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A Rebel Salute To The Old School Of Hate (Deaths Head & Ravenous)

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

A Rebel Salute To The Old School Of Hate (Deaths Head & Ravenous)A Rebel Salute To The Old School Of Hate
Band Of Brothers
I Believe
The Ballad Of Earl Turner
Miss Molotov
Skinhead Rock ‘N’ Roll
One Last Round
You Ain’t Shit

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“Unity” Full Song Mp3 (4.2 mb)

A Rebel Salute To The Old School Of Hate cd

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Rock Against Demokratur! (Compilation)

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Rock Against Demokratur! (Compilation)Compact Disc One:

01. Panzerjäger – Fidélité Raciale (5:38)
02. Avalon – What Happened To Freedom (4:43)
03. Division Germania – Könige Europas (4:50)
04. Arianrhod – Révolte (5:00)
05. Odio – The Horrible Jew (2:03)
06. Sleipnir – Monopoly (4:41)
07. Tercios – Colpes De Ira (3:16)
08. White Law – Fetch The Noose (3:03)
09. Deaths Head – Expedition To Coburg (5:46)
10. Eisenherz – So We Are Free (4:04)
11. Kick To Kill – Crush The Crippled (1:52)
12. Bound For Glory – Fight On (6:00)
13. Les Vilains – Ferme Ta Gueule (3:17)
14. Slay The Beast – Irv Rubin (5:39)
15. Final War – We Speak The Truth (2:29)

Compact Disc Two:

01. Dsh – Non Jamais (2:57)
02. Defiance – Point Blank (5:53)
03. Asatru – Asatru (3:12)
04. Malnatt – Camicia Near (3:31)
05. Endlöser – Mit Unseren Fahnen Ist Der Sieg (6:06)
06. H8Machine – Discipline Through Punishment (2:25)
07. Brigade M – Wij Zijn De Elite (4:07)
08. Legion Of St. George – Blood Feud (3:34)
09. Red, White And Black – White Unions (2:42)
10. Verszerzodes – Freedom Of Speech (2:25)
11. Macht Und Ehre – Usa (3:39)
12. Kick To Kill – String’Em Up (1:42)
13. Kolovrat – Kein Herz Für Marxisten (2:42)
14. Dissens – Ein Einzig Volk Von Brüdern (6:33)
15. Cut Throat – Fugitive (3:25)

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Valhöll – "RAC’n’Roll"

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Valhöll - "RAC'n'Roll"01. R.A.C. (4:33)
02. Agent 088 (5:30)
03. Drei Kleine… (3:36)
04. Harm Wulf (4:59)
05. Angela (3:34)
06. Fegefeuer (4:52)
07. Wilhelm Gustloff (5:55)
08. Meike (3:15)
09. Die Wanne Ist Voll (3:59)
10. Doris-Lied (4:31)

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Guarda de Honra – "Vento Do Norte"

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Guarda de Honra - "Vento Do Norte"01. Intro (1:45)
02. Portugal Desperta (3:18)
03. White Revolution (4:53)
04. Classe Operaria (2:53)
05. Edelweiss (2:55)
06. Para Quando A Liberdade (4:44)
07. Gods Of War (2:49)
08. Rebelde Sem Causa (3:30)
09. Our Pride Is Our Loyalty (Skrewdriver Cover) (1:59)
10. Stand Up! (4:17)
11. Vento Do Norte (4:51)

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Skullhead – "Ragnorok"

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Skullhead - "Ragnorok"One of the best Pro-White R.A.C. albums of all time put out by one of the best bands ever! This is a classic that will always live on:

01. Victory Or Valhalla (3:33)
02. The Voyage (3:31)
03. Wild And Free (4:51)
04. Wish The Lads Were Here (3:02)
05. Good Times (5:01)
06. Look Ahead (5:00)
07. White Slag (3:45)
08. Last Chance (5:47)
09. Skinhead Rock Band (4:42)
10. Gillbridge Blues (3:02)
11. Blame The Bosses (4:11)
12. Green And Pleasant Land (3:12)
13. Push On (3:33)
14. Murder Can Never Be Right (2:54)
15. Yuletide (4:01)
16. Memories (4:26)

Mp3 Download:
Skullhead – Push On (4.2 mb)

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Barbaren – "Barbaren" (Digipak)

Wednesday, November 23rd, 2011

Barbaren - "Barbaren" (Digipak)Already known from the “Hass schürender lärm II” compilation. Very heavy German RAC, but definitely not typical hardcore or metal, rather a hybrid of styles. Pure power and aggression, far from all musical cliches. An extremely professional release with a superb crisp heavy production:

