news agency.

A local emergency response official told Russia's Tass news agency that Crimea was 'operating in standalone mode'. But the peninsula can only produce half the power it needs Mr Sheremet said.

Two of the four main power lines were cut in an earlier attack on Friday reports said.

Ukrainian authorities said they encountered activists blockading the site when they tried to repair the damaged pylons.

'The nature of the damage shows that it took place as a result of shelling or the use of explosive devices.' Ukraine's state energy company Ukrenergo said in a statement.

Crimean Tatars an ethnic group native to the peninsula who oppose Russian rule held a protest at the site of the broken power lines in Kherson region Russia's RIA news agency reported."

Muslim Terrorists Force Woman To Watch Her Nine Year Old Daughter Getting Raped To Death

November 22nd, 2015
Muslims in Iraq forced a woman to watch her nine year old daughter get raped to death. The Muslims who did this were all members of ISIS. According to one recent report:
Another mother was forced to watch her 9-year-old daughter being raped to death, Dakhil shared in a separate account.
Yazidis, Christians, and other minorities have suffered greatly under the rule of the self-proclaimed Islamic Caliphate, which has captured signification territory across Iraq and Syria.
The U.S. and a broad coalition of international allies have been hitting IS targets with airstrikes. One large rescue operation back in August 2014 saved thousands of Iraqi Yazidis who were trapped on a mountainside being pursued by IS fighters.

No Remorse / Svastika – We Play For You Compact Disc

November 22nd, 2015


1. De stupades blod
2. Day of the rope
3. Frihetskamp
4. Streetfight
5. Ni kan aldrig stoppa oss
6. Aryan pride
7. Hell seger
No Remorse
8. Smash the reds
9. European skinhead army
10. See you in Valhalla
11. Waiting for the storm
12. Under the gods
13. We fly the svastika
14. We play for you
15. Tree of life
16. The flame that never dies
17. European friendship
18. Tomorrow belongs to us
19. Farewell Ian Stuart

No Remorse – The Winning Hand Compact Disc

November 21st, 2015


6. FREE THE ORDER (3:30)
8. UNITED (3:07)
11. REMEMBER HIM (3:58)