10 people at home when suspooks kick in front door, shoot one man

October 20th, 2016
KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Officers are searching for suspects in a home invasion that left one man hospitalized with a gunshot wound and terrified nine others, including seven children.

Police were dispatched to a home near 70th Street and Paseo just after 9 p.m. Tuesday in regard to a shooting. Upon arrival, officers learned that three black males had kicked in the front door of the house, all armed with handguns.

One man, two women, and seven children were reportedly at home during the incident.

Police said during the home invasion, the man struggled with one of the suspects and was shot. He was transported to a local hospital. His injuries are believed to be non-life threatening.

Investigators said the suspects took items from the home and fled the scene.

No one is in police custody at this time. Anyone with information is urged to call the TIPS hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.


Re: Nigga’s Caught By White Man’s Voodoo! Ohio man arrested for 2003 rape in Hendersonville

October 20th, 2016

Ohio man arrested for 2003 rape in Hendersonville
Updated: October 20, 2016, 3:43 pm

HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – An Ohio man has been arrested for an alleged rape in Hendersonville in 2003, police said.

Swinburne Augustine was recently indicted by a grand jury for rape, incest and sexual battery by an authority figure.

The 53-year-old was taken into custody without incident and was booked into the Sumner County jail on Tuesday.

Milwaukee nog officer who made a nog good suspended, charged in homo sex assault

October 20th, 2016

Milwaukee officer who shot Sylville Smith suspended, charged in sex assault

Dominique Heaggan-Brown is charged with sexual assault, prostitution

Updated: 1:13 PM CDT Oct 20, 2016


The Milwaukee officer who fatally shot a man in August, sparking two days of unrest in the city’s Sherman Park neighborhood, sexually assaulted a man after they drank shots together at a bar while watching the second night of protests on television, a criminal complaint released Thursday said.

Dominique Heaggan-Brown is charged with second-degree sexual assault in that incident and another from July in which prosecutors said Haeggan-Brown had sexually-explicit photos on his cellphone of him and a second man taken when that victim was passed out.

Haeggan-Brown is also charged with two counts of prostitution. In the charging document, prosecutors allege he offered two men money for sex on several occasions dating back to December 2015.

He has been suspended from the Milwaukee Police Department, police said.

None of the charges are related to the Aug. 13 shooting death of Sylville Smith, but the criminal complaint does make clear that detectives were investigating the sexual assault and prostitution allegations in the days after the incident.

Two days after Haeggan-Brown shot Smith, he and a man he’d met on Facebook, who was looking for help with his music career, were out drinking at a bar. News coverage of the protests surrounding Smith’s death were on television, the complaint said.

Prosecutors said the man -- identified as Adult Victim 1 -- said Haeggan-Brown bragged about being able to do whatever he wanted without repercussions.

Haeggan-Brown later took that same man to St. Joseph’s Hospital because he was "completely out, zoned out of his gourd." But when the man woke up, he told hospital staff "he raped me. he raped me."

The investigation into that incident led to a search of Haeggan-Brown’s cellphone, which prosecutors said revealed several solicitations of sex for money from two other men and a second sexual assault from late July.

In the latter case, the victim said he’d gone to a strip club with a group of friends, including Haeggan-Brown, to celebrate another friend’s birthday. The alleged victim and Haeggan-Brown went back to Haeggan-Brown’s home and drank some more.

During an interview with detectives, the alleged victim was shown photos obtained from Haeggan-Brown’s cellphone that showed the two men engaged in sexual activity.

"That’s f***ing crazy," the victim said, according to the complaint, adding that he did not consent to sex, nor was he aware of the photographs being taken.

Oklahoma City negro, Tyinnocent arrested for sexually abusing 10-year-old girl

October 20th, 2016

Oklahoma City man arrested for allegedly sexually abusing 10-year-old girl
Posted 10:30 am, October 20, 2016

OKLAHOMA CITY – An Oklahoma City man is behind bars after he allegedly sexually abused a 10-year-old girl.

Authorities started investigating 27-year-old Tyinnocent :rolleyes:Berry last month when the little girl told a social worker she had been raped.

Negro Charged Shooting Death Terrebonne Parish, LA WM, 86

October 20th, 2016

Suspect charged in Bayou Black murder
Updated Oct 19, 2016 at 10:14 PM

A suspect turned himself in tonight after an 86-year-old man was found shot dead Friday morning outside his home in Bayou Black, the Terrebonne Parish Sheriff's Office said.

Deandre Pharagood, 21, 266 Sanders St., Thibodaux, surrendered to the Thibodaux Police Department about 7:30 p.m. and is charged with first-degree murder, Maj. Malcolm Wolfe said.

Anthony Dale Lirette's body was found in his driveway at 3672 La. 182. The Sheriff's Office got the call about 7:12 a.m.

A motive has not been released

Negroid preacher known as ‘Romeo’ accused of forcing boys into prostitution and drugs

October 20th, 2016

October 19, 2016 8:29 AM

Preacher known as ‘Romeo’ accused of forcing boys into prostitution and drugs, cops say

A 52-year-old Miami man was charged with human trafficking charges after he forced male minors into prostitution, authorities said.

According to the arrest report, Ron Maurice Cooper, also known in the market as “Romeo,” recruited several male teenagers, 16 to 18 years old, by telling them they could make money by modeling. On the arrest report, he lists his occupation as a preacher.:rolleyes:

He faces human trafficking, false imprisonment, sexual activity with a minor and drug charges, a report by the Miami-Dade State Attorney’s Office Human Tracking Unit said.

According to the report, the teens had been introduced to Cooper through a friend and they initially met with him to get their photos taken.

After the photos were taken, Cooper arranged separate follow-up meetings with the teens, Cooper, and who the victims thought would be the photographer. But when the aspiring models arrived at the hotel room for the photo shoot, they were met with a man who informed them that the meeting was to engage in sexual activities, the report said.

All the victims said that was their first time having intercourse with another man and that they felt like they had to do it because they were scared, the report said.

According to the report, Cooper used sites like Backpage, Craigslist and Badoo to post the victims’ photos and negotiate sexual acts and prices with clients. Cooper would then pick them up at the victims’ homes or the Miami Playground Adult Mega Store at Northwest 36th Street and 27th Avenue.

If the victim didn’t answer the door or phone, which happened on more than one occasion, Cooper would bang on the door or send someone to fetch them, the report said.

According to the report, all the victims said it was common practice for Cooper to give them crystal methamphetamine or “Tina” to make them sexually aroused. He would also give them Viagra, Xanax and alcohol to help them relax and perform better.

Cooper allegedly waited outside, where he would take his cut of the money when the boy returned. It was never less than half the profit.

Victims told authorities Cooper verbally and physically abused them, shouting “I’m going to kill you,” and “You better get my f------ money.” When he was really angry, they said, he’d grab them by both arms, shake them, put his face close to theirs and yell at them.

He raped and sexually assaulted the boys, and on two occasions beat someone up in front of them, according to the report. If they didn’t want to have sex for money, he allegedly told them, they’d have to steal for him.

Cooper, who was arrested Monday and remains jailed without bond.

Joni Mitchell criticizes Jew, Bob Dylan, who’s “plagiarist,” and American culture, Madonna, etc.

October 20th, 2016
Joni Mitchell: Everything about Bob Dylan is fake

Joni Mitchell, the Canadian singer-songwriter, has lambasted Bob Dylan as a "plagiarist" and a "fake" in a rare interview.

Link: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/culture/m...n-is-fake.html

Joni Mitchell: Everything about Bob Dylan is fake

By Tom Leonard in New York
5:16PM BST 23 Apr 2010

Mitchell, 66, attacked her fellow folk musician after an interviewer for the Los Angeles Times casually noted that both had changed their names, in Dylan's case from Bobby Zimmerman.

"Bob is not authentic at all. He's a plagiarist, and his name and voice are fake," she said, not appreciating the comparison.

"Everything about Bob is a deception. We are like night and day, he and I."

Her plagiarism accusation may be linked to a controversy in 2006 over Dylan's album Modern Times. Critics claimed his lyrics borrowed too heavily from the writing of the Confederacy poet Henry Timrod.