01. Aus Alter Zeit (3:52)
02. Hass & Loyalität (3:39)
03. Führe Mein Schwert (2:38)
04. Agnus Dei (2:44)
05. Potsdam (3:22)
06. Palästina (3:44)
07. Rosenkavaliere (3:14)
08. Blutgeldwäscher (2:33)
09. Leichenfledderer (2:40)
10. Barbaren (2:57)
11. Nuklearer Winter (Projekt B) (3:46)
12. Keine Guten Nachrichten (Projekt B) (3:56)

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Social Issues About Face: Ex-Skinhead Endures 25 Surgeries to Remove Racist Tattoos

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011
Duke Tribble / MSNBC / AP

Duke Tribble / MSNBC / AP
This combination of eight photos provided by Bill Brummel Productions shows the progress of tattoo removal treatments for former skinhead Bryon Widner

With his face and body blighted by symbols of hate, Bryon Widner struggled to escape his past. But salvation came— from the very people he once tormented.

Widner’s story of reform, told in gripping detail by the Associated Press, began in 2006 after he married his wife, Julie. She was a was a member of the National Alliance, the white separatist political organization, and he had helped found the Vindlanders, a skinhead group notorious for having members with long criminal records. After marrying, they withdrew from the white power movement, had a baby and hoped to start over. But the swastikas and razor blades etched on Widner’s face cast a long shadow over his efforts: neighbors shunned him and potential employers balked when they saw the letters H-A-T-E tattooed on his knuckles.

The social isolation slowly took its toll, and Widner grew frenzied as he searched the Internet for solutions. As the AP reports, the couple had little money and no health insurance, and few doctors performed the complicated surgeries necessary to undo the extensive markings. “I was totally prepared to douse my face in acid,” he said.

(PHOTOS: Inside a Hitler Exhibition in Germany)

With her husband desperate for help, Julie made the bold move of contacting Daryle Lamont Jenkins, the founder of Philadelphia-based One People’s Project. His anti-hate group publishes the names and addresses of white supremacists, and publicizes white power demonstrations so that activists can stage counter-demonstrations. Jenkins didn’t turn his back on Widner, even if he was a notorious hate monger. “It didn’t matter who she had once been or what she had once believed,” he told the AP. “Here was a wife and mother prepared to do anything for her family.”

Jenkins’ suggestions eventually led Widner to the Southern Poverty Law Center, the civil rights law firm. Widner provided the firm with sensitive information about how specific skinhead groups operate and details about their internal structure. He also spoke at their Skinhead Intelligence Network conference, equipping police with knowledge to help them tackle white supremacist groups. In exchange the SPLC searched—and ultimately found—a donor to pay for Widner’s surgery.

From June 2009 until October 2010, Widner underwent 25 painful procedures at Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville. Each procedure left him with a bruised and blistered face that took weeks to heal.  “I have to do it,” he remembers saying at the time. “I am never going to live a normal life unless I do.”

Even now, though, normalcy remains somewhat elusive: the Widners face retribution from skinhead groups for leaving the movement, and only a small number of friends and family can know where they live. Erasing those tattoos was tough, but erasing the past might prove to be impossible.

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Cops versus welfare recipients in NYC

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

The leftists coalitions are breaking down.

Meanwhile, the Times was deeply shocked and troubled by what it saw. Policemen booing and cursing prosecutors and officers of the court? Open solidarity with lawbreakers? But it was even worse. Across the street from the courthouse is a “benefits center.” When the crowd lined up to collect welfare payments started chanting “Fix our tickets!” at the protesting cops, the cops responded with derisory chants of “EBT! EBT” (electric benefits transfer, a popular method of making social support payments here in the blue paradise of the northeast). As if heckling poor people wasn’t enough, the Times dismally notes, the taunting, chanting cops failed to pick up after themselves, leaving litter on the streets as the protest broke up.

I remember the white public servant class from Boston, which had an uneasy truce with the multicult. Every election, the white public servants and the welfare recipients would come out to “vote Democrat” (not that Republican is any better). The white public servants were still able to afford to live in Boston, which is more than I could say for a private sector worker like myself. My family and I were literally economically exiled from Boston, while welfare recipients live there literally for free. This is highly unsustainable.

Now the country is going broke, and both the white public servants and the welfare recipients they serve will be fighting over a shrinking pie.

Another of the urban social classes are the upper middle class types who administer and enforce Diversity.Russell Meade makes a point similar to my real meaning of Occupy Wall Street post:

All these programs (some useful in the Via Meadia view, others much less so) require a transfer of funds and authority from society at large to well-socialized, well-credentialed and well-intentioned upper middle class types who get six figure salaries to make sure the rest of us behave in accordance with their rapidly evolving notions of correct behavior.

I remember these people from Boston. They refused to debate; why would they need to? They are on top. Their answer to anyone who objects is to cast them out, and try to use SPLC type tactics to destroy their livelihood. I suppose that makes sense — after all, I’m trying to destroy their livelihood as bureaucrats of the Multicult.

They are a smug, glib and sleazy class of people. When their paychecks are gone, so will go the Multicult, and instead we’ll get a geographic area of distinct and at times warring, tribes. They will no longer be able to stop us from speaking the truth to one another. Their social control systems will be bankrupt and be as defunct as the brick mills in my town.

Everything passes. No one who lives in New England and can think, can deny this. We are surrounded by grave markers of a past New England with all the dead mills. As went these mills, so will go the Multicult, which is far less useful and productive than the former.

The Paleo diet and Civilization

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

I started the Paleo diet a few days ago, after realizing the unpleasant and uncomfortable surges of something in my bloodstream were probably an overdose of insulin caused by starches and sugars. I could have figured this out years ago; I’m over 40 and finally saw what was in front of my nose all this time.

Sure enough, those surges went away. My energy is on a more even keel; and I even feel lighter inside.

I think this particular trend is going to go viral and exponential as more medical research comes out and more people realize they can eliminate unpleasant surges in their bloodstream.

The medical aspect of the paleo diet is the claim that compounds in non-paleo foods cause leaky gut syndrome (intestinal leakages into the bloodstream) which is a precursor to autoimmune diseases.

I took Pathophysiology in 2007 and the professor said that medical science was helpless against autoimmune diseases. Loren Cordain, in this book:

suggests that medical science is now figuring out autoimmunes after all, and it’s caused by modern staple foods.

I think this information will spread virally by word of mouth from the early adapters to the masses over the next several years. When the public understands the full implications of this information, there will be a stampede. It’s as important as discovering, for example, the ill effects of smoking. In some ways, it’s worse than smoking, because smokers eat less (poison), and some of them are thinner and overall healthier for it.

The paleo diet presents a technical, logistic and economic problem. It can be expensive and inconvenient to supply oneself with 60 percent unprocessed meat and 40 percent fruits, vegetables and nuts. It is much cheaper and more convenient to eat sandwiches, mashed potatoes (I’ve got about 800 pound of potatoes that I grew and I don’t want to eat any more, unless starvaation is the alternative), and the like.

But when millions of people have the same idea about eating paleo, they will realize that the small, local farms are the most secure source. This is the thing that is going to bring back local agriculture, which will change civilziation at a fundamental level.

The useless office jobs were a huge Control System, but now they can’t afford it any more. We are literally going to have to make our own jobs. It will not be easy. But we will start gaining our liberty back, and by liberty, I mean the freedom to shape society in our image, and not the YKW Hollyweird image. That is what this struggle is all about.

Central control is the levers of YKW.

Decentralized control — power devolves from YKW to localities.

Trends point to localization, both by collective choice (such as the Paleo diet) and by force (the bankruptcy of the useless office jobs economy).

2012 is almost here. The 00′s are long gone. It’s going to be an interesting decade.

New study tip

Wednesday, November 9th, 2011

So I am taking a pretty difficult class in plant science at a local state university. I have an 82 average, and got a 92 on the mid-term. The 92 was owing to getting study questions and putting them into Mnemosyne, and then practicing them. However, there were questions on the exam that were not on the study guide, and I missed those questions entirely. Also, I didn’t get as much as I could have out of the first half of the semester, since I mostly focused on studying for the test.

So I decided on a new tack. The thing about reading a science book is that if you can learn it from the first reading without having to go back again and again, that is most efficient. Even if that one reading is slow, at least you know “OK, got that mastered.”

My new study strategy is to make up study questions as I read along, write them in a notebook, then plug them into Mnemosyne and practice them on Mnemosyne. This actually gives you verbatim knowledge of the book very quickly and efficiently, like programming a robot, and that’s what you want. In a science book, it is all definitions, interactions and processes. Most of this can be broken down into a study question.

With diagrams of processes, it is just a matter of drawing the diagram out with colored pencil. Then turn the page of the notebook and draw it again without looking at a reference. It’s pretty quick, actually. Had I done this with the whole book instead of just the study questions the professor gave us, I may have gotten close to perfect.

No matter that this is a slow process, at least you learn it and have created the mechanism (Mnemosyne) for retaining it. Mnemosyne is at: