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Welcome To Kenya

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Welcome To Kenya Birthplace Of Obama

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Mayor Don Ness meme

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

(anti)Whiteness studies jumps the shark, reports CNN

Friday, February 3rd, 2012


Anti-white tenured swine defend their anti-white swine trough. Oink!

Having Obama is, in a curious way, putting us behind,” says Eduardo Bonilla-Silva, a professor of sociology at Duke and visiting scholar at the University of Pennsylvania.

Bonilla-Silva, the author of books like “Racism without Racists: Color-Blind Racism and the Persistence of Racial Inequality in America” and “White Supremacy & Racism in the Post-Civil Rights Era,” says it is harder than ever before to convince college students that studying white privilege is a worthwhile or necessary endeavor.

To many students the election of Obama represents the culmination of decades of racial progress, they say.

“You have a growing racial apathy. People are telling you, I don’t want to hear about race, because we’re beyond that,” Bonilla-Silva says. “But we still have a white America and a black America.”

Other academics who study what they see as America’s racial hierarchy say they struggle to teach that racial inequality remains a problem, and that it must be addressed. They point to more subtle indicators of structural racism like the fact that the overwhelming majority of CEOs are white men, and a vastly disproportionate number of convicted felons are black and Latino.

These academics generally agree that the end of slavery, the dismantling of Jim Crow and the election of a black president are all clear signs that things are getting better.

But that progress has slanted the mainstream narrative too far into positive terrain, they argue, leaving many to think that racial equality has arrived. Even some young students of color are more skeptical than ever before.

That’s dangerous, they argue.

“The typical college student will always say ‘What racial inequality? Look at the White House,’” says Charles Gallagher, chair of the sociology department at La Salle University in Philadelphia. “I have to first convince them that inequality exists.”

Gallagher, whose latest book, “Retheorizing Race and Whiteness in the 21st Century” was published last year, is teaching intro to sociology and urban sociology classes this semester, and while neither is strictly about race, he says he will make a point to talk about modern day racism and white privilege.

The Mantra set to music, spread far and wide

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

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Poll and thread at re: White separatist living space

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

This thread is massive


Considering the increasing urban attacks by minorities against whites and the increasing institutional reverse racist policies seen clearly in most white nations today, would you be interested in moving to a white only nation with some kind of system found in today’s most civilized nations (meaning it wouldn’t be a fascist dictatorship or a communistic setting)?

Re: Poll for white/European people: Would you find a White Nationalist country appealing nowadays?
I voted yes. Ten years ago I would have told you to fuck off… but today… my answer is yes.

all the muds would plot against you.

they’ve got you in one spot to drop missiles into.

You get to a point in life where you just get tired of all the racist bull shit thrown at white people just for being white.

I’m in!

You get to a point in life where you just get tired of all the racist bull shit thrown at white people just for being white.

I’m in!
Quoting: Anonymous Coward 9764174

Not my reason. It’s the “institutional reverse racist policies” that have gotten my attention.

Absolutely. Cant take much more of this judaic cross cultural cesspool.

Keep in mind we’re not talking about a racist nation wanting to exploit or oppress anyone else. Just white people of European stock wanting to live separated from non-whites.

Would you accept a piece of land in disadvantaged situation even? Without many resources? I would find it a challenge. If South Africans could create gardens in the middle of the wasteland and the mostly caucasian Israelis could do the same in the desert, why not?

I would pin this but I am afraid of getting banned

JK i might pin later.

I voted no, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t support its right to existence so long as all the residents were there by choice and free to come and go as they pleased, then why not allow it? Doesn’t mean I’d have to live there.

Oh, and as long as I don’t have to financially support said community then I’m ok with it. That’s my stance on Israel and Palestine, too.

It’s pretty much become my number one goal in life.

It’s the only thing I think really matters.

Yes of course it’s my dream

Well it’s shaky. I work in a hotel, just yesterday some drunk Brit guests brought some African prostitutes back to the hotel. The lads were drunk but the oldest of them wasn’t and he realized these “ladies” were looking to rob them. When we faced them and asked them to leave these women turned very violent and tried to attack us.

Most of these prostitutes (thieves more likely) are illegally here and as the police can’t deport(political correctness yada yada) them they do as they wish. The problem isn’t widespread yet but everyone knows how this sort of thing ends.

I was thinking the desolate, wastelands of eastern Russia. Are they even inhabitable? we could make something out of them. Rough weather makes good micro evolution
Quoting: Manu-Koelbren

You just know they’d try and follow us.

I imagine a system without government, a large enough piece of land for every family to survive on their own. Grow your own food etc. If you fail you fail. Community wouldn’t be forced but people would interact as they wish. Meetings could be held to discuss relevant matters. If a nation would grow out of it still I wouldn’t encourage any form of government beyond small community meetings.

This of course would be in the scenario of going into some empty wilderness and starting from zero. Keeping it rural would be nice, as the city environment clearly turns putrid very fast.

Would it survive any longer than a few generations, though? I fear that without a rich source of DNA, your fire will consume itself.
Quoting: ToadMaster

Well our ancestors developed that way before for thousands of years, I see no reason why your hypothesis has any basis to it.

Qigong 18 forms, easy to follow

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

This is one of the best qigongs I have ever seen. Very simple and elegant and easy enough to do.

One thing this does on the macro level is re-align your skeleton.

One thing I figured out from watching this:

Is that the step forward is two phased. You bring your foot to your lead leg in a quick pull, pause there and let the energy catch up, then thrust forward. That’s how he’s getting the “stomp” part of it in. The stomping increases the forward and downward force of whatever one is doing with the arms and hands.

New word: Chutzpahcrat

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Warmongers by proxy; neocon chickenhawks. This quote:

Jonah Goldberg, Ledeen’s colleague at National Review, coined the term “Ledeen Doctrine” in a 2002 column. This tongue-in-cheek “doctrine” is usually summarized as “Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business,” which Goldberg remembered Ledeen saying in an early 1990s speech.[28]

That is chutzpahcracy, and it will be the death of this country.

Russian nationalists

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Are coalition partners in the Russian protest movement. Link

For more than two decades, Russian liberals have been warning of the dangers posed by nationalism, often portraying it as a greater threat to freedom and stability in this multiethnic country than the soft authoritarianism of Mr. Putin, Russia’s once and probably future president. In recent years, the nationalist movement has become large and increasingly malignant, responsible for a pattern of racist violence against non-Slavs that includes kidnapping, torture and murder. Nationalists have taken responsibility for several beheadings.

But in the effort to drive out Mr. Putin, the opposition, driven by liberal and middle-class Russians, has nonetheless reached out to nationalists, seeing them as a vital bulwark at a critical moment.

“Without cooperation with the nationalists, this movement would not be possible,” said Anatoli Baranov, a longtime leftist activist and a leading voice in the new protest movement. He credited the nationalists’ long experience in opposition politics, adding that cooperation with groups of all political stripes was paramount at this early stage.

When I was in Russia, one could buy cassette tapes of SS marches and every kind of nationalist newspaper in Red Square. The people are very sincere and independent. They know the score, and they don’t want to be ruled by Soros. Soros would be a new (multi-racial) serfdom. They see what happened in the USA and want no part of it.

When I was there in 1995 I spoke and understood the language well enough to have long conversations with people. The young Russian men hate America the way we hate liberals. Had I been a liberal or a neocon type I would have gotten beat up or killed there. Fortunately, I sympathized with nationalism on a gut level.

My violin teacher was the grand-daughter of a famous Russian plant scientist. Her husband died of alcoholism and she was raising two sons as a single mom. The older one (21) was a junkie, but she had hope for the younger one, and she was raising him like a tiger mom. She told me about eugenics, and she believed in it strongly. I was only 25, she was 46 and hot. Guaranteed she was a 10 when she was in her 20′s. I didn’t figure out at the time that she would have gone for me. When I first met her, she had dressed and used body language to hide herself from me, the American. She had some pride and Islamic style modesty. I only figured out after having returned to the US, and wrote her letters and talked to her on the phone. But she told me that it didn’t matter, I should go have lots of children with a smart wife, because not enough smart people are breeding and too many dumb people.

I was so focused on learning violin that I thought hitting on her would risk me losing the best violin teacher I ever had. Teachers previously had taught me indifferently, a few times barely at all. Tanya taught me passionately, and she was harsh, but I relished it and encouraged it more, and tried that much harder. It seemed I was on my way to really learning to play the thing.

Having to leave Moscow after six months, having to give up my violin training, was a “being turned away from art school moment.” I spent the next years trying to find a way to go back, but I hadn’t learned good solid business skills. Had I known IT and/or accounting skills I could have had a job there, and become a violinist.

I loved beauty. Particularly Hungarian tanchaz music and Romanian violin.

But I learned that power is more important. We live in an age where the chutzpahcracy will have it’s way with everyone unless it is stopped.

There’s a synonym for neocons for you — chutzpahcrats. It’s the chutzpahcrats versus the Russian Bogatiri. May the latter prevail.

Who gets the meta-message with the legal disclaimer

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Watch this youtube video of the bus attack in Ocala, Florida:

When they put up the legal disclaimer (smart) which tells them this is not an incitement to vigilante justice, what else do you notice, and what is this a reference to? It is very clever.

The LOLs just write themselves

Friday, February 3rd, 2012

Found at this site. and started making LOLs.

Apparently, liberalism isn’t just a political ideology; it’s also an alternative life style where men are subordinated to women. I have seen examples of this at and as well.

Here are a couple of past masterpieces of Trolling by LOL:

Moar caption suggestions please!