Dylan, an American Civil War buff, made no acknowledgement to Timrod in the album's sleeve notes.

He was also accused of borrowing the words of other writers in previous album lyrics, including a dozen passages allegedly lifted from a gangster novel written by an obscure Japanese writer.

In her interview, Mitchell also attacked her contemporaries Grace Slick and Janis Joplin, claiming both in their heyday were "[sleeping with] their whole bands and falling down drunk".

She criticised Madonna's cultural influence, saying: "Americans have decided to be stupid and shallow since 1980. Madonna is like Nero; she marks the turning point."

Mitchell did, at least, have something good to say about Jimi Hendrix, who she described as "the sweetest guy".

Black Boy, 13, will have leg amputated after teacher ‘BODY-SLAMMED him to the floor three times

October 20th, 2016

Montravious Thomas was allegedly assaulted by Bryant Mosley on Sept 12
Thomas was attending a Columbus, Georgia, school for troubled teens
Mosley 'threw boy to the ground when he tried to leave class' lawyer said
He then allegedly put the limping child on school bus without medical care
The boy had four operations after being airlifted to an Atlanta hospital
But he was told Sunday bad circulation meant his leg had to be amputated
Thomas's lawyer says at least two other school employees saw event
Police report said Mosley 'restrained' teen due to 'behavioral issues'
Mosley was a contracted worker at the school and is no longer there
Family are now moving forward with $5million lawsuit

By James Wilkinson For Dailymail.com

Published: 09:18 EST, 19 October 2016 | Updated: 12:55 EST, 19 October 2016

A teenage boy from Columbus, Georgia, will have his right leg amputated today after a teacher allegedly body-slammed him to the floor three times, causing nerve damage.

Montravious Thomas, 13, was attending Edgewood Student Services Center on September 12 when Bryant Mosley 'had to physically restrain a student... due to behavioral issues,' a Columbus Police Department report said.

But an attorney representing Thomas and his mother says Mosley repeatedly threw the boy to the ground then sent him home without medical attention or telling his mom, The Ledger-Enquirer reported.
Thomas was attending the AIM program, which hosts children who have been temporarily removed from their regular schools due to disruptive behavior, when the incident happened.

It was his first day at the program, according to WTVM.

According to Renee Tucker, who represents Thomas and his mom Lawanda, the boy was trying to leave class to call his mom when Mosley, a behavioral specialist, stopped him.

Mosley then threw him to the floor for an 'unknown reason,' Tucker said, and did it again when the boy tried to leave again.

Tucker also claims that Eddie Powell, the assistant principal, saw the violence at one point, an that a school resource officer saw Thomas limping away but didn't help or file a report.

The attorney also says that the school talked about calling for an ambulance, but then decided against it, and that Mosley then put the boy on a bus home without calling his family.

'We don’t know the extent that the injuries were worsened by the failure to render aid and certainly by picking him up and seating him on the school bus,' Tucker told the Leger-Enquirer

'Then they had him ride in that same school bus home without any support or stabilization of that leg.'

The boy's mom took him to a Columbus hospital when he got home. He was then airlifted to an Atlanta hospital.

Since then, he has undergone four surgeries AllOnColumbus reported. Lawanda Thomas spent as much time with her son as she could - to the point that she lost her job.

But on Sunday the 13-year-old was told that the nerve damage was so severe, his leg would have to be amputated.

'My client is certainly aware of the situation and naturally he’s emotional,' Ticker told AllOnColumbus.

'Doctors talked to him and his mother on Sunday and told him they were having to take his leg since they were unable to improve the flow of blood to his lower leg.

'Right now we are all concerned for his long-term health.'

The family will be pursuing a lawsuit, Tucker said, and that early filing notices put the figure at $5million.

A police report filed at the time cited 'behavioral issues' as the reason for Mosley having to 'physically restrain' the boy, according to WTVM.

And in a statement to the press, Muscogee County School District director of communications Valerie Fuller cited safety issues for the altercation.

'It is our understanding that there were issues concerning the safety of the child and others in the room, which called for the use of restraint per state guidance,' she said.

She added that 'physical restraint' is allowed in Georgia schools if 'the student is an immediate danger to himself or others and (they are) not responsive to less intensive behavioral interventions including verbal directives or other de-escalation techniques.'

There were no other children in the room at the time, Tucker said.

The attorney also says that an insider has told her there is video footage of the alleged assault and has filed an open records request to see it.

Fuller also appeared to distance the district from Mosley, saying that he was not hired directly by them.

'Bryant Mosley was provided by Mentoring and Behavioral Services, a contract service provider, to the Muscogee County School District,' she said in her statement.

'Mr Mosley is not presently providing services to the Muscogee County School District.

'Mr Mosley is specifically trained in MindSet curriculum, a system of preventing and managing aggressive behavior, and Georgia restraint requirements.'

The teacher is no longer working at the school, Fuller said, although it isn't known when that decision was made.

Mentoring and Behavioral Services' (MBS) website says that it provides Autism, Aspergers, ADHD, and behavioral services in Columbus and Phenix City.

The site says it is a 'client focused organization that specializes in individualizing holistic behavioral approaches to produce a healthy and productive environment that fosters positive growth.'

It says that it follows the 'wholesome values' including compassion, caring, honesty and integrity.

It is currently 'accepting clients between the ages of 2-18 that have been diagnosed on the autism spectrum.'

When asked whether Bryant was still employed by MBS, Dailymail.com was directed to the company's Rob Poydasheff, who declined to comment.

'At this point, we are still in the early stages of investigating the events which occurred and I have advised my client not to comment or speculate on the matter until we have completed our investigation,' he wrote.

'We are certainly very concerned for Montravious and our hearts go out to him. He and his family are in our thoughts as prayers.'

Bryant has not been charged with any crimes related to the incident, according to WTVM.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/arti...#ixzz4NaGMZidk
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Watch: Obama in 2008 Boasts to Ohioans ‘It Helps’ That Dems Are ‘in Charge of’ Voting Machines

October 19th, 2016
Watch: Obama in 2008 Boasts to Ohioans ‘It Helps’ That Dems Are ‘in Charge of’ Voting Machines

Link: http://www.breitbart.com/video/2016/...ting-machines/

[see vid at site link, above]

by Jeff Poor18 Oct 2016

Earlier on Tuesday, President Barack Obama accused Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump of “whining” for his repeated statements on the upcoming presidential election being “rigged” at a joint news conference with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi.

“The notion that somehow if Mr. Trump loses Florida, it’s because of those people that you have to watch out for, that is both irresponsible and, by the way, doesn’t really show the kind of leadership and toughness that you want out of a president,” Obama said in response to a reporter’s question. “If you start whining before the game’s even over, if whenever things are going badly for you and you lose, you start blaming somebody else, then you don’t have what it takes to be in this job because there are a lot of times when things don’t go our way or my way.

However, a rally at Kent State in Ohio in 2008, then-Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) had a much different response to a similar question. After boasting that his Democratic Party were “in charge” of the voting machines, Obama admitted both sides had historically “monkeyed around with elections” to “tilt things in their direction.”

Exchange as follows:

QUESTIONER: I would just like to know what you can say to reassure us that this election will not be rigged or stolen?

SEN. BARACK OBAMA: Well, I tell you what, it helps in Ohio that we’ve got Democrats in charge of the machines. But, look, I come from Chicago. Some want to be honest, it is not as if it is just Republicans who have monkeyed around with elections in the past. Sometimes Democrats have, too.

You know, whenever people are in power, they have this tendency to try to, you know, tilt things in their direction. That’s why we have got to have, I believe, of voting rights division in the Justice Department that is non-partisan and that is serious about investigating cases of voter fraud, is serious about making sure the people are not being discouraged to vote.

That is why the voting rights legislation that was put in place a couple years ago to help the county clerks to make sure the machines were in place that were needed are important. That is why we need paper trails on these new electronic machines, so that you actually have something that you can hang on to after you punched that letter to make sure it has not been hacked into.

I mean, those are all part of the process of making sure that our democracy works for everyone. And one of the great things about this election has been all the interest that has been taken in this election. I mean, when I spoke Thursday night, there were more of yours then watched the finals of “American Idol.” Now that is big. That’s big. That’s big.

And I hope a lot of people are watching the Republican convention. I want people to have information. Then I want to make sure that our democracy is working the way it should be. And this is near and dear to my heart because when I was a lawyer, I practiced voting rights law. And I filed a lot of lawsuits.

In Illinois, I helped to make sure that you could go ahead and get registered at driver’s license facilities – at the DMV. So I’ve been working on this for a long time. I think the more people participate, the more they are paying attention ultimately, the better off everybody is.

Immediately then-Ohio Republican Party chairman Bob Bennett cried foul. Bennett issued a statement accusing Obama of “vote-rigging” and attacked then-Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner by accusing her of “meddling” with the state’s elections system.

“Barack Obama’s outrageous statements today basically amounted to an endorsement of vote-rigging. That may be how you win elections back in Chicago, but Ohioans tend to frown upon the idea of massive voter fraud, especially when it’s floated by a presidential candidate. Jennifer Brunner’s meddling with Ohio’s elections system and her firing of elections officials for political reasons has been disturbing enough, but it now seems the Obama-Brunner team are openly wearing the same partisan jersey. Ohioans will not stand for this blatant disregard for the integrity of our elections system.”

Police: (Black) Passenger In Back Of Taxi Stabs Driver Multiple Times

October 19th, 2016
Police: Passenger In Back Of Taxi Stabs Driver Multiple Times
October 19, 2016 9:47 AM By Kristina Dougherty

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) — Police are investigating after they say a taxi driver was stabbed several times in the back by a passenger.

Authorities say around 12:44 p.m. on October 16, a taxi driver on duty for ‘All Threes Taxi Company’ was dispatched to the 800 block of North Markoe Street to pick up a man by the name of “James.”

Authorities say the passenger instructed the driver to go to the 5800 block of Race Street.

Police say once the taxi driver reached the destination, the suspect grabbed him by the neck from behind.

When the driver tried to break free, the suspect stabbed him several times in the back, authorities say.

The suspect then exited the vehicle and was last seen headed north on North 58th Street from Race Street.

The driver was taken to Presbyterian Trauma Center and treated for multiple lacerations.

Police describe the suspect as a black male, 20 years old, short, with a thin build and a beard. They say he was wearing a green hooded sweatshirt and light colored pants.

Bootlip charged with 1 count of rape

October 19th, 2016

JOHNSON COUNTY, Kan. — Prosecutors filed charges Tuesday against a Kansas City man accused in a Johnson County rape case stemming from this summer.

Dominique Waxter, 29, is charged with one count of rape in Johnson County.

Court documents say the alleged actions took place on or near July 4, 2016.

Waxter is set to appear in court Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. His bond is set at $100,000 cash only.


George Cooney proves ‘migrants’ are an enrichment

October 19th, 2016

Migrants give George Clooney a rude awaking at his beautiful vacation home

Tragic, there's never enough enrichments
Attachment 5366

Several months ago, George Clooney was not happy with Trump wanting to temporary ban Muslims from the US.* Those same migrants are now destroying his vacation spot.

313 PM

The Daily Mail reported: George Clooney’s wealthy neighbours in the Alpine beauty spot of Lake Como say their Italian idyll is being ruined by the influx of hundreds of migrants to a makeshift camp on their doorstep.

The picturesque area is best known as a hide-away for Clooney and a multitude of other Hollywood A-listers includ Brad Pitt, wife Angelina Jolie, and pop superstar Madonna.

Attached Images
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Flat head mestizo arrested for arson and attempted murder

October 19th, 2016
Infamous half-headed Florida man is charged with attempted murder after setting his mattress on fire

MIAMI — A man arrested in Miami for arson and attempted murder is getting lots of attention for his mugshot.

Carlos Rodriguez, 31, has a deformed skull as a result of a car crash.

According to the Daily Mail, when he was 14 he was driving while on drugs and hit a pole. The crash sent him flying through the windshield and he landed on his head.

He was arrested Monday after police said he intentionally set his mattress on fire while there were two people inside of his building, WSVN reported.

According to the Miami New Times, he has a prior arrest for soliciting prostitution in which the police report contained the description “half a head.”


Boon babysitter threw infant (now vegetable) because he pulled PlayStation cables

October 19th, 2016

Cops: Babysitter threw infant because he pulled PlayStation cables
7:08 AM. MDT October 19, 2016

FORT COLLINS - A babysitter is going on trial in January, accused of violently throwing a 7-month-old in his care after the infant crawled toward his Play Station and pulled one of the cables.

According to the court records, the injuries sustained by the baby are so severe, he will “likely never see, hear or have purposeful movement.”

Caleb Collins, 24, has been charged with attempted murder and child abuse causing serious bodily injury in connection to the June 30 incident.

Collins’ case has been covered by the Coloradoan before. But the arrest affidavit in this case has been previously unavailable and has just been obtained by 9Wants To Know.

According to that court document, Collins called 911 on June 30 saying the baby in his care “fell from his arms and was not conscious or responsive.”

The 7-month-old was flown to Children’s Hospital Colorado. The name of the victim has been redacted from court documents because he is a minor.

Collins told police he was babysitting the baby that morning. He was also in the process of packing up the apartment he shares with his wife. Collins was watching the baby from 7:30 a.m. till 5 p.m.

Collins told police the boy was teething and running a fever. According to court documents, Collins originally told police he knelt down to pick up a box of DVD’s, fumbled with it and the boy slipped out of his arms.

“Caleb said he felt awful for being responsible for hurting [name redacted],” the affidavit said.

When confronted by detectives with evidence of the baby’s severe head trauma, Collins told detectives the boy was crawling towards his Play Station 4 and pulled one of the cables. Collins he said he palmed the boy’s face and “forcibly threw [name redacted] behind him. He said [the baby] almost did a backflip and broke his fall with his head.”

Collins pleaded not guilty to the charges against him. If convicted, he could face 16 to 90 years in prison.

Former Teacher Who Allegedly Served as ‘Lookout’ for Teenage Tryst Fondles Student: Police

October 19th, 2016

Former Teacher Who Allegedly Served as 'Lookout' for Teenage Tryst Fondles Student: Police
Published at 1:05 PM EDT on Oct 18, 2016

A former Pennsylvania high school teacher who was fired for allegedly acting as a "lookout" while another teacher sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl has now been charged with having an inappropriate relationship with a student.

Brian Hampel was arraigned on Monday on corruption of minors charges.

Court documents allege Hampel bought alcohol for students and regularly attended student parties. Witnesses told investigators Hampel kissed and fondled an underage girl during at least one party.

The Wilkes-Barre Area School Board fired the Coughlin High School teacher last month.

Hampel testified at the trial of teacher Stephen Stahl, who was convicted last year in the 2004 student sex case. Hampel has denied any involvement.

Hampel is jailed on $50,000 bail. It's not known if he has a lawyer.

Chimp out at da ol’ skool house

October 19th, 2016

Amouri'a Johnson, a freshman at Paseo Academy, says she's had trouble fitting in despite making good grades.

She says all semester long, she's been being picked on and bullied.

Johnson says it reached a violent climax on Monday when a different group of students jumped her. Another student captured the video of several girls and a boy beating the 14-year-old girl.

"I did hit her first, but I felt like I had to since the first day of school," Johnson said.

Her family was shocked when they saw the video.

"I don't care what the problem is," said Veronica Johnson, Amouri'a's mother. "A boy should never put his hands on a female like that."

On Tuesday, the student is home from school and her parents cannot believe this could happen to their daughter.

"In this video, you saw no teachers, no principal or security," Veronica Johnson said.

Amouri'a's mother and father said the school should have taken their daughter out of class after the first fight to keep things from progressing.

Amouri'a has been suspended for two days and her parents are considering pulling her from the school.

"It's not worth it," Veronic said. "She could have hit her head, been unconscious, been dead, anything. I don't want her there."

The Kansas City Public School District issued a statement on the matter to KCTV5 News.

It reads in full:

There was a fight between two students on Monday afternoon, Oct. 17 at Paseo Academy of Fine and Performing Arts. School staff responded and the fight was ended. An investigation is being conducted and the students will be disciplined in accordance with the policies, procedures and consequences explained in the Kansas City Public Schools 2016-2017 Student Code of Conduct.

This incident is not a common occurrence at Paseo Academy this school year. KCPS and Paseo Academy staff will take every available measure to prevent similar incidents in the future.

A top priority of KCPS is to foster a positive environment where high-level teaching and learning occurs. Incidents like this one happen at high schools across the U.S. and illustrate the importance of ongoing efforts to teach young people how to treat each other with respect and how to resolve conflicts without resorting to violence. Superintendent Mark Bedell and his team are working hard to develop short- and long-term solutions, including:

· A comprehensive and innovative mentorship program
· Effective anti-bully initiatives at every school
· Trauma-sensitive schools training, resources and procedures for staff

The Johnson family is meeting with the administration at Paseo Academy.


Vandal Arrested for Destroying Youth Football Field – also allegedly spray-painted swastika

October 19th, 2016

Vandal Arrested for Destroying Camden Youth Football Field
By NBC10 Staff
Published at 6:00 PM EDT on Oct 18, 2016 | Updated 4 hours ago

Camden can breath a bit easier now that a suspect is in custody and allegedly admitted to destroying a youth football field in the city.

Alexander Peters, 20, of Gloucester City, admitted to police on Monday that he drove his pick-up truck on to the field at Malandra Hall Community Center and began doing donuts on the grass on Oct. 9, according to Camden County police. Peters also allegedly spray-painted a swastika on the field house.

With the help of surveillance video and eyewitness tips, police were able to identify Peters, who was sentenced to three years in prison on Friday for an aggravated assault charge and was at the county jail. He was brought to the police department Monday where he admitted to the vandalism.

"I'm truly grateful to the CCPD and to all those who helped identify the individual who recklessly ruined our field," Camden Mayor Dana Redd said. "This selfish and hateful act should never be tolerated and thanks to the dedicated work of our DPW, the field will soon be ready for our children to practice and play their games."

Workers are helping to fix the field and hope kids will be able to return for games and practice by next week. Peters is charged with criminal mischief and was returned to the county jail.

Colored boy, Nature charged in shooting death of WM, 51 security guard at Greensboro grocery store

October 19th, 2016

Teen charged in shooting death of security guard at grocery store
Updated: 7:55 PM EDT Oct 18, 2016


A 16-year-old has been charged with murder in connection with the shooting death of an on-duty security guard inside a grocery store.

Nature Maurice Williams was arrested without incident
around 4 p.m. Tuesday at his Greensboro home, Greensboro police said. A bond for Williams, who goes to Eastern Guilford High School, hadn’t been determined as of Tuesday evening.

Anthony Smith, 51, of Winston-Salem, died at the hospital after being found shot around 7:30 p.m. Oct. 8 in the Food Lion at 2316 E. Market St. Smith was on-duty at the time of the shooting and worked for a third-party company.

The armed suspect confronted Smith and shot him at close range, police said. The suspect took Smith’s gun from his holster and fled the scene on foot, police said.

Williams also was charged with robbery with a dangerous weapon for taking Smith’s gun, police said. The gun hasn’t been recovered, police said.

An arrest photo of Williams wasn’t immediately available.


An unidentified man leaves a Greensboro Food Lion after police said he fatally shot a security guard.

Negro arrested in robbery, fatal shooting of Fort Worth WM, 18 riding home on bike

October 19th, 2016

October 18, 2016 8:57 PM
Man arrested in robbery, fatal shooting of teen riding home on bike


A 37-year-old man was arrested Tuesday in connection with the broad daylight robbery and fatal shooting two weeks ago of an 18-year-old Joshua man targeted while riding his bike.

James E. Murphy, 37, was arrested on a capital murder warrant Tuesday, accused in the slaying of Chaz Gilley.

James E. Murphy Courtesy Fort Worth Police Department

He was being held in the Mansfield Jail on Tuesday night with bail set at $300,000 in the capital murder case and $100,000 on an unrelated aggravated robbery case stemming from an Oct. 14 game room robbery.

Homicide Sgt. Joe Loughman said investigators believe Gilley was randomly targeted Oct. 7 after the suspect spotted him at the Wal-Mart off East Berry Street. Gilley’s mother, Chesala Sanderson, said her son went to the First Convenience Bank inside the Wal-Mart that day to open an account so that he could cash his first paycheck.

A passerby picked up Gilley, who suffered multiple gunshot wounds to his torso and extremities, and drove him to an area fire station, where an ambulance was summoned. He was taken to John Peter Smith Hospital where he died from his injuries almost 24 hours after the shooting while in the operating room.

Prior record

Tarrant County court records show that Murphy has previous convictions dating back to 1996 for criminal trespassing, aggravated robbery, burglary, assault and theft.

(Foreign-born Muslim) Suspect in New York, N.J. bombings Moved From Hospital To Prison

October 19th, 2016

Terror Bombing Suspect Moved From Hospital To Prison
October 19, 2016 9:04 AM

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — A man accused of setting off bombs in New Jersey and New York, injuring more than 30 people, has been moved from a hospital to a state prison.

New Jersey Corrections Department spokesman Matt Schuman says Ahmad Khan Rahimi was transferred to a state facility on Tuesday instead of a county jail for his safety and security. Schuman would not identify the facility.

Rahimi had been hospitalized with gunshot wounds following a police shootout that led to his capture in Linden on Sept. 19.

He has pleaded not guilty to charges he tried to kill police officers before they captured him.

He is accused of detonating a pipe bomb before a charity race in Seaside Park, New Jersey, and a pressure cooker bomb in New York City on Sept. 17.

Naked negress sow, 66 wielding bat, scissors made good by kwaps in Bronx nest

October 19th, 2016

66-Year-Old Woman Shot, Killed by Police in Bronx Home: NYPD

A police sergeant fatally shot a 66-year-old woman when she charged at him with a baseball bat in her Bronx apartment Tuesday evening, the NYPD says.

Officers responding to a neighbor's 911 complaint about the woman on Pugsley Avenue in Castle Hill entered the woman's seventh-floor apartment at about 6 p.m., according to police officials at a news briefing Tuesday.

A uniformed sergeant encountered the woman, who was naked and armed with scissors, officials said. He persuaded her to put down the scissors but as soon she did so, she picked up a baseball bat and tried to hit him with it.

That's when the sergeant fired two shots from his service gun, officials said. The woman was struck twice in the torso.

She was taken to Jacobi Medical Center, where she died.

Published at 7:28 PM EDT on Oct 18, 2016


Deborah Danner: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know
Published 2:29 am EDT, October 19, 2016 Updated 3:05 am EDT, October 19, 2016

Deborah Danner. (Facebook)

A New York police sergeant shot and killed an emotionally disturbed naked 66-year-old woman police say was wielding a pair of scissors and then a baseball bat.

The New York Post identified the officer as Hugh Barry and the woman who was killed as Deborah Danner.

Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood woman beats negroid rapist to stop attack

October 19th, 2016

Bridgeport woman beats alleged rapist to stop attack

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 10:46PM
Chicago police said Dorval Grice, 30, was charged with home invasion and aggravated sexual assault after allegedly raping a woman in Chicago's Bridgeport neighborhood.

Police said Grice broke into a residence in the 1300-block of South Throop Street, struck the 58-year-old woman inside and raped her.

During the alleged rape, police said the woman began hitting Grice in self-defense, causing cuts to his face. The victim reportedly struck Grice with a crowbar.

(Black) Havertown Man Arrested For Child Porn

October 19th, 2016

Havertown Man Arrested For Child Porn
October 18, 2016 2:40 PM

HAVERTOWN, Pa. (CBS) — A Havertown man has been arrested on child porn charges.

Officials announced the arrest of 23-year-old Robert Parker of the 1900 block of Lawrence Road.

During the course of an investigation, authorities recovered more than 50 images and three videos of child pornography from his apartment. Investigators say the videos depicted children under the age of 12 engaged in sexual positions and acts, including bondage.

Parker was charged with child pornography possession, sexual abuse of children and criminal use of a communications facility — all in the third degree.

He was remanded to the Delaware County prison after failing to post $10,000 bail.

His preliminary hearing is set for Thursday.

Michael Disporto Jr. is accused of sexually assaulting and killing his girlfriend’s 2-year-old daugh

October 19th, 2016

Man, Girlfriend Indicted In Death Of Her Toddler Daughter
October 18, 2016 5:51 PM

Michael Disporto Jr. was charged with the murder of Ariana Smyth (credit: The Courier-Post)

GLOUCESTER, N.J. (AP) — Ariana Smyth’s family is asking the public to help honor the baby girl’s memory on what would have been her 2nd birthday.

Ariana died on July 5. She was allegedly raped and killed by her mother’s boyfriend, 22-year-old Michael Disporto Jr. of Manahawkin.

Investigators said the girl’s mom, 26-year-old Amber Bobo noticed bruises on the girl’s forehead at her Gloucester home on July 3 and suggested taking her to the hospital, but waited seven hours because Disporto waved her off, investigators said in a probable cause statement.

In the meantime, the three went to a nearby mall, where the girl began vomiting. They took the girl back to Bobo’s home, where she vomited again before the three returned to the mall, investigators said.

They shopped until around 3:30 p.m., then returned home again.

After the girl vomited for a third time and her eyes rolled back into her head later that afternoon, Bobo told Disporto that she wanted to take her daughter to the hospital, investigators said. But Disporto said the girl was “just tired” and told Bobo he would never see her again if she took the girl in, investigators said.

She finally called 911 at 6 p.m. and the girl was transported to Cooper University Hospital, where she required brain surgery. She also had a fractured arm, pulmonary contusions and genital injuries.

She died two days later.

Disporto said the toddler received the injuries by falling in the park the night before, investigators said.

Investigators say the couple had been dating for just two weeks.

A big Frozen themed party had been planned to celebrate Ariana’s birthday on Friday before her untimely death. Her family is now asking people to help remember the young girl by wearing a blue colored shirt or a shirt from the Frozen movie and posting a picture on the Wear Blue for Ariana event page.

There will also be a “Letting It Go For Ariana” lantern and balloon release at 8:30 p.m. on Friday at Barnegat Docks.

“I want everyone to know that our precious angel Ariana was the happiest baby on the planet,” said Teri Hall, a close friend of Ariana’s maternal grandmother. “[Ariana] was full of smiles, no matter what that beautiful baby was always smiling. She touched everyone around her and everyone loved to watch her smile.”

Disporto was charged with the girl’s death as well as first-degree aggravated sexual assault. He was arraigned Friday afternoon and is being held on $1.5 million bail.

Bobo was charged with second-degree endangering the welfare of a child.

Authorities continue to investigate the crime. Anyone with information is asked to email [email protected].

A GoFundMe campaign was set up in Ariana’s name to help pay for her funeral.

Obola says Trump should quit “whining” about “rigged system”?–Trump ain’t only one, folks

October 19th, 2016

Professional hack, “fixer,” criminal, Bob Creamer visited Obola at W.H. dozens of times

October 19th, 2016
Why Did Vote-Rigging Robert Creamer Visit The White House Over 200 Times During The Obama Admin

Voter fraud isn't Creamer's only criminal specialty

Zero Hedge - October 19, 2016 4 Comments

Link: http://www.infowars.com/why-did-vote...e-obama-admin/

Creamer is prominently featured in this viral vid (over 4 million views) by Project Veritas

Earlier today we wrote about a new Project Veritas undercover video that uncovered several democratic operatives openly discussing, in explicit detail, how to commit massive voter fraud.

One of the operatives was a person by the name of Robert Creamer who is a co-founder of a democratic consulting firm called Democracy Partners. Within the video, an undercover journalist details a plan to register Hispanic voters illegally by having them work as contractors, to which Creamer can be heard offering support saying that “there are a couple of organizations that that’s their big trick” (see: “Rigging Elections For 50 Years” – Massive Voter Fraud Exposed By Project Veritas Part 2“).

Unfortunately, the embarrassing video caused Creamer to subsequently resign from consulting the Hillary campaign as he issued a statement saying that he was “stepping back from my responsibilities working the [Hillary] campaign” over fears that his continued assistance would be a distraction for the campaign.

But voter fraud isn’t Creamer’s only criminal specialty. A quick look at Wikipedia reveals that Creamer spent 5 months in federal prisonback in 2006 for a “$2.3 million bank fraud in relation to his operation of public interest groups in the 1990s.”

So, with that kind of history, you can imagine our surprise when we discovered that a Mr. Robert Creamer showed up on the White House visitor logs 340 times beginning in 2009 when Obama took office and culminating with his latest visit in June 2016. Moreover, in 45 of those instances, Creamer was scheduled to meet with POTUS himself. Perhaps this is just two old Chicago “community organizers” hanging out?

According to his website bio, Creamer has been a “political organizer and strategist for over four decades” and has been very involved with the Obama administration over the years. He even “provided strategic advice” to Obama on the “Iran nuclear deal.” Ironically, Creamer “began his organizing career in 1970 working with Chicago’s Citizen Action Program (CAP), which had been organized by Saul Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation.”

Robert Creamer has been a political organizer and strategist for over four decades.

During that time he has worked with many of the country’s most significant issue campaigns. He was one of the major architects and organizers of the successful 2005 campaign to defeat the privatization of Social Security. He has been a consultant to the campaigns to end the war in Iraq, pass universal health care, hold Wall Street accountable, pass progressive budget priorities, and enact comprehensive immigration reform.

He is General Consultant to Americans United for Change where he helped coordinate the campaigns to pass President Obama’s landmark jobs and economic recovery legislation.

Creamer has provided strategic advice for a wide array of progressive causes ranging from the movement to stop gun violence, defending the Obama Administration’s Iran nuclear deal, raise the minimum wage and guarantee the right of collective bargaining.

During the 2008 and 2012 Presidential Elections he worked with the Democratic National Committee as a consultant to the Obama Presidential Campaign coordinating field based rapid response to Republican Presidential candidates.

During his career, Creamer has worked on hundreds of electoral campaigns at the local, state and national level.

Creamer began his organizing career in 1970 working with Chicago’s Citizen Action Program (CAP), which had been organized by Saul Alinsky’s Industrial Areas Foundation. CAP successfully campaigned to reduce the sulfur dioxide in Chicago’s air by almost two thirds.

In 1974 he founded the Illinois Public Action Council – later known as Illinois Citizen Action – which became the state’s largest consumer advocacy organization and progressive political coalition. He directed the organization for 23 years.

Creamer has been a full time political consultant since 1997 when he co-founded the Strategic Consulting Group, now a component part of Democracy Partners.

He graduated from Duke University and did graduate work at the University of Chicago.

He is a board member of the Midwest Academy organizer training institute and the Sentencing Project which is seeking to end mass incarceration and reform the nation’s sentencing laws.

Creamer is an author and regular contributor to the Huffington Post. He is married to Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky from Illinois. His recent book is titled, Stand Up Straight: How Progressives Can Win.

Finally, Creamer’s wife is none other that Jan Schakowsky, a U.S. Representative for Illinois’s 9th congressional district which she has served since 1999.

Just another plume of smoke?

Wikileaks exposes “shadow-gov.” “deep-state” working in background for hitlery in FBI investigation

October 19th, 2016

(Black female) Special needs teacher fired after hair-dragging video

October 19th, 2016

GREENVILLE, Miss. -- Officials in a Mississippi school district have fired a special education teacher after a video showed her dragging a special-needs student by her hair across the floor.

CBS Greenville affiliate WXVT reports the Greenville Public School District’s Board of Trustees voted Monday to terminate Linda Winters-Johnson. Additionally, Superintendent Leeson Taylor has been placed on administrative leave with pay as the investigation into the incident continues.

The decision comes 11 days after the video began circulating on the Internet.

A state Office of Educator Misconduct investigator has accused Winters-Johnson of “grabbing, hitting in the head and dragging of a special-needs student during P.E. class at Greenville High School” around Sept. 21. The commission on Nov. 4 will decide whether to suspend or revoke her special education teaching license.

Police have said they are investigating, but have filed no charges.

The Associated Press could not find a phone number for Winters-Johnson.

Two videos of the scene prompted public outcry against the 5,300-student district, which has struggled with poor academic performance. The superintendent before Taylor, Harvey Franklin , is serving a six-year federal prison term for taking bribes from a vendor.

Board president Loretta M. Shannon told The Delta Democrat-Times that it was best to have Taylor away from his job while Greenville attorney Tonya Franklin investigates on behalf of the board. Shannon said the board expects Franklin’s report sometime this week, and will consider other disciplinary actions then.

“The board asks for the public’s patience as the investigation is conducted,” Shannon said. “We want to ensure that we have a complete picture and an unbiased assessment of what occurred before we take action. But the board is taking this matter very seriously.”

The board named Janice Monroe as acting superintendent. Monroe, a former superintendent in Leland, is the Greenville district’s director of special services

Debra White, who leads a group that has been critical of the district’s administration, applauded Taylor’s suspension.

“I think that tonight has been the beginning of justice,” said White, president of Save Our Children. “I think they are on the right road to much needed restructuring. This is the beginning of a brighter future for our children in the Greenville Public School District. I feel like I have been vindicated or something. Justice has really been served.”

White girl with black boyfriend became heroin addict and armed robber – wants criminal record scrub

October 19th, 2016

Armed robber-turned-Columbia student: I am more than my past
By Melkorka Licea
October 15, 2016 | 10:01pm

Sarah Zarba, now a student at Columbia University, wants to do away with criminal background questions on college applications. Photo: Angel Chevrestt

Sitting nervously in the driver’s seat, Sarah Zarba shivered from heroin withdrawal as police *sirens pierced the air.

Her eyes frantically searched the Blockbuster Video store in Water Mill, LI, for her boyfriend :barf1: Dalshawn Artis, but she didn’t see him. Artis was supposed to emerge any minute with cash stolen from the register in the couple’s latest Bonnie-and-Clyde-style stick-up.

But “the next thing I know the cops came at me with guns drawn,” Zarba said.

As she stepped out of the vehicle, handcuffs snapped around her delicate wrists. At 19, she was under arrest — and labeled a felon for the rest of her life.

Now 26, the comely blonde is a graduate student at Columbia University’s School of Social Work. When she looks back at her mug shot from March 2010, the Ivy Leaguer can’t believe it’s the same woman.

Sarah Zarba in a 2010 mug shot with ex-boyfriend Dalshawn Artis.
Photo: Handout

“That person was a part of myself that I don’t even know anymore,” she said. “I can barely recognize my face.”

Zarba — along with fellow Columbia student and felon Leyla Martinez — is leading a campaign to have the criminal-background question removed from applications to the Ivy League school. The women are also working to ban words such as “felon” and “ex-convict” from the language.

“A felony conviction is a life sentence,” said Zarba. “It follows you everywhere you go, even though it’s not relevant to who you really are.”

In 2010, Zarba was charged with 11 counts of robbery and convicted on one count after plea bargaining. She spent a year in jail and 18 months in rehab.

Zarba said her journey from high-school freshman to getaway driver in 11 Long Island armed heists started with her getting hooked on drugs in the small suburban town of Bellport, LI.

“I was a rebellious kid and wanted to do my own thing,” she said. “My parents were great, but we had regular family problems. I never felt like they understood where I was coming from and I took it to the extreme.”

Her lifestyle soon grew even more unstable.

‘A felony conviction is a life sentence. It follows you everywhere you go, even though it’s not relevant to who you really are.’

“I started doing drugs when I was 16. First it was weed, and that was a gateway to prescription pills,” she said.

Her opiate habit spiraled out of control. She couldn’t afford to shell out $50 per Oxycontin pill, so she turned to smack.

“Heroin was cheaper,” she said. “It was considered normal to do it. But then everything became about how to get my next fix.”

Desperate to support their $250-a-day habit, she and Artis started knocking off convenience stores and gas stations at night. With *Artis brandishing a BB gun, they scored $200 to $1,200 per stickup.

“I wasn’t thinking about the consequences of my actions,” Zarba said of the crime spree.

First the young woman was put in the Suffolk County jail. She was then forced into drug treatment at a Brooklyn facility before being sent to the Nassau County jail.

In 2012, she emerged a free woman — on multiple levels. She soon enrolled at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, knowing she wanted to help others with criminal histories. She earned a bachelor’s in criminal justice there.

This fall, Zarba started her on master’s degree in social work at Columbia. In addition to theory and research classes, she is doing a leadership fellowship, planning conferences and events on the issue of incarceration.

She applied to the fabled Morningside Heights institution because she believed that attending an elite school would help others see beyond her crimes.

“I thought if I got in, people would finally see me for my potential and achievements rather than for my past,” she said.

But when she powered through the school’s lengthy application, the question about having a criminal background nearly put her off.

“I felt very discouraged. But I wrote about what happened and hoped for the best,” she said.

In April, she got her acceptance e-mail.

Sarah Zarba and fellow Columbia student and felon Leyla Martinez.
Photo: Angel Chevrestt

Zarba and Martinez, 42, have now drafted a “Beyond the Box” initiative to get the school to nix the box with the crime question on its application. Martinez, a junior at the Columbia School of General Studies, was arrested in 2000 for writing fraudulent checks and spent two years at Rikers Island and Westchester jails.

“Seeing the question knocked the wind out of me,” said Martinez. “Just because I made a mistake when I was younger doesn’t mean I don’t deserve an education. I did my time, why do I have to keep paying for it?”

Both Zarba and Martinez hope their efforts will put college education within closer reach for people like them, who made mistakes in their past and paid for it.

“Getting into Columbia was the best thing that ever happened to me,” Martinez said. “Others deserve that chance, too.”

Kars4Kids accused of using synagogue for shady deals

October 19th, 2016

Kars4Kids accused of using synagogue for shady deals
By Isabel Vincent
October 16, 2016 | 9:21am

Young Israel of Eltingville, synagogue
Photo: John M. Mantel

A group associated with Kars4Kids is trying to take over a Staten Island synagogue to hide some of the charity’s cash, court papers say.

Congregation Oorah told the IRS that it was operating a synagogue in a building where the Young Israel of Eltingville congregation is currently housed.

But it’s a smoke screen, say members of Young Israel.

In court papers filed last week in Staten Island Supreme Court, Young Israel argues that the charity, which rakes in tens of millions a year in car and real-estate donations, is using the synagogue as a shield “to put their more questionable financial dealings through an entity that would not be subject to the same public scrutiny.”

Under IRS rules, a religious charity is not subject to the same rules of public disclosure as other nonprofits.

Oorah and Young Israel have been feuding since 2007 when Oorah offered to help Young Israel with much-needed renovations in exchange for operating a school on the premises, and taking over the deed to the Ridgewood Avenue building.

In a separate court filing, Oorah Inc., another nonprofit associated with Kars4Kids, claims that Young Israel owes $1 million for the upgrades.

(Black) Woman arrested for shooting NYPD detective with pellet gun

October 19th, 2016

Woman arrested for shooting NYPD detective with pellet gun
By Keldy Ortiz and Daniel Prendergast
October 16, 2016 | 12:57pm | Updated

Tiara Ferebee
Photo: Ellis Kaplan

A Long Island woman has been busted for shooting an NYPD detective with a pellet gun in Queens, authorities said Sunday.

The plainclothes officer was on duty and sitting in an unmarked car near Jamaica Avenue and 168th Street on Wednesday when Tiara Ferebee, 24, of Riverhead, allegedly fired the air gun from a passing vehicle.

The pellet shattered the side window of the officer’s car around 5 p.m. and struck him in the forehead.

The projectile lodged in the detective’s forehead and caused swelling that has prevented doctors from immediately removing it, according to police sources, who added that he’s in good condition.

The motive behind the shooting was unclear, and cops were questioning a second woman, who was driving the car, the sources said.

That woman, who wasn’t identified, was tracked down using a partial license plate number that was captured on surveillance video. She gave up her friend, Ferebee, according to the sources.

Ferebee was refusing to cooperate with investigators, authorities said.

Cops are looking into whether Ferebee could be the pellet-gun shooter who has blasted out windows in Suffolk County, the sources said.

Late Sunday, Queens Criminal Court Judge Gia Morris ordered Ferebee held in lieu of $1 million bond or $500,000 cash.

Ferebee was charged with attempted murder of a police officer, assault on a police officer with a deadly weapon, possession of a weapon and reckless endangerment.

She faces 25 years to life in prison if convicted on all counts.

Ferebee has also been connected to a vehicle involved in a similar shooting in Nassau County, according to prosecutors.

She has posted on Facebook about her “short temper.”

“Was told I have a short temper���� by 2 different people in 2 different was [sic]!” she wrote on her page in November 2015. “Do I.!?”

In another post, from that same month. Ferebee wrote, “heart wants to love, mind want to hate.” That post was accompanied by a knife emoji.

A top police union official blasted her, saying the cop could have been badly wounded.

“A few inches lower and the detective could have been blinded by the pellet,” said Detectives’ Endowment Association president Michael Palladino.

“This woman’s depraved behavior warrants punishment to the fullest extent of the law,” he added.

“Let her sit in prison for years and think about it.”

Parents upset over ‘racially charged’ rezoning proposal to move school

October 19th, 2016

Parents upset over ‘racially charged’ rezoning proposal to move school
By Selim Algar
October 16, 2016 | 10:34pm

PS 452 Photo: John M. Mantel

A group of Upper West Side parents say their kids are being dragged into a racially charged rezoning battle that is leading some of them to abandon their neighborhood elementary school.

The PS 452 parents say that under one plan being considered by the city Department of Education, their children would be abruptly uprooted from their thriving West 77th Street campus and moved 17 blocks south to West 60th, just so the city can address diversity and space issues at two other schools.

“I purchased an apartment in the PS 452 zone when my son was 2 years old very deliberately,” one mom fumed. “I wanted to be able to provide him with a sense of community in our big, overwhelming city and to feel like we were part of a neighborhood.”

Another parent said, “Why us?”

“It seems arbitrary to throw us into this mix to satisfy these vague DOE goals. It’s not about diversity. It’s about keeping a school we built where it is.”

The proposal is part of a DOE plan to rezone several blocks now served by the popular but packed, predominantly white PS 199 on West 70th Street.

The idea is to send students who live on those blocks to underserved PS 191, a mainly low-income, struggling school that largely draws students from the nearby housing projects. PS 191 is now located on West 60th Street but would move to a new nearby building under the plan.

The building it would vacate could then be filled by predominantly white PS 452.

At least five PS 452 families have yanked their kids from the school amid the uncertainty. Others are refusing to take part in the school’s typically strong funding drives and auctions until its fate is decided, sources said.

“I loved 452. My son is shy, but he was happy there,’’ said a mom who moved the boy to another school last year. “But getting him to a whole new neighborhood that far away was just not realistic. It was an incredibly difficult decision.”

Critics charge that the backlash at PS 452 stems from its proposed new location’s proximity to public housing and the prospect of a more diverse student body.

“I’m not sure there would be this much opposition if the new area was more to their liking,” said a teacher at PS 452.

The DOE is set to present a “final draft plan” at a meeting Wednesday.

“We will continue to solicit feedback, host meetings and engage in robust conversations as we work tirelessly to eventually submit a final proposal that best serves the District 3 students and families,” said DOE spokeswoman Toya Holness.

Black ex-con using black Brooklyn politician ties to push youth program’s bogus claims

October 19th, 2016

Ex-con using Eric Adams ties to push youth program’s bogus claims
By Yoav Gonen
October 17, 2016 | 2:00am | Updated

Lamor Whitehead and Eric Adams Photo: Stefan Jeremiah

An ex-con is using his close ties to Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams to reinvent himself as a bishop overseeing youth mentorship programs — but he hasn’t left all his troubling behavior behind, according to records and associates.

Lamor Whitehead, founder of Leaders of Tomorrow Brooklyn, has appeared at more than a dozen high-profile events with Adams since his five-year stint at Sing Sing, where he served time on multiple counts of identity fraud and grand larceny before his release in July 2013.

Whitehead has used the public spotlight with Adams to tout his group’s mentorship programs and raise funds, including before he registered it as a for-profit business in March 2014.

But a number of Whitehead’s public claims about the group have been refuted, including by law-enforcement agencies.

The Brooklyn District Attorney’s office sent Whitehead a cease-and-desist letter in November 2014 after he promoted a collaborative justice initiative with the DA’s office that didn’t exist.

“There was never any partnership or initiative together with him and this office,” DA spokesman Oren Yaniv told The Post.

The NYPD and Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce also countered claims by Whitehead that they were partnering with his group on specific initiatives.

Mugshot of Lamor Whitehead
Photo: Suffolk County DA

Other actions by Whitehead — who speaks publicly about his prison stint but maintains that law-enforcement officials railroaded him — have also led to questions.

Whitehead has been spotted driving around Brooklyn in a Maserati and a Bentley, even as he owes $261,000 for an outstanding 2009 court judgment over an unpaid personal loan.

That loan came from Monterey Symphony conductor Maximo Bragado-Darman, who at the time used Whitehead as his mortgage broker in East Harlem.

“[Whitehead] signed a note and a promise and never paid back the money,” Bragado-Darman’s lawyer, Todd Houslanger, told The Post. “I’m trying to get him to pay my client’s judgment, and it’s increasingly difficult and frustrating.”

Brian Etta, a former volunteer for Adams’ campaign who separately sued Whitehead in 2007, said, “I’m surprised from what I know about Eric [Adams]…that he would have a guy like Lamor Whitehead connected in any way, let alone closely.”

Etta dropped the suit — which accused Whitehead of pilfering $19,000 from the sale of a Brooklyn home — after learning Whitehead was already in prison on another rap.

Whitehead, who was ordained a bishop in January 2016, maintains that both lawsuits were “handled in court and have been dealt with.”

Since late 2013, Whitehead has been buoyed by public support from Adams – who introduced him at a concert at Wingate Park in August as “my good friend and good brother.”

Adams also gave an an honorary citation to Whitehead’s mother last year at Borough Hall, and gave a key to Brooklyn to Whitehead’s cousin – the rapper Foxy Brown – in February

Asked outside his church about the specific programs run by his mentorship group, Whitehead initially responded by repeating, “Why you want to know that?”

He emerged a few hours later and spoke of a one-off event over the summer – a sports day for kids hosted by a former New York Giants player in Von King Park – and of a mentorship program where kids can shadow different NYPD officers.

NYPD spokesman Lt. Grimpel said there was no such mentorship program.

Whitehead recently said Leaders of Tomorrow Brooklyn “never solicited funds,” but the group’s Web site featured a “donate” button until recent weeks.

After inquiries from The Post, the Web site was overhauled to focus on the ministry services rather than on youth programs.

On July 1, 2015, Whitehead was arrested for allegedly hitting his then 7-year-old son, according to a parole violation “release report” obtained by The Post. The case was dropped after officials found no probable cause to prosecute, according to the state Department of Corrections and Community Service.

Months later, Whitehead was arrested in Uniondale, LI, for violating an order of protection, according to Nassau County police. That case has since been sealed, officials said.

Asked about the arrests, Whitehead said he would never harm his son and noted that all charges were dismissed.

Officials in the borough president’s office described Whitehead as one of the many clergy and youth leadership figures that Adams collaborates with on social issues.

Asked what Adams knew of the group’s specific work, spokesman Stefan Ringel said, “Borough President Adams has been invited to or served as co-host for several events organized by Bishop Whitehead that target at-risk youth.”

Officials said no discretionary funds were awarded to Leaders of Tomorrow Brooklyn, and that all groups that work with the BP’s office are vetted.

Chinese immigrant woman attacked, raped during early-morning walk to work (by black beast)

October 19th, 2016

Woman attacked, raped during early-morning walk to work
By Daniel Prendergast, Tina Moore and Chris Perez
October 17, 2016 | 9:54am | Updated

A 51-year-old Chinese immigrant was raped in Queens early Sunday as she walked to her new job at a grocery store, police sources said.

The woman was walking alone on a desolate stretch along the Horace Harding Expressway near 168th Street in Fresh Meadows when she was grabbed from behind at around 6:20 a.m., according to the sources.

Her attacker threw her to the ground and stripped off her pants, sexually assaulting her on the empty service road, which runs between the Long Island Expressway and a cemetery, police said.

He then choked the victim until she lost consciousness, sources added.

After the attack, the fiend told the woman to take off and then got into a black sedan and sped away. The woman continued her approximately two-mile trek to the IOG Supermarket on 69th Avenue — where she has been working for just 10 days — before calling her son to tell him what had happened, cops reported.

The son later went to the grocery store and the two reported the crime to police at around 10:45 a.m. The NYPD’s Queens Special Victims Unit was searching for the suspect, who was still on the loose as of last night.

The assailant was described as a black man in his 40s, standing around 6-feet tall and weighing approximately 180 pounds. He is clean-shaven and was last seen wearing a black long-sleeve shirt.

The early-morning attack had residents in Fresh Meadows on edge Monday.

“Now I’m more scared,” said Hilda Dakak, 58. “Whenever I walk* . . . I have to keep looking behind me.”

Hoda Abelaziz, a 45-year-old nurse practitioner who lives on 168th Street — less than 100 feet from the scene of the rape — said the dimly lit, tree-lined streets pose a safety problem.

“Someone can kill a person over there and you wouldn’t know until the sun came up,” she said.

Dakak’s husband, Mohammed, agreed — saying the shade was bringing out the shady.

“I’m a man, but I’m scared to walk by myself,” he said. “If someone wants to do something bad, they are gonna study the area. They come here, they say, ‘Oh, its dark. It’s lonely . . . I can do something bad here.’”

Daquan Scarlett arrested for jumping UN fence

October 19th, 2016

Man arrested for jumping UN fence
By Tina Moore
October 17, 2016 | 12:23pm | Updated

A 25-year-old man was arrested after jumping over a fence at the United Nations Monday morning, police sources said.

United Nations security apprehended Daquan Scarlett after he got over a gate in the north end of the complex about 10 a.m., police said.

NYPD officers arrested him took him to Bellevue Hospital for treatment. He will be charged him with trespassing, police said.

Judge slams (Asian) driver Danny Lin in fatal accident for ‘worshiping speed’

October 19th, 2016

Judge slams driver in fatal accident for ‘worshiping speed’
By Lia Eustachewich
October 18, 2016 | 1:32am

Danny Lin
Photo: Stefan Jeremiah

A lead-footed hot-rod fanatic who fatally mowed down a pedestrian on the Lower East Side was sentenced Monday to 1²/₃ to 5 years in prison by a Manhattan judge who slammed him for “worshiping speed.”

Danny Lin, 26, was doing 55 mph — more than twice the speed limit — in his BMW 335xi when he struck homeless drifter Robert Perry, 57, in November 2014.

Lin was convicted of manslaughter by a jury in July.

Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Thomas Farber said, “I accept the fact that the defendant is a decent person, [but] I can’t consider this an aberration. This defendant lived a life of worshiping speed and fast driving.”

(Tunisian?) Cabbie Outmane Bouzid uses antenna to beat driver who cut him off

October 19th, 2016

Cabbie uses antenna to beat driver who cut him off
By Danielle Furfaro and Philip Messing
October 17, 2016 | 3:06pm | Updated

A yellow-cab driver furious about getting cut off in the JFK pickup line ripped off his own antenna and used it to clobber the other driver, cops said Monday.

Outmane Bouzid

Outmane Bouzid, 26, of Corona, Queens, was headed through the lot early Sunday morning when he and the other driver got into an argument about who was first in line to pick up passengers.

The other driver told Bouzid to “calm down and relax,” but he refused.

Bouzid instead got out of his car, opened the victim’s car door, and punched him in the face. The 6-foot, 200-pound man went back to his own cab, ripped an antenna off the roof, and beat the driver over the head with it, police said.

The 42-year-old victim suffered visible injuries to his face and head.

Bouzid was charged with assault, criminal possession of a weapon and harassment.

Cops impounded his taxi and the Taxi & Limousine Commission has suspended his taxi license pending the outcome of the criminal case.

Bouzid surname: Origin: Tunisia
Demographics of Tunisia Religions: Islam (official; Sunni) 99.1%

Update: Deadly mayhem before (black) parade in Brooklyn – black killer pleads not-guilty

October 18th, 2016

J’Ouvert ‘killer’ pleads not guilty
By Emily Saul and Gina Daidone
October 17, 2016 | 6:57pm

Reginald Moise
Photo: Splash News

The 20-year-old man accused of drunkenly shooting a pretty student in the face during J’Ouvert pleaded ‘not guilty’ Monday to charges of second-degree murder.

A Brooklyn grand jury had previously voted to indict Reginald Moise in mid Sept., but he was unable to appear in court until Monday before Justice Neil Firetog to be arraigned on the charges.

Moise was held without bail.

He has also been charged with second-degree criminal possession of a weapon, first-degree reckless endangerment, and operating a vehicle while under the influence.

Moise is accused of fatally shooting 22-year-old Tiarah Poyau as she danced with friends during the pre-dawn festival. The beautiful accounting student was mourned as a “light that shined from within,” at her Sept. 17 funeral.

“I’m not a bad guy … I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone … I didn’t mean to take the gun out, I didn’t mean to shoot nobody,” court documents say Moise sobbed to arresting officers.

“Mr. Moise has only sympathy and condolences for the young woman and her family,” his attorney Norman Steiner said Monday.

Tiarah Poyau
Photo: Facebook

Steiner emphasized his client’s “innocence,” and called Poyau’s death the “tragic” result of the city’s failure to shut down J’Ouvert, despite “prior years of violence.”

“After realizing their mistakes, and in an effort to protect themselves, they did what politicians do,” the attorney added: “Cast blame away from them selves and arouse hatred in the public for someone else.”

Steiner also called Moise’s case “the first test” of late Brooklyn DA Ken Thompson‘s “legacy.”

“A thorough review and then open and honest investigation will reveal that Mr. Moise is an innocent man,” the lawyer concluded.

The young man faces 25 years to life in prison if convicted.

Authorities are still investigating the slaying of Tyreke Borel, 17, who was shot as he sat on a bench during the festivities.

Sheldon Silver crony Dr. Robert Taub (also an Orthodox Jew) claims Columbia is punishing him

October 18th, 2016

Sheldon Silver crony claims Columbia is punishing him
By Emily Saul
October 18, 2016 | 12:06am

Dr. Robert Taub
Photo: Stephen Yang

Columbia University is still punishing Sheldon Silver crony Dr. Robert Taub, the researcher claims in court papers he filed Monday.

The papers allege that Columbia — which is unable to fire Taub, despite his connection to the crooked pol’s thievery — has now slashed his staff’s salaries and cut his own by two-thirds, according to request for a restraining order filed Monday in Manhattan Supreme Court.

Taub whined in the papers that his employer had “disregarded” the court’s July 2015 ruling that the school cannot fire him or adjust his or his staff’s salaries.

A Columbia rep declined to comment.

(Asian) Columbia student Linhao Zhang sued for carrying sword, beating his dog

October 18th, 2016

Columbia student sued for carrying sword, beating his dog
By Stephanie Pagones and Emily Saul
October 18, 2016 | 12:45am

The owner of a high-rise adjacent to The Cathedral of St. John the Divine is suing a Columbia senior for roaming the hallways with a “ninja sword” and allegedly beating his dog.

Police were called after Linhao Zhang was seen wandering the Morningside Heights building dragging a “ninja sword.”

Neighbors also saw him “continuously beat, hit, and drag his dog,” claims a Manhattan civil suit by Morningside Associates LLC, which seeks $500,000 in damages.

Zhang said that he had no idea he was being sued and that he “did not abuse my dog.” :rolleyes: