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The Vampire of the Peoples

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

Whom does England’s power benefit? Does it benefit the peoples united in the Empire, or if not them, at least the British people? No. The power of the British Empire benefits only a thin, rich upper class in England, which has stayed the same for centuries. However, it does not serve the Indians, the South Africans, the Canadians, nor the Australians. Nor does it benefit the English people, who even today live under much worse conditions that the peoples of other, poorer, nations.

One may imagine the British system as a huge vampire with its fangs sunk into every part of the world from which it can suck wealth. Well, no people is obligated to arrange its life and culture in the shadow of a distant, foreign vampire. And it is also clear that the age of vampirism is over.

Europe is the living space for a group of highly gifted white peoples who live next to each other. In the past, it has seen England as the most serious problem it faced, without until today being able to find a solution. Time and again, it has fallen victim to British intrigues, which have whipped up its peoples against each other. France is the best and most tragic current example. Germany will see to it that it is in fact the last such example.

It is illuminating to see that African Negroes are more easily governed by force than the white peoples of Europe. England, however, has not realized that. It stupidly and stubbornly insists on its right to be the sole organizer and ruler of Europe — at least according to its views of such matters. That is true, even though as this investigation has shown, it is less suited to it than any other European nation. England is now making its last attempt to persuade the European peoples that the Continent can only be happy if it takes on the English lifestyle. The British call that democracy.

It is enough to note that democracy has been defined over the course of long and diligent historical investigations, and that, unfortunately, those conclusions do not fit what the British call democracy. Democracy means the rule of the demos, that is, the people or the citizens. A democracy does not have a hereditary king as the English have, much less vice regents, emperors of India, peers, or lords. England is a monarchy with a financial aristocracy possessing many advantages, and a mass of people with far fewer rights.

A monarchy that claims to fight for democracy is either ridiculous, or it lies.

We have long since decided on the proper name for the British system: we call it plutocracy, the rule of the money bags. And the facts prove it.

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Master Stroke of a German Steamer

Saturday, March 31st, 2012

The sought-after German steamer Altmark calmly follows its course. The German ship has performed brilliantly. It has sailed from the distant coast of America across the wide ocean, and is nearing the Scandinavian coast. It has slipped through the chain of enemy warships, ever in danger of being discovered, of falling into enemy hands. Indeed, it is a master stroke on the part of this German steamer, a splendid achievement by its captain and crew.

Those aboard the Altmark know the stakes, and they realize how limited their means are in comparison to the enemy’s. The British have numerous ships with heavy armaments and well-trained crews on board. TheAltmark is an unarmed government vessel with a normal commercial crew.

On board, there are English sailors from those British ships sunk in the Atlantic by the pocket battleshipAdmiral Graf Spee. Since the Altmark is on the way home, it cannot transfer these crewmen to a neutral ship without running the risk of revealing its position.

The Englishmen can move around freely in the spaces allotted to them. They are not living under worse conditions than on their own ships. They have good mattresses and woolen blankets. They can smoke, amuse themselves, and talk with each other. They receive sufficient food. Indeed, the German cook even prepares rice dishes for the Indian sailors. The English are in excellent health. The German doctor on board has no serious illnesses to treat.

The German captain’s pistol is in his desk drawer, and it can stay there. The English sailors have no thought of rebelling. They are entirely satisfied with their treatment. Often, they tell the Altmark’s captain and officers that they had expected different treatment. They had read newspaper articles about brutal German methods, and were pleasantly surprised. The German sailors can only shrug their shoulders. The best way to combat foolish gullibility is not with words, but with the language of facts…

The hunt in the Atlantic continues. The Altmark has but a single weapon in its battle against the British blockade: the nautical skills of its captain and its officers. The German steamer’s hopes rest with the choice of course and the skills of its captain.

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Nordfront – “Werft sie Raus” Mp3s

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Nordfront - "Werft sie Raus" Mp3s
Nordfront – Werft sie Raus

01. Deutsche Landser (3:33)
02. Sei Stolz (3:23)
03. Wir müssen kämpfen (3:59)
04. Deutschland (3:10)
05. Nationalist (2:59)
06. Werft sie raus! (4:02)
07. Vaterland (3:48)
08. Skinhead (4:03)
09. Kinderschänder (4:12)
10. Heim ins Reich (3:31)
11. Wir marschieren voran (2:23)
12. Wir sind ein Volk (3:48)

Upon processing your online order or receiving your payment in the mail, you will receive an email with a link to download the album's 256Kbps mp3s in .zip format. 256 Kbps is an extremely high quality bit rate that produces sound equal to an audio compact disc.

Movie director Spike Lee apologizes for retweeting couple’s address as that of George Zimmerman

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Movie director Spike Lee has apologized to a Florida couple who claim they were forced to leave their home when a Twitter posting that the director helped spread listed their address as that of George Zimmerman, who shot Fla. teen Trayvon Martin.


Elaine and David McClain are in their 70s and say they have a son named William George Zimmerman who lived in their Sanford-area home in the mid-1990s. They say he is no relation to 28-year-old George Zimmerman who killed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin on Feb. 26.

According to CBS affiliate WKMG, the post containing the McClains’ address reportedly went viral after Lee retweeted it and was eventually seen by thousands.

“We’re afraid for our lives. (George Zimmerman’s) got to be 100 times more than that,” Elaine McClain said, WKMG reports.


Martin’s killing has touched off widespread public outrage and protests across the country, including from Lee and other celebrities, because Zimmerman was not arrested. He says he acted in self-defense.


Lee tweeted late Wednesday: “I Deeply Apologize To The McClain Family For Retweeting Their Address. It Was A Mistake. Please Leave The McClain’s In Peace.”

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6 men charged in beating; hate crime possible

Friday, March 30th, 2012

Police have charged six black men with beating a white man outside a Seneca restaurant and have sent information about the attack to the FBI to determine if hate crime charges should also be filed.

Authorities say the victim told investigators that a group of men called him racially charged names as he walked to his vehicle in the parking lot March 17.

The man told police he was hit, and when he tried to fight back, the group attacked him.

Police Chief John Covington says none of the men arrested appeared to know the victim.

The men are charged with assault and battery by mob.

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Legacy by Wilhelm Ritgen

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

I have four letters before me from a comrade, a fellow party member. They are letters from one of the countless party members who are serving in the armed forces, all of whom stand proudly by their words and their ideals, even in the toughest test of fate and at the risk of their lives. Each was written “On the Western Front.” The first found its way back to the homeland during Christmas, the last was written on the Führer’s birthday. It was written in some disorder, as the French artillery was making music over the West Wall.

“Each of us carries with us as our deepest treasure faith in the Führer, in his Führer, in our Führer. There is no doubt in him!” That is from the first letter, which sounds eager for battle, soldierly. Every line rings with conviction.

The last line of the final letter says” Heil Hitler! Everything for the Führer!”

A newspaper article lies alongside the letters. The Iron Cross was awarded for the highest fulfillment of duty and brave death as a soldier in the historic battles of May 1940. The same name that signed the letters is under the simple words: “He died for Führer and Nation.” It is the same name that followed the oath: “Everything for the Führer!”

The company buried their noncommissioned officer in the earth on which he had fought for the freedom of his people and for the eternity of his faith. He sealed his loyalty with his blood during an attack. The successful attack, the hammering of the machine guns, the explosions of the hand grenades, the smoke of the mortars, these were the worthiest memorial. The death announcement cites a Reichsleiter of the party in praise of the fallen political leader, comrade and fellow worker. It is the most obvious, but also the deepest, that the movement that created Germany can do for its fallen fighters. The word, the order, which they all followed, which guided their lives was: “For Führer and nation

The letters from the front reveal the personal thinking of a soldier facing the enemy, looking death in the face, but who carries a faith in his heart that is stronger than death. The death announcement has transfigured his words, raising them to the legacy of a fallen National Socialist. The personality has faded, but as the voice of one of the Führer’s unknown soldiers he speaks of obligation to the nation. The spirit of the German people’s army that the Führer created rises victoriously from the words that a soldier wrote along side his comrades, in the few minutes he had to spare. He had the urge to say what moved him, what made him strong, and why he fought with such pride and faithful confidence.

These are the letters of a young soldier who held himself to the highest standards. He can no longer speak of the faith he felt and displayed. I feel that I owe it to him to pass on his undying love for the Führer and his faithfulness unto death. He is one of the unknown, the spirit of the front in the historic year 1940.

He did not write about himself. He spoke of the common faith that sacrificed for victory. He left a memorial to the virtues of National Socialist fighters that towers immortally far above his distant grave. He fell convinced of the immortality of the sacrifice that he made in serving the party, for the world view that he had experienced and known a thousand times. He has the right to be heard after his death. The purpose is not to praise his life and his heroic death over those of his fallen comrades, rather to make his death obligate the community to be loyal as he was, strong as he was, faithful as this unknown soldier of the Führer.



This is his legacy, revealed in his letters from the front, and from his hero’s grave:

“…In seeing death before our eyes, we often realize more clearly the meaning of our existence. Nature is a parable for us. In the middle of winter, everything seems to die and to have bloomed in vain. Yet the falling of the old leaves is necessary for the coming of the new ones, and the falling of the last stalk makes room for the new seeds. Our sacrifice should and will be the source of new strength for our people, whatever sorrow and pain may be involved!”

“…In the flourishing of that life we find the meaning of battle. The fight for a secure future is hard, often seemingly unbearable. But as bearers of the faith, as true National Socialists, our obligation is to do our duty and believe in a brighter future for our people. In hardship and death, we see the foundation for a new, purified future.”

“…Today our company was between two villages in Lorraine. All the jokes stopped and our faces were grim. Nature seemed in accord, with a slow, steady cold rain. It is quiet all around. We were quiet and deep in thought, since this morning we lost two comrades who were scouting out an important enemy position. Some others were wounded. A severely wounded comrade with pale, but calm face was just carried over from No Man’s Land across our two lines of barbed wire.

Few words were spoken, but we still talked with each other. This event turned our thoughts again to the larger meaning of our fight, for which we must bleed and die if necessary. With even more determination, we are doing our duty, far from comfort, family and homeland.”

“… The Führer is the unfailing compass point and the eternal model for us soldiers out here in the field. However great the difficulties, however unpleasant the artillery shelling — no matter what the task or mission, we are proud of doing our duty and in being bound personally to him: The Führer!”

“… Each feels under his protection, and faith in him is unshakable. The Führer’s determination, his bravery, his intelligence, and his successes have given even the weakest the will to win victory with him!”

“…We never forget his name, nor let his ideas fade. We are not only the bearers of his banner and symbols, but also of his faith, and as long as one of us remains alive to fight, he will be ready to fight and die for the Führer.”

“…Well, after six months at the Front, with its many dangers, I confess as a soldier of Adolf Hitler: It is a joy to be alive! Above all under such a Führer and in such an age!”

“…That is what is most splendid and beautiful: No one can take away this Führer who has given German greatness and victory. His example will live from generation to generation. From generation to generation, our cry of affirmation will also remain the same. In it is grounded the will of the entire people and its confidence in victory: “Heil Hitler! Everything for the Führer!”


Everything for the Führer. He gave his all, his blood and his young life. His words are holy for us all. “The epitome of sacrifice is to give one’s own life for the life of the community!” — This statement by the Führer was the law of his young, yet full life.

These words by a German soldier and fallen National Socialist answer the questions the world has about the roots of the absolute German confidence in victory and the irresistible power of our weapons — an answer that leaves no doubt about the outcome of the war. The enemy is fighting for material possessions that are not really his. The German soldier is fighting for life, justice, and the eternity of his nation.

This marks the true soldier of a people and of a faith. We know that they will win not only because they have the best training, the best weapons, and the beat leadership, but above all because they have the best hearts.

And if they fall, the show the nation the way to a victory that they may not experience, but that belongs to them.

They are immortal, and with them also the Reich, for: “As long as one of us remains alive to fight, he will be ready to fight and die for the Führer.”

The faith of a fallen National Socialist places an obligation on all the living.

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under one Führer for one Reich.

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

What an enormous concentration of power that is becomes clear when one looks back to see what a few thousand German soldiers have accomplished elsewhere in the world. For the first time, this valuable resource is entirely unavailable to our enemies. In the past, the whole world called brave men out of German, who were deserted by their fatherland, who had no people’s community.

Despite that, they remained brave soldiers, models for the world. In the same way, German accomplishments are clear in every other area of life.

We, and above all our children, no longer want to remain fools in the service of others, since we can demonstrate our achievements, sometime the very highest achievements, in every area of human life. Our achievements were stolen by others for centuries. Each could take what he wanted. But woe to the German government that dared to make a demand.

It might be only the demand to bring together all its ethnic comrades, something self evident for anyone else.Yet in this war, only Germany’s reincorporation of the East was given as a ground for the war. Russia’s corresponding step was ignored. The result of this double moral standard is that other states have done more with German achievements that we ourselves. For too long, we have given other states, without charge, the unending strength of our farmers and soldiers, workers and inventors, explorers and other great minds, without any regard for our own people’s good.

We did not have that holy egotism that would have allowed each German to say: “My own people comes first, than all the others; first my homeland, then the world!” (B. v. Selchow).

But now, alongside the countless gifts that our fathers and brothers have given to the world,

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200 French troops leave Afghanistan

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

Two hundred French troops said goodbye to the war in Afghanistan on Wednesday as part of France’s accelerated pullout from the country.

In January, French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced a faster-track exit for France, breaking from previous plans to go along with to the U.S.-led coalition’s plan to withdraw combat forces by the end of 2014.

Sarkozy said France would speed up its withdrawal timetable, pulling out 1,000 – 400 more than its previous target – of its current 3,600 soldiers by year-end and withdraw all combat forces by the end of 2013. His announcement came a week after four unarmed French troops were killed by an Afghan soldier in Kapisa province in eastern Afghanistan.

The French troops waiting to board their flight out of Afghanistan were not stationed in Kapisa, but in Surobi district, about 45 kilometers (30 miles) east of Kabul.

They said they were elated to leave and thought the Afghan forces they left behind were ready to go solo.

Capt. Nicolas from Battle Group Picardie said his daughter was born in June and he was in Afghanistan in September.

“I think she might be able to say a couple of words now,” said Nicolas, who was not permitted to release his last name. “I’m really happy to go home to hear her.”

A 32-year-old lieutenant named Jeremie, who also did not disclose his last name, said the security situation in Surobi had improved.

“We were under fire only once in the last four months,” he said. “It wasn’t a big attack. We came under fire from one direction.”

He said the Afghan security forces were adept at finding weapons caches and defusing bombs.

“I think I can say that they do their jobs – maybe not quite good, but good,” he said.

The NATO-led international force in Afghanistan has been steadily handing over responsibility for security to the government’s army and police ever since the alliance’s last summit in Lisbon in 2010. There, NATO leaders decided to move the Afghans into the lead role in fighting the Taliban by 2014 and end the coalition’s combat role.

However, Sarkozy, who is engaged in a tough re-election campaign ahead of the April vote, has been under political pressure to withdraw French troops even earlier. Polls show most French want an early pullout and his main challenger, Francois Hollande, has said that his hope would be to bring home all French forces this year.

Capt. Francois, deputy commander of one of the units in Surobi, said the French troops played a support role in missions led by the Afghan National Army and Afghan National Police.

“From what I’ve seen, they have the capacity and the ability and it seems to me that they are a professional army,” he said.

In Paris, French military spokesman Col. Thierry Burkhard said that after more French troops leave in the next few days, about 3,400 French troops will still be in Afghanistan. There are no specific plans yet for the withdrawals scheduled for 2013, he said.

France, one of the top five troop-contributing nations in the international force, has lost 92 troops since 2001.

Maj. Philippe Baille, a spokesman for the French contingent in Afghanistan, said that after 2014, French soldiers will continue training Afghan security forces and providing logistical support for the Afghan army.

In addition to pulling out troops, about 1,300 vehicles and the equivalent of 1,700 containers of materials will be repatriated by 2014, he said. For now, the equipment is being flown to Abu Dhabi and then transferred onto boats headed for France, he said.

The troops that left on Wednesday were from the 1st Infantry Regiment from Sarrebourg, the 3rd Engineer Regiment from Charleville-Mezieres and the 1st Artillery Marine Regiment from Couvron.

It was feared that France’s announcement could step up pressure on other European governments like Britain, Italy and Germany to pull out their troops faster. So far, that hasn’t happened.

Defense Secretary Philip Hammond, who visited Helmand province in southern Afghanistan on Wednesday, said Britain has made a long-term commitment to the Afghan people.

“We will help to finance the Afghan national security forces for many years after 2014. We have taken responsibility for running the Afghan National Army officer academy which we will build outside Kabul,” Hammond said. “We have not yet taken the decision about what if any military footprint we will retain after 2014.”

Britain has announced that it will withdraw 500 troops by the end of this year, reducing the size of its contingent in Afghanistan to 9,000.

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KC Artist Defends Booth Bobbleheads

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

A recent controversy about a Kansas City artist’s bobblehead has him shaking his head almost as much as the dolls he designs.

Rick Lynn’s bobblehead of Lincoln assassin John Wilkes Booth was recently pulled from the shelves at the Gettysburg Museum store.

Lynn said the design was just one of many he has created at his Kansas City studio.

“We manufacture millions of these and ship globally,” Lynn said.

The subjects of his designs include political and sports figures, some of which have been commissioned.

“All the Supreme Court justices have bobbleheads,” Lynn said. “And they trade them.”

He said he also uses historical figures. His best seller, a talking Einstein bobblehead, is at the Smithsonian. Lynn said his Charles Darwin bobblehead was also controversial.

“I’ve gotten a lot of flak from the religious right on Darwin,” he said.

Officials at Gettysburg National Park said they took the Booth bobblehead off its shelves after a reporter raised questions about its presence there.

Lynn said the doll has been embroiled in criticism ever since.

“It was never designed to glorify Booth or what Booth did,” Lynn said. “I’m not a supremacist. (I have) no hidden agenda.”

Lynn also sells an Abraham Lincoln bobble head. It’s pictured on the back of the Booth bobblehead box.

In a statement released earlier this month, Lynn said he started to design bobbleheads of historical figures because it would help make young people more interested in history.

“In the case of the Lincoln and Booth (dolls), I choose to make a bobblehead of the Lincoln Memorial in all white because the figure was more ethereal almost god like in appearance a figure to be revered. Booth, on the other hand is portrayed with hunched shoulders, scowling, clutching his weapon and portrayed in a typical bobblehead form. The concept of good and evil is obvious and easily understood,” Lynn said.

He said the controversy has also brought more business to the dolls, which he sells online.

“Our next production run on the Booth bobblehead is 2,500 units and it’s climbing,” Lynn said.

Lynn said he has been an artist for decades, but he just recently started making bobbleheads.

In his statement, he said people who were offended by his work should just ignore it. He playfully encouraged an alternate solution.

“If it is beyond the pale, then buy a couple and dispose of them in whatever manner you deem appropriate,” Lynn said. “If you are an entrepreneur, buy a case and invite friends of like minds and burn them in mass.”


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German Police ID Checks By Skin Color OK, Says Court

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

BERLIN, Germany — A German court has ruled that certain police are allowed to carry out ID checks on the basis of skin color.

The administrative court of Koblenz, in western Germany, today dismissed a complaint by a black German man who was asked to show his papers while travelling by train, the Deutsche Press Agentur reported.

He refused and was taken to a police station to be searched. The two federal police officers involved accused him of abusing them and filed a complaint, which led to a court hearing in which one of the officers said he checked the ID of train passengers he judged to be foreign – a judgment that he based, in part, on skin color.

The man then decided to sue the police for illegal conduct.

However, judges ruled that skin color was reasonable grounds on which to carry out ID checks, since the train route in question is often used by illegal immigrants to enter Germany. Since police cannot check every passenger’s papers, they must select which people to ID based on their “border policing experience,” the judgment said.

The officers are therefore allowed to make their choice “according to external appearance” and without concrete grounds for suspicion, Agence France Presse reported.

“If this is true, it is essentially illegal,” Tahir Della of the Black People in Germany Initiative rights group told The Local. “The authorities have always said the police do not do racial profiling.”

The ruling may be appealed in a higher state court, according to German network RTL.

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Trayvon Martin’s Mother Moves to Trademark Phrases that Have Become Rallying Cries in Wake of Son’s Death

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

While Trayvon Martin‘s mother accused authorities of smearing her son, her lawyer revealed she’s moved to trademark slogans that have been popularized amid the outcry over his killing.

Sybrina Fulton, the slain teen’s mother, has sought to trademark two phrases: “Justice for Trayvon” and “I Am Trayvon,” attorney Kimra Major-Morris confirmed in an email Monday in which she said the move was not intended to reap a profit, the Associated Press reported.

The two sayings have become like rallying cries since the 17-year-old was shot to death during a still-murky encounter with neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman on Feb. 26 in Sanford, Fla.


The trademark applications said the catch phrases could be used on DVDs and CDs—but the mother’s lawyer indicated their use would be to support those who find themselves suffering for the same reasons as Fulton.

In confirming the applications to the AP, trademark attorney Kimra Major-Morris wrote in an email that the grieving mother wants to safeguard intellectual property rights for “projects that will assist other families who experience similar tragedies.”

When a reporter for the wire service asked if the mother had any designs to make a profit, Major-Morris responded, “None.”

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Shamrock & Olive Branches White Pride Embroidered 100% Ring Spun Cotton 3 Button Polo Shirt

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

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Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

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Viking Ravens Banner Victory Or Valhalla 100% Ring Spun Cotton Polo Shirt

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

Viking Ravens Banner Victory Or Valhalla 100% Ring Spun Cotton Polo ShirtHigh quality 100% cotton black 3 button Polo-style shirts with an embroidered red Raven’s Banner logo sewn onto the left chest and Victory Or Valhalla embroidered on the right arm sleeve.

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California’s Demographic Revolution

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

California is in the middle of a far-reaching demographic shift: Hispanics, who already constitute a majority of the state’s schoolchildren, will be a majority of its workforce and of its population in a few decades.

This is an even more momentous development than it seems. Unless Hispanics’ upward mobility improves, the state risks becoming more polarized economically and more reliant on a large government safety net. And as California goes, so goes the nation, whose own Hispanic population shift is just a generation or two behind.

The scale and speed of the Golden State’s ethnic transformation are unprecedented. In the 1960s, Los Angeles was the most Anglo-Saxon of the nation’s 10 largest cities. Today, Latinos make up nearly half of the county’s residents and one-third of its voting-age population. A full 55 percent of Los Angeles County’s child population has immigrant parents. California’s schools have the nation’s largest concentration of “English learners,” students from homes where a language other than English is regularly spoken.

From 2000 to 2010, the state’s Hispanic population grew 28 percent, to reach 37.6 percent of all residents, almost equal to the shrinking white population’s 40 percent. Nearly half of all California births today are Hispanic. The signs of the change are everywhere—from the commercial strips throughout the state catering to Spanish-speaking customers, to the flea markets and illegal vendors in such areas as MacArthur Park in Los Angeles, to the growing reach of the Spanish-language media.

{snip} But a sizable portion of Mexican, as well as Central American, immigrants, however hardworking, lack the social capital to inoculate their children reliably against America’s contagious underclass culture. The resulting dysfunction is holding them back and may hold California back as well.


{snip} Nearly 53 percent of all Hispanic births in California are now out of wedlock, and Hispanics have the highest teen birthrate of all ethnic groups. {snip}

The complicated reality of Hispanic family life in California—often straddling the legitimate and the criminal worlds, displaying both a dogged determination to work and poor decision making that interferes with upward mobility—helps explain why the state’s Hispanic population has made only modest progress up the educational ladder. Most parents want their children to flourish, yet they may not grasp the study habits necessary for academic success or may view an eighth-grade education as sufficient for finding work. Julian Rodriguez, a Santa Ana gang detective, recalls a case several years ago in which two parents had taken their 14-year-old daughter out of school to care for their new baby—a classic display of “Old World values,” he says.

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O’Fallon Teen Attacked Near Her Home

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

O’Fallon police are investigating an allegedly unprovoked attack of a 15-year-old girl Sunday night. However, police believe it is an isolated incident. “This appears to be isolated,” said O’Fallon Police Sgt. Rob Schmidtke. “It sounds like a kid thing.”

O’Fallon business owner and resident Tim Petterson of Petterson Landscaping said his daughter Haley, a sophomore at O’Fallon Township High School (OTHS), was attacked by two girls near her mother’s home on West Adams Street in O’Fallon.

Petterson said Haley’s dog “Teddy” got loose around 9:30 p.m. Sunday night, and she was trying to retrieve the dog when two black girls approached her. “They said ‘This is our territory white girl,’” he said. “One grabbed her by the hair, and the other one started hitting her in the face.”

Sgt. Schmidtke confirmed the details of the attack. “Her dog got out, and she went into the cemetery (on Adams Street). There was a couple of other kids out there,” he said. “They basically pulled her down and hit her a couple of times.”

Petterson said luckily some neighbors turned on their outside lights to see what the commotion was about, and the two attackers ran off. The attack left Haley, who was already dealing with a hairline fracture to her tibia, with a badly swollen left eye and pieces of hair missing.

“The fact that they attacked her with the cast on is amazing,” Petterson said, noting his daughter was in no condition to run away.


Haley didn’t know her attackers, according to her father. “This was just a random act,” Petterson said. He described his daughter as “very friendly” with a “bubbly laugh.”

Petterson said Haley is “traumatized” by the attack and stayed home from school Monday.

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Sentenced to Life, White Supremacist Faces More Charges in Murder Spree

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

It now appears likely that confessed hate killer David “Joey” Pedersen will next face federal charges in connection with a West Coast killing spree that left his father, stepmother and two strangers dead.

The 31-year-old Pedersen, whose body is decorated with white supremacy tattoos,  was sentenced late last week in Everett, Wash., to life in prison after pleading guilty four days earlier to two counts of aggravated first-degree murder for the slayings of his father and stepmother.

Mark Roe, the prosecutor in Snohomish County, said he decided not to pursue the death penalty in Washington state because there was “significant and credible” evidence that Pedersen had been sexually abused as a child by his father. Against that backdrop, the prosecutor said it would be unlikely any jury would return a death penalty against Pedersen for killing his father.

But there are different circumstances in two other murders he’s accused of committing.

While Pedersen remains in custody in Washington, federal investigators are now reviewing evidence linking him and co-defendant Holly Ann Grigsby to the murders of Christian Cody Myers, 19, in Lincoln County, Ore., and Reginald Clark, 53, a disabled black man shot in the head outside a grocery store in Eureka, Calif.

In interviews with authorities, Pedersen has confessed to murdering Myers in the mistaken belief that he was Jewish and to killing Clark because of the color of his skin. Those killings easily could be the basis for federal hate crime charges.

“I can’t imagine a case that cries out more for federal hate crime charges than this one,” one official said in describing the evidence against Pedersen and Grigsby.

An Oregon sheriff described the eight-day rampage as a “vicious, wild reign of terror” that ended on Oct. 5 with their arrests by the California Highway Patrol near Marysville.

“I can tell you that the federal agencies are looking into it,” Justice Department spokeswoman Gerri Badden told Hatewatch today when asked if Pedersen may next face federal charges in Oregon. She could offer no timeline, saying only that “a review of the case is continuing.”

Prosecutors in the civil rights division at the Justice Department headquarters in Washington, D.C., would typically review cases in which federal hate crime charges are to be lodged.

In Lincoln County, Ore., district attorney Rob Bovett told Hatewatch today that he won’t seek Pedersen’s extradition from Washington state until charges are resolved against Grigsby, Pedersen’s girlfriend.

In Oregon, the pair likely would face state charges of aggravated murder. That charge leaves it up to the trial jury to decide not only the question of guilt but whether to impose the death penalty, Bovett said.

“I can assure you that we are definitely going to want them,” Bovett told the Portland Oregonian last week. “But it wouldn’t make sense for any of the jurisdictions to try these folks separately.”

California also is likely to extradite Pedersen and Grigsby.

Their rampage began Sept. 28 when they fatally shot David “Red” Pedersen, 56, in the head as he took his son and Grigsby to a bus station in Everett. The suspects then returned to the Pedersen home in Everett, where Leslie “Dee Dee” Pedersen’s throat was slashed after she was bound with duct tape. A sword was found near the body.

As he was sentenced to life in prison, Joey Pedersen told the judge he killed his father because he had abused his own daughter. But that woman, Holly Perez called her brother’s motive irrational in a statement read by a victim advocate, theEverett Herald reported.

Perez described her brother’s actions as vile and asked the judge not to show him leniency, saying she’s afraid of Pedersen and believes that he will hurt others if he ever regains his freedom, the newspaper reported.

When the pair was arrested, Grigsby told authorities she and Pedersen were headed to California “to kill more Jews.”

During a psychiatric evaluation, Pedersen, who has spent half his life behind bars, specifically denied having joined with racists in prison and said he doesn’t like to be viewed as a “simplistic stereotype” white supremacist. The report concluded that Pedersen doesn’t have any history of drug or alcohol abuse or mental illness and has above-average intelligence.

When asked if a large tattoo of the letters “SWP” across his neck stood for “Supreme White Power,” Pedersen “replied in a deadpan voice, ‘It stands for I don’t want to get hired for a corporate job,’” the psychiatric evaluation says.

Pedersen told evaluating psychiatrists that “if he must label his philosophy, it would be best described as ‘white racialism,’ meaning ‘I see everything as a battle, and race is paramount. I see our culture as Europeans as threatened, and those are my views.”

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B.C. woman wants ‘Albino Rhino’ off menu at Earls

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

A Metro Vancouver woman with albinism has launched a human rights complaint against a popular chain restaurant, saying the restaurant’s “albino” branding of menu items is going too far.

Ikponwosa (I.K.) Ero filed a complaint with the B.C. Human Rights Tribunal against Earls Restaurants over its “Albino Rhino” line of beer and “Albino Wings Wednesdays.”

The complaint alleges that the marketing of the “Albino” line is demeaning to Ero and all people with the genetic condition known as albinism and is being done deliberately to evoke a sense of oddness about being albino.

Earls Restaurants has offered a line of beer under the brand 'Albino Rhino' for more than 20 years. Earls Restaurants has offered a line of beer under the brand ‘Albino Rhino’ for more than 20 years. (

Ero said naming menu items after medical or genetic conditions is not commonly acceptable.

“You go into a restaurant and someone says, ‘Can I get a palsy? Give me a palsy,'” she said. “And what it stands for is a cerebral palsy cocktail. I don’t think that would fly well at all with anybody with cerebral palsy, or their families, who have to live with the condition.

“So how does it work, in [the case of albinism] that you can market food with a medical condition?”

In her complaint, Ero noted that she was born in Nigeria, where people with albinism are often targeted for ritualistic murder. The threat of violent persecution was part of the reason she and her family fled to Canada when she was a teenager.

Earls defends ‘Albino’ branding

Mark Barry, vice-president of human resources with Earls Restaurants, issued a statement that said Earls created and named its house beer “Albino Rhino” 25 years ago and in no way meant to be discriminatory or offend.

“The name was chosen because it was fun and whimsical in sound and denoted something rare and special – we felt proud to have such a beautiful animal, the white rhino, representing our brand,” Barry said.

“It did not occur to us that the name would be associated with albinism, nor did it occur to us it would offend, and in the 25 years we have been serving our beer we have never had a complaint about the name until now.”

He said Earls does not believe that the use of the white rhino logo on beer or the name Albino Rhino reflects any intended or unintended discrimination against people with albinism.

Albinism is caused by one of several genetic variations that make the body unable to either produce or distribute melanin, the substance that gives colour to hair, skin and the iris of the eyes.

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Scotland basks in its highest March temperature on weekend of sun in UK

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Britain is set for more spring sunshine after a record-breaking weekend which saw Scotland log its highest March temperature. At Fyvie Castle, Aberdeenshire, on Sunday afternoon, the temperature hit 22.8C (73F), beating the previous March record of 22.2C set at Gordon Castle, Morayshire, in Moray, on 12 March 1957.

Met Office forecaster Rebekah Sherwin said: “The average for this time of year is generally about 11C across central England and 8, 9, 10 in Scotland. We’re quite a lot warmer than that at the moment. We classify this as very warm.”

Unbroken sunshine could also set a new high in Northern Ireland, where, in Armagh on 28 and 29 March 1965, the March record of 21.7C was recorded. In Belfast, the temperature reached 19.3C by 4pm on Sunday.

Saturday’s maximum was in Porthmadog, Wales, where a high of 22.2C made it hotter than Madrid, Rome, Athens and Barcelona.

Sherwin said the spell of fine dry weather would last well into the week, with most areas getting warm temperatures and sun on Monday once the overnight fog disappeared.

The highest March temperature recorded in the UK was 25.6C in Mepal, Cambridgeshire, on 29 March 1968. The Met Office does not believe that that record is threatened at the moment.

The sunshine saw people heading for the beach throughout the weekend. The medical research charity Arthritis Research UK urged people at risk of vitamin D deficiency to take advantage of the chance to top up their levels of the “sunshine vitamin”.

Those at risk include people over the age of 65, pregnant and breastfeeding women, children aged six months to five years old, and people who rarely go outside.

The heatwave has been accompanied by morning fog in many areas, and low-level cloud has dented temperatures on the eastern side of England. Bridlington, on the Yorkshire coast, reached only 9.2C  on Saturday. But across the south-west, in the Channel Islands, the Isles of Scilly and Wales it was dry and sunny. Kew Gardens, in London, recorded a high of 19.6C on Saturday.

The outlook for Tuesday to Thursday suggested most areas would be fine and warm, though at times there could be more cloud and a cooler feel on the south-east coast, the Met Office said.

Sherwin said the sunny weather would begin to vanish on Thursday in the far north, with cloud and rain. Temperatures would return to seasonal norms and the rest of the country would follow suit.

From the start of April, temperatures are likely to return nearer to average across all areas, with some quite chilly nights. The north is expected to get more unsettled and windier conditions, and possibly wintry showers in the far north, with even snow on the hills.

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Belgium: 25 Percent of Brussels Population Is Muslim

Monday, March 26th, 2012

More than 250,000 residents out of a total population of one million in Brussels have Muslim roots, according to a study carried out by the Catholic University of Louvain in Belgium and published in the Belgian media.

The study was carried out by Felice Dasetto, a sociologist and a professor at the university who is considered to be an expert in issues relating to Muslims in Belgium. Brussels the political capital of the European Union accounts for half of the total number of Muslims in Belgium.

The figure puts Belgium among other European cities with a big Muslim presence like Birmingham in the UK, says the study.

It claims that the Islamic presence is becoming more and more visible in Brussels with more mosques and minarets, more women wearing a veil and more Muslim organisations.

The study argues that the Islamic faith has the power to mobilise people to a a very big extent, more than for example the Catholic church or political parties.

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The Region: France: Here comes the whitewash

Monday, March 26th, 2012

The murders in Toulouse should be a wake-up call for France. True, the attacks on Jews and French soldiers were three individual terror attacks perpetrated, perhaps, by one person. Yet they are among dozens of incidents that happen daily in French cities, in schools, and in all aspects of life. A big story like the Toulouse attack can draw attention to a broader, dangerous social trend. Or it can be treated as an isolated incident.

Nothing to see here; move along; go back to sleep.

In the past, the mass media could be expected to present a debate on this issue, but now, all too often, they give a monopoly to the white-washers and the apologists. Phase one is to present any terrorist as a right-winger, neo-Nazi, or opponent of left-wing policies.

If the terrorist is a Muslim, however, his own explanations – citing dominant interpretations of Islam and the goal of furthering an Islamist revolution – are ignored.

Instead, he or they are presented as confused, psychologically disturbed individuals; victims of discrimination; or, in short, anything other than ideologically motivated revolutionaries.

Perhaps the leading “professional” apologist for France in this context is Justin Vaisse. In an article in Foreign Policy, “The ‘New Normal’ in France?” he claims that Mohamed Merah, the Toulouse terrorist, was sort of a Sad Sack character merely seeking to take his fate into his own hands and to emerge as the defender of oppressed Muslims in France. In other words, he’s sort of a combination of a self-help fanatic and a crime-fighting superhero.

As for France itself, anti-Semitism is supposedly declining.

There’s no problem, and few major attacks on Jews. Everything is just fine. No need to make changes; no need to demand that Muslims teach tolerance and fight against extremists in their own ranks; no need to provide more protection for Jewish institutions.

And no need for a real soul-searching about the constant demonization of Israel in the French media and, at times, schools.

Is this disgusting? Yes, and it’s also dangerous. The subhead on the article tells us the Toulouse attack is merely “a banal and fading version of extremism.”

To a Jewish ear, the word “banal” recalls the famous Hannah Arendt line about the “banality of evil” in the Holocaust, while the word “fading” means the problem is going away. It so happens that I have met Monsieur Vaisse and discussed these issues with him.

At that time he was an adviser on Islam in the French government.

Vaisse had just written a book saying that there was no real political problem regarding Muslims in France. The book was quickly translated into English and published by a prestigious Washington research center.

According to Vaisse, the entire difficulty lay with economic and social issues. The problem was that Muslims were poor and badly treated.

If this were fixed then there would be no radicalism, Islamism, or terrorism. I asked him: Accepting your premise for the moment, why should we possibly believe that France can solve the economic and social problems involved? There aren’t good jobs; there is no prospect of better housing and higher living standards. Government regulations discourage entrepreneurship.

So in the context of your worldview, isn’t the prospect for more radicalization and violence? He simply gave no serious answer.

And this, I should add, was before the current international economic crash and the Paris riots.

But there’s more. A colleague asked Vaisse what sources he used in composing his study.

Only French-language sources, he replied. My astonished colleague said that nothing could be understood without looking also at the Arabic material that French Muslims were writing and reading. In fact, this person added, there was an Arabic-language bookstore within five minutes’ walk of Vaisse’s office and we could go there right now and see the radical, anti- Semitic child-raising manuals being sold there. These books, my colleague added, weren’t just sitting on the shelves, they were being bought and used.

Vaisse showed zero interest in this point.

Incidentally, in the Netherlands – in contrast to France – Jewish groups successfully protested the sale of these child-raising manuals telling parents to teach their kids that Jews were evil and should be extirpated. The Dutch government responded by ordering little strips of white paper be glued over the offending passages.

My host then showed me, with a flick of his finger, how easily these paste-overs could be removed and the sections calling for the killing of Jews be read.

Now consider this point. I am unaware of a single incident in Europe or North America when a non-Muslim attacked Muslims with guns or bombs in an attempt to kill the maximum number possible.

Probably, you could find a couple of such cases, but it won’t be easy and they won’t be many. It is the Jews who are being targeted as a group by many levels of violence and intimidation. This is a secret to nobody except Western governments, “experts” and much of the mass media.

I have listened in France to discussions among Jews over what parts of their cities were safe to live in and which ones were dangerous. The key factor is whether you are wealthy enough to move away from the threats. I’ve heard Jewish parents discussing the traumatic experiences of their children in the public schools. French Jews are either leaving France or at least buying homes in Israel.

Aside from reports in mostly Jewish media, I know about this because I hear more and more French being spoken in Tel Aviv’s streets. My real estate agent friend has had a growing number of French clients, some of whom leave their families in Israel and commute to work in France.

These people know what’s actually going on in France and other countries.

Der Spiegel, for example, interviews Daniel Ben-Simon, an expert on the subject who explains there are, “hundreds of anti-Semitic incidents” a year, committed mainly by Arab immigrants. Indeed, the teacher and his two children murdered in Toulouse were French Jews who had emigrated to Israel until he had been persuaded to return to France to work in the school.

So while we will be told to listen to Vaisse and such people, these reassuring lies have nothing to do with reality. Yet this is not just a matter of misinformation.

Such falsehoods encourage governments and institutions not to prepare, not to change their ways, not to learn from bloody experience.

And that means there will be more such tragedies, as well as hundreds of other incitements to anti-Semitism, blood libels against Israel, and acts of anti-Jewish hatred that you will never hear about. Hiding the truth only ensures that the problem grows and the tragedies are repeated.

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Sunday, March 25th, 2012

The Los Angeles City Council has passed a resolution condemning speech on radio that some may find “intolerable.”

According to the local CBS station in L.A., Councilmember Jan Perry “introduced legislation this week that would call upon media companies to ensure ‘on-air hosts do not use and promote racist and sexist slurs’ on radio and other broadcasts.”

The resolution, which the L.A. Times notes is only a “symbolic” move, passed 13-2.

“It’s exactly appropriate for this council to speak up against the vile things we hear on the airwaves,” Councilman Paul Krekorian told the Times. According to him, he doesn’t want to see free speech stifled, but rather is looking “to seek a greater consensus on what is appropriate speech and to reject what is not.” [Quote is referring to the Times’ paraphrase — it is not Krekorian’s exact words]

That raises the question: Isn’t coming to a greater consensus on appropriate speech the beginning of censoring free speech?

Just consider what local radio host Dominique DiPrima of KJLH-FM (102.3), who supports the resolution thinks.

“Instead of censoring people, or firing people, we want to see representation in terms of hiring andclear standards of what can and can’t be said on the air,” she said. [Emphasis added]

And that raises another question: Who decides what is tolerable and intolerable beyond the regulations already set forth by the FCC?

KTTV reported on the resolution yesterday, before it passed:

It is easy to become desensitized to what other groups find intolerable which ultimately fosters an environment where negative comments can go unchecked and corporate guidelines and policies are no longer being enforced,” the resolution reads, according to CBS. It calls on the stations to hire a more “diverse” list of talent.

According to reports, the resolution was initially aimed at local radio hosts John Kobylt and Ken Chiampou of KFI 640 AM who referred to Whitney Houston as a “crack ho” a few days after her death. (They were later suspended for a week.) But an amendment soon broadened the resolution to all local stations.

Also mentioned in the resolution? Rush Limbaugh for his remarks about Sandra Fluke.

Members of Black Media Alliance, National Hispanic Media Coalition, Korean-American Bar Association, and American Indians in Film and Television all supported the statement.

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The Führer Makes History: 1938

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

scan 11

12 September: The Party Congress of Greater Germany

“I order that construction of defensive fortifications in the West be begun immediately.

I can assure you that since 28 May, the most gigantic defensive positions of all time have been under construction.”

scan 12

12 September: The Party Congress of Greater Germany

“I have not demanded that 3 1/2 million Frenchmen or Englishmen be given over to German oppression. I have demanded that the oppression of 3 1/2 million Germans in Czechoslovakia must end, and that they must have the right of self determination.”

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The Meaning of the Racial Laws of the Third Reich

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

“The Racial Question has an important role in the laws of other nations, though other peoples and races are affected than in the German Reich. It is in no way new or unusual that the German Reich is active in this area. Contrary to opinions that surface here and there, our laws are in no way directed against the Jewish religion, its practice, or the freedom of the Jewish faith.

The German Reich has done nothing but introduce constitutional legislation to provide the kind of civil service necessary to guarantee the secure administration of the Reich. The laws do not render it impossible for a citizen of a foreign state to become a civil servant. Indeed, if he is appointed to such a position, he receives full citizenship in the Reich. German civil servants should however be of Aryan descent. The so-called Aryan Law requires that each civil servant be of German blood. Since the vast majority of non-Aryan civil servants were Jews, the first guidelines to the law paid particular attention to those who were members of the Jewish race. But we did not simply throw out the non-Aryan civil servants, but retired them with honor and a pension. The people’s state could hardly proceed in a more legal and mild manner. Germany did not want to attack Jewry wildly, rather only deal with its results, is clear from the fact that the Law of 7 April 1933 left untouched all non-Aryan civil servants who had been appointed before 1 August 1914, and by the fact that the private sphere not affected. Some complain that the law extends to half and quarter Aryans. The answer is that the foreign influence in the civil service had grown to such a dangerous extent that it was almost impossible for young Germans to enter these professions.” (Reich Minister of the Interior Dr. Frick

The Impact of German Jewish Laws
The final five pages show the decline in the number of Jewish attorneys, notaries, and physicians in Prussia after the introduction of the Nazi racial laws. The figures show that the number of Jewish attorneys in Berlin fell from 1911 to 1227 between 7 April 1933 and 1 January 1934, a decline of 39.5%. Similar figures are cited for the rest of Prussia. The number of Jewish doctors in Berlin fell by 9.7% between October 1933 and February 1934. The pamphlet ends by praising the “more than humane” way in which the Nazis have gone about resolving the Jewish Question.

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The Jews in Politics and the German Reichstag

Sunday, March 25th, 2012

Jewry has long sought political influence as well. This formerly happened in covert ways, mostly through direct or indirect control of money matters. Nearly every noble once had his financial Jew. Since 1848, the birth of political parties in Germany, Jewry has openly sought to become a political power. The Jew Marx was the founder of Marxist doctrine, the Jew Lassalle was the founder of the Social Democratic Party. The founders of the Independent Social Democratic Party of Germany were the Jews Bernstein, Haase, Kautsky, Hilferding, Cohn, Davidsohn, Simon, Rosenfeld, Eisner, Levi, etc. Carl Liebknecht and Rosa Luxemberg were the leaders of the Communist Party, and recently the Jews Rosenfeld and Seydewitz founded the Socialist Workers Party. Jews sat in the press offices and the various editorial offices of party newspapers, and above all in the various parliamentary factions.

We can quote Karl Hoppmann’s 1931 figures on Jewry in the German Reichstag, taken from his On the Jewdification of the Academic Professions:

“Since the academic element has a major role in German parliaments, it may be interesting to see how strongly Jewry is represented among the members of the Reichstag. The most Jewdified is the State Party, 28.6% of whose representatives are Jews. The Social Democratic party with 11.9% is second. Jews are particularly prominent in the important lawmaking committees. For example, 50% of the eight Social Democratic representatives on the Judiciary Committee are Jews. The same is true for the Committee for Reforming the Criminal Code. 43% of the Social Democratic members of the Rules Committee are Jews. This is particularly significant, since the Jewish members are almost all academics.”

If one considers committee membership of all parties together, here is the percentage of Jewdification of typical committees in the German Reichstag:

 Committee on Legislative Privileges  

 Foreign Affairs  






 Population Policy  




 Criminal Code  

 Rye Support  


We think it necessary to mention that the Communist wave that threatened to destroy Germany politically, economically and intellectually can primarily be traced back to Jewry.

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Zimbabwe ‘Sperm Hunters’ Raise Fear Among Hitchhikers

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

Male hitchhikers in Zimbabwe are wary of being picked up for fear of being raped by female attackers who look towards harvesting their sperm for suspected ritual purposes, the AFP reported.

Local authorities in Zimbabwe are investigating the spate of sexual assaults on men which the attackers believe will bring good luck. According to the report, naïve travelers are picked up by “gangs of beautiful women” and are drugged and forced to have sex and later dumped on the freeways. Some of the attackers are armed, using guns, knives and, in one instance, a live snake was used to overpower victims, before collecting their semen in condoms.

The news service added that such incidents have been on the rise since 2009, but so far only three women were arrested after police found a stash of knotted condoms in October 2011. However, due to unavailability of DNA evidence and with Zimbabwean law yet to recognize female rapists, the trial was postponed.

In the same year, several prostitutes in the country were found selling their clients’ semen. According to the website African Spotlight, each sperm-filled condom sells for about US$400.

To Zimbabwean local Tende Marahu, the incidents come as no surprise. “”It started a long time back,” he was quoted as saying to AFP.  “To me, I didn’t get shocked because I already knew it was happening.”

Many suspect that the exact purpose of forcibly collecting semen is meant for business purposes or even “Juju,” a form of African witchcraft. According to the report, attackers refrain from collecting semen from loved ones as the rituals bring bad luck and, in some cases, even death to the victims.

Watch Ruparanganda, a sociologist from the University of Zimbabwe, found that semen was increasingly used as a “tradable commodity.” Ruparanganda revealed how several young men would be taken to hotels to engage in sex with prostitutes and then told to turn over their used condoms.

“It just shows there’s some big racket somewhere, some big guys driving everything, but they are in the background and using these ladies,” the sociologist said to the news service.

So far, local authorities have not revealed the exact number of confirmed incidents. Nakai Nengomasha, a counselor who’s worked with such victims, suggested there could be more cases which have gone unreported.

“I think there has been a lot of under-reporting because the victims will feel not man enough to talk about such issues and that will hinder them from speaking out,” Nengomasha was quoted as saying to the BBC. “Some have to deal with the issue of seeing the assault as a loss of manhood and feel disgusted with themselves,” the counselor added.

In order to avoid being targeted by these “sperm hunters,” national police spokesman Wayne Bvudzijena cautioned Zimbabwean men against traveling alone.

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‘Germany Would Be No Worse Off Without the NPD

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

NPD supporters taking part in a demonstration in Berlin last summer.

Ever since the neo-Nazi Zwickau terrorist cell came to light last autumn, there has been a heated political debate in Germany about banning the country’s far-right National Democratic Party (NPD), which has been linked to the group. But after a failed attempt in 2003, many have been loath to risk legal proceedings a second time. Despite such doubts, Germany’s federal and state-level interior ministries announced on Thursday that they would begin taking concrete measures toward banning the party.


Authorities will start systematically collecting legal evidence against the party for the next six months, federal Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich said after meeting with his state-level counterparts in Berlin. They must prove to the Federal Constitutional Court that the NPD takes an “aggressive” position against the country’s democratic order.


In addition to collecting evidence, informants in the party’s highest levels will be deactivated by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Germany’s domestic intelligence agency, by April 2, Friedrich said. The placement of informants within the party has been seen as the biggest impediment to an NPD ban. Germany’s Federal Constitutional Court rejected the 2003 attempt to outlaw the party when it was revealed that intelligence agency informants held senior positions within the NPD. The court argued that it was possible that the party’s policies had partly been shaped by informants working for the agency.

Justice Ministry Urges Caution

Whether these measures will ultimately lead to an NPD ban remains uncertain. “Only after such an evaluation can it be decided whether a new attempt to ban the NPD will come about,” Friedrich said.

Despite the legal hurdles likely to impede the ban efforts, Ralf Jäger, interior minister for the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, said banning the NPD remained their goal. “This is the clear signal of today’s conference,” he said.

But his counterpart in the state of Saxony-Anhalt, Holger Stahlknecht, called for careful legal analysis. It’s important “that we put judicial feasibility before political will,” he said.

Stahlknecht’s comment echoed the concerns of Justice Minister Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenberger, a long-time skeptic of the ban, who warned against acting too soon. “In the difficult decision over a new NPD ban process, caution should come before speed,” she told SPIEGEL ONLINE ahead of the meeting on Thursday. “Premature decisions are not very helpful right now.”

On Friday German commentators consider the difficulties and consequences of banning the far-right party.

Left-leaning daily Berliner Zeitung writes:

“Without question, the NPD is xenophobic, anti-Semitic and anti-democratic. Its aims go against the fundamental values of this republic. Germany would be no worse off if the NPD didn’t exist. This makes it difficult to bear the thought that the right-wing extremists can spread their ideology with the help of state funding of all things, because they, just like the democratic parties, profit from public party financing.”

“At first glance, there is a lot that speaks in favor of seeking a ban on the NPD, as the federal and state interior ministers discussed in Berlin on Thursday. But a second look must follow, soberly weighing the risks of such a ban.”

“A ban alone will not defeat far-right extremism in this country. Politicians and the media must be honest with themselves on this point. The fight against the far-right is a task for society as a whole, and one that begins with civil courage, alert police work, and finally the constant political advocacy of democracy and its values. That is often uncomfortable, often troublesome, and sometimes even dangerous — but that’s the price of freedom.”

Left-leaning daily Die Tageszeitung writes:

“It’s a sentence that’s often uttered when interior ministers and other politicians discuss a possible ban on the far-right NPD: We can’t fail again like we did in 2003, otherwise the damage would be immense.”

“If one is honest, though, the damage has already been done. Politicians have maneuvered into a dead end. Already last year the interior ministers agreed to attempt a ‘successful NPD ban.’ Now the state-funded informants in the party’s upper levels will be deactivated, while evidence is collected and legally analyzed until year’s end to be certain that a ban can be implemented.”

“Further evidence can be collected and a decision once again pushed back for a few months. But in the end the question is: Do we want to ban a party that knowingly accepted violent neo-Nazis in the late 1990s and still welcomes them today? No one can make a 100 percent guarantee that a ban will successful. But there are good reasons to try.”

Financial daily Handelsblatt writes:


“Since we found out that a series of violent neo-Nazi crimes raged on undetected for 10 years, the German legal system has faced some of the biggest challenges it has seen in decades. It is a requirement of our community to ensure the safety of those who are afraid of, or exposed to, murderous hounding by neo-Nazis. This is the chief purpose of a party ban.”


“But this medicine is not enough to stop right-wing extremism. Our society also needs a living constitution. In this, the protection of human dignity should take top priority. Those who as foreigners or members of religious or ethnic minorities feel they are at risk are living proof that the constitution is under attack. By banning groups that are enemies of the constitution, we deprive them of tolerance for such views.”

“If a ban is to succeed, it must be demonstrated that the NPD is unconstitutional in word or deed. An open German society can resist its enemies. But foreigners, religious minorities and other minorities cannot.”

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German President to neo-Nazis: “Your hatred will only drive us to move on… we will not give you our country”

Saturday, March 24th, 2012

In his inaugural speech today, the incoming President of the Federal Republic of Germany, Joachim Gauck, has thoroughly condemned neo-Nazism and other manifestations of extremism and fanaticism in Germany. The 11th president was elected last Sunday by the vast majority of members of an electoral college comprised of MPs and representatives of the various states.

Speaking in parliament, Gauck called on Germans to have confidence both in themselves and those who are governing them. He also emphasized the importance of freedom and social justice.

“Your hatred is our motivation. We will not leave our country in the lurch. We will not give her to you. You belong to the past, our democracy will live,” Gauck said to the adherents of neo-Nazism. Discussion of that movement has been revived in Germany after it was revealed last year that members of the ultra-right had perpetrated a series of murders of immigrants.

Gauck rejected other manifestations of extremism and fanaticism in democratic society. “You might slow this train down, but you won’t stop it,” Gauck said to extremists in general.

Gauch also spoke about his traditional topic, freedom, and emphasized that Germany should be a socially just state. “Equality and freedom are the basis of self-realization,” he said. He also accentuated the idea of Europe and reminded his listeners of the legacy of German history, calling Germany the “country of the democratic miracle”.

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Section St-Laurent

Friday, March 23rd, 2012
Section St-Laurent is a Nationalist Oi!-Rock band from Montreal founded in august 2011.

At first we came together to learn some Skrewdriver covers as we were only supposed to play an ISD memorial in 2011 and that’s it. After having so much fun playing live we wrote a couple of songs and they were not too bad, so SSL became a real project.

Mat on lead vocals, Frank on guitar, Shaun on bass and Charles on drums, the lineup soon changed and a couple of jams before heading in the studio Nico (Vinland warriors) joined us on drums. We had a rushed deadline to record our six songs for the split with der Bretonische waffenverband- Je me souviens.

SSL lost Shaun on bass, but only temporarily (he’s still a member of the band) because he went to Florida to live with his wife and child. We got Marco (Tribute to Johnny Cash– She shot me down) to fill in on bass and we played the white Christmas 2011 gig near Montreal. Another success! We are always ready to travel for a show! We’ll bring our enemies down to the ground with our Sound!!!

Though we have  weathered many storms and temporary setbacks within such a small amount of time, SSL has become a force to be reckoned with and a real nationalist band from Montreal Quebec. We stand united with our brothers and sisters worldwide in this hard struggle for our survival. We are fighting for blood and soil, we play for you!

French Translation:
SSL est une formation de OI-Rock ultra-nationaliste Montréalais que nous avons fondé en août 2011.
Le groupe à la base était supposé jouer au ISD Memorial 2011, et ensuite se dissoudre tout simplement. Apres avoir composé quelques chansons, SSL est devenu un projet qui allait se concrétiser bien rapidement.
Mat au chant, Francis à la guitare, Shaun à la basse et Charle originalement à la batterie, la formation a changé pour accueuillir Nico (Vinland warrior) à la batterie ensuite. C’est avec un manque de temps flagrant que nous avons enregistré les 6 chansons qui se retrouverons sur le split avec Bretonisch waffenverband -Je me souviens.
Ensuite, SSL a perdu Shaun qui est allé rejoindre sa femme en floride, mais il reste un membre à part entière du groupe! Nous avons fait appelle à un contrebassiste, Marco ( Hommage à Johnny Cash et She shot me down) et nous lui avons mis une basse dans les mains pour qu’il joue au White christmas 2011. Un autre franc succès qui nous donne toujours plus envie de nous produire ”Live”. Nous briserons nos opposants par nos chants!
Finalement, SSL est devenu un projet qui se réalisait, un groupe bien de chez nous, chantant pour un Québec fort et solidaire à tous les pays d’occident! Nous croyons que la musique doit transmettre un message, l’appel d’un combat pour notre sang et notre honneur
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What Christ Said about the Jews

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

A peasant mother returning from field-work, with her three children, pauses before a way-side Christ. The mother talks to them about the wickedness of the Jews.

“She points to the Cross, which stands by the road:

“Children, look there! The Man who hangs on the Cross was one of the greatest enemies of the Jews of all time. He knew the Jews in all their corruption and meanness. Once He drove the Jews out with a whip, because they were carrying on their money-dealings in the Church. He called the Jews: killers of men from the beginning. By that He meant that the Jews in all times have been murderers. He said further to the Jews: Your father is the Devil! Do you know, children, what that means? It means that the Jews descend from the Devil. And because they descend from the Devil they can but live like devils. So they commit one crime after another.”

The children look thoughtfully at the Cross. Mother continues:

“Because this Man knew the Jews, because He proclaimed the truth to the world, he had to die. Hence the Jews murdered Him. They drove nails through His hands and feet and let Him slowly bleed. In such a horrible way the Jews took their revenge. And in a similar way they have killed many others who had the courage to tell the truth about the Jews. Always remember these things, children. When you see the Cross, think of the terrible murder by the Jews on Golgotha. Remember that the Jews are children of the Devil and human murderers. Remember the saying:

As long as Jews have been on earth
There have been enemies of the Jews.
They gave warning of the Jewish blood
And even sacrificed their blood,
So that the world might know the Devil
And not plunge into ruin;
So that the world might soon be freed
From its slavery to the Jew.”

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Stan race rant Twit ducks jail

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

District Judge Stephen Earl told Josh Cryer he had been “foolish, immature and pathetic” for trying to “get a rise” out of the ex-England striker.

He added: “This conviction will have a dramatic effect on your job and career prospects.”

The judge sentenced Cryer, 21, to complete a two-year community order and pay £150 costs.

He previously admitted sending grossly offensive messages at Newcastle Magistrates’ Court.

Cryer, of Burnley, Lancs, may face action by Newcastle University.

TalkSport radio pundit Collymore, 41, later used Twitter to thank police for bringing the case.

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Cyberbullying Laws Could Lead To Internet Censorship

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Because protecting copyright holders did not seem reason enough for American citizens to go along with total government censorship of the Internet with bills like the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act, lawmakers have chosen a new vehicle for censorship: protecting children.

As many as five States — Delaware, Kentucky, Indiana, Maine and New York — are working to implement cyberbullying laws that critics say could make surfing the Web a legal minefield.

According to USA Todaythe legislation is aimed at “bringing our laws into the digital age and the 21st century,” said Senator Jeffrey Klein (D-N.Y.) who sponsored a bill to criminalize cyberbullying. “When I was growing up, you had a tangible bully and a fight after school. Now you have hordes of bullies who are terrorizing over the Internet or other forms of social media.”

Some examples of the State laws:

  • In Indiana, a proposed bill would give schools more authority to punish students for off-campus activities such as cyberbullying from a computer not owned by the school.
  • In Maine, a proposal would define bullying and cyberbullying, specify responsibilities for reporting incidents of bullying and require schools to adopt a policy to address bullying.
  • In Delaware, meetings are under way to decide how a new cyberbullying policy would regulate off-campus behavior.

Critics say that the new legislative trend toes the line of infringing upon free speech. Frank LoMonte, executive director of the Student Press Law Center, told USA Today the movement in the legislatures and the courts is focusing on the disciplinary system and is shortsighted, saying: “You’re not going to be able to punish people into being more tolerant.”

Internet censorship in the name of protecting children was also proposed by SOPA author Lamar Smith (R-Texas) recently. Through the Protect Our Children From Online Pornographers Act (PCFIPA), Smith proposes some of the same measures included in his previous wildly unpopular attempt at Internet censorship.

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Czech Helsinki Committee/ENAR: Economic decline raises racial discrimination and racism around Europe

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

The economic crisis is having a negative impact on members of ethnic minorities and migrants, making them particularly vulnerable to unemployment and insecure labor conditions. Commercial decline is also creating concerns among the wider public and spurring on racist behavior. Many countries are also making financial cuts in the area of anti-racism, leading to reduced activity in the fight against racism and xenophobia. Those are some of the conclusions of the European Network against Racism (ENAR), which has published its Shadow Report on the State of Racism in Europe 2010-2011 on the occasion of the International Day against Racism, 21 March.

The Shadow Report on the Czech Republic is available here:

The Shadow Report on Europe is available here:

The report on Europe, based on data gathered by civil society organizations fighting against racism throughout Europe, emphasizes that ethnic and religious minorities face discrimination and social exclusion in Europe in all areas of life, from education to employment, from housing to politics. For example, in Spain, an immigrant was fired from his job for asking for a contract after working 10 hours a day, six days a week, for two months and being paid a total of EUR 600. In Romania, the average life span of a Romani person is 10 years shorter than that of other Europeans, and almost half of Romani children do not receive vaccinations.

Racially motivated violence, committed both by neo-Nazis and other perpetrators, is on the rise along with the growing success of ultra-right movements and parties in Denmark, Greece, Hungary, Poland and the United Kingdom. The report also emphasizes that people of African origin are particularly subjected to racial discrimination and racism in several EU Member States, as their visibility increases their vulnerability. In the United Kingdom, for example, people with dark skin are six times more likely to be subjected to controls and searches than are light-skinned people. In Spain as many as 36.8 % of landlords refuse to lease real estate to people from sub-Saharan Africa.

Even though the EU Member States have implemented anti-discrimination legislation, only a few cases have been submitted to the bodies entrusted with adjudicating them, and legal regulations are often not applied in practice. The President of ENAR, Chibo Onyeji, said: “Today in particular, on the International Day against Racism, it is disturbing to see that discrimination and racism continue to be such omnipresent, significant phenomena in the EU. Politicians must demonstrate more initiative. Equal access to education, employment and housing are essential to building a prosperous, united society, which is even more important during a time of economic crisis. We cannot allow entire groups in the population to be left out.”

“Unfortunately, it is necessary to say that the situation in the Czech Republic is not any more favorable in this regard than elsewhere. On the contrary, we have noted that in many areas the quality of minority people’s lives has rapidly deteriorated. The report on the Czech Republic shows that the approach taken by the media is contributing to the rise in hatred of minorities among the broader public, as the media does not report in a balanced way and often provides insufficient space to minorities and their perspectives,” says Czech Helsinki Committee director Markéta Kovaříková.

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Jewish Attorneys

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Many among the people thought the same incorrect way about Jewish attorneys. The Jew understood how to spread the view that that Jewish attorneys worked harder and accomplished more than non-Jewish attorneys. The Stürmer showed the German people that Jewish attorneys were nothing but a conspiratorial clique that sought to exploit and ruin non-Jews. In hundreds of cases, the Stürmer proved that Jewish attorneys viewed non-Jews as nothing but milk cows. That they worked together, mostly with other Jewish attorneys, to fleece non-Jewish clients. Countless farmers lost farm and home through the machinations of Jewish attorneys. Countless businessmen, craftsmen, etc., were ruined as the result of the cooperation of swindling Jewish tradesmen and Jewish attorneys and notaries. Jewish attorneys understood particularly well how to use civil processes to ruin non-Jews. They terrorized judges, working through threats and bribery. They are not attorneys at law, rather attorneys of injustice and betrayal. Over the years, the Stürmer opened the eyes of the non-Jewish public about Jewish attorneys, and brought about a change in this area, too. From the beginning, the Stürmer appealed to the people: “Do not use Jewish attorneys!”

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The first issue of the Stürmer

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

Throughout history, there have been great men who fought the Jews because they feared for the future of mankind. All were defeated in the battle. Their knowledge and their will were not accepted by their people. Their books and writings ended up in archives and libraries, gathering dust to this day. In Germany, things were different. Here Adolf Hitler, the Führer of the German Reich, called into life the great National Socialist freedom movement. Alongside this movement, Julius Streicher drove forward the German Socialist movement in Franconia and Central Germany in 1920.

In 1922, he placed himself at Adolf Hitler’s disposal. He subordinated himself to the Führer, and gave himself a task that the world will one day recognize as unique. Julius Streicher set himself the task of spreading the knowledge of the Jewish Question among the people, of persuading even the last German man and the last German woman to become fanatic anti-Semites. Streicher dedicated his whole life to this task. But he did not write and speak in the language of learned men. He spoke to the people in the language of the people. The Jews quickly saw the danger to them that would come from this battle. They turned their entire hatred against him, their entire thirst for revenge. Through dishonorable methods, through bribery, through legal proceedings, through imprisonment, through threatening his existence, through attacks on his life, they attempted to get rid of him. Every attempt failed.

The Stürmer was the result of one such hidden Jewish attack. A Judas Iscariot, bribed by Jewish money, had thrown the name Julius Streicher into the gutter. The Nuremberg press was not open to him. Julius Streicher was forced to call his own newspaper into being. That happened in April 1923.

The Stürmer was a little paper that was to appear “as needed.” No businessman dared to advertise in it. No newsstand had the courage to sell it. A handful of National Socialists finally succeeded, despite constant threats and persecutions by political opponents and the police, to get the Stürmer to the people. Julius Streicher dealt publicly with these slanders in the first issue. He made it clear that the Jew was behind them, and in conclusion wrote:

We National Socialists are no longer to be kept from the goal we seek. Not even through slander and betrayal. Our goal is a free German people, responsible only to itself. As long as the Jew is at home in Germany, we are Jewish slaves. Therefore, he must leave. Who? The Jew!

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Anti-Semitism At Very High Levels In Europe

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

In the wake of the massacre of four Jews in Toulouse in the south of France, the Anti-Defamation League released a report Tuesday indicating that anti-Semitism is at “disturbingly high levels” across Europe

According to a poll taken in 10 European nations, the ADL found that many non-Jews adhere to classic anti-Semitic canards of Jews having too much political influence, too much financial power, maintaining too much loyalty to Israeland of “talking too much” about the Nazi Holocaust.

The survey suggests that almost one-third of Europeans surveyed hold strong anti-Semitic prejudices.

The ADL said its study was conducted in January in Austria, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, the Netherlands, Norway,Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The survey is disturbing by the fact that anti-Semitism remains at high levels across the continent and infects many Europeans at a much higher level than we see here in the United States,” said Abraham H. Foxman, the ADL’s national director, in a statement.

“In Hungary, Spain and Poland, the numbers for anti-Semitic attitudes are literally off the charts and demand a serious response from political, civic and religious leaders.”

Indeed, the ADL survey indicates that 63 percent of Hungarians, 48 percent of Poles and 53 percent of Spaniards are anti-Semitic. All three countries have notorious histories of persecuting Jews.

In France itself, ADL said, almost one-fourth (24 percent) of the non-Jewish population hold anti-Semitic views, up from 20 percent in the previous ADL poll taken in 2009.

In addition, 45 percent of French respondents think “Jews are more loyal to Israel than to this country”; 35 percent believe “Jews have too much power in the business world”; and 24 percent say that “Jews still talk too much about what happened to them during the Holocaust.”

Foxman said of France: “You have a volatile mix. France has seen an increase in the level of anti-Semitism. At the same time, more people today believe that violence directed against European Jews is fueled by anti-Jewish attitudes as opposed to anti-Israel sentiment. Those increases are all the more disturbing in light of the shooting attack at the Jewish school in Toulouse.”

Levels of anti-Semitism in Germany, Austria and Britain are relatively low — at about 20 percent in each country.

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The Jew’s Weapon is Money, His Idol is Gold

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

The methods and means of the Jew are superstition, starvation, assassination, terror, and the rule of usury, his goal is world domination, and beyond world domination, as Adolf Hitler said, the destruction of the world. We Germans learned enough about starvation as a result of the blockade during the last war. Assassination caused the First World War, and terror is the method that is supposed to force Germany to the ground in this world war. History, above all English colonial history, provides hundreds and thousands of examples of this Jewish-Puritan mentality. It is enough simply to mention these methods to recall the whole reprehensible Jewish mentality. But I do wish to say more about the world domination of gold.

The whole liberal economic order is based on gold, and the Jew has masterfully understood how to give gold an almost mystic power. Gold has had absolute power over humanity and its peoples ever since the days of the “Golden Calf” and the golden treasures of Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem. The absolute dominance of gold was so strong that people no longer dared to resist it. People accepted as a god-given truth that gold was the measure of all values and of everything. But, one asks, where does this view of gold really come from? Gold has only a modest significance for human life. One could almost say that human life would continue with no difficulty even in the absence of gold.

As a metal, gold is much too soft to have any practical use. It is not hard like other metals. One cannot use it to build bridges, buildings, or machines, nor to build weapons. The fact that it does not oxidize says little in terms of value, for it is surpassed in this regard by platinum. The actual ability of gold to meet human needs is zero. Despite that fact, gold has been able to dominate the world over the centuries and millennia! The value of gold is completely artificial, a pseudo-value, that can only be understood as an enormous swindle and deceit on the part of the Jew. The dominance of gold is founded on the lies of the Jew. Gold is the Jew’s weapon.

The truth of this claim by us National Socialists is shown by the fact that several Jews in the Rothschild Bank set the price of gold each day. They are the proprietors of the following banking houses:

N.M. Rothschild and Sons,
Marcus Samuel & Co.,
Samuel Montagu and Co.,
Saemy Japhet and Co.,
Mocatta & Goldsmid (official agents of the Bank of England for gold and silver bars)

The insanity of this Jewish dealing is shown by the statement of a German economic leader to an American business friend. This American could not understand how National Socialist Germany had maintained not only a stable currency, but also built a flourishing economy out of economic chaos, all without any gold reserves. And now, it dared wage war on England and France, the guardians of gold, without any vast war chest of gold. The German industrialist, a well-known economic leader, answered the American in this way: “You Americans possess gold mines in South Africa, and employ many, many workers there, who each year mine an enormous amount of gold. After a difficult refining process, the gold is shipped to America, where it is buried once again in fireproof and theft proof vaults, making it sort of a new kind of gold mine. Perhaps it will be rediscovered in a hundred or a thousand years, and your successors will move the gold back to Africa. Do you not see how crazy that all is? The economy of the world is founded on such nonsense.

We Germans have put an end to it since Adolf Hitler took power. We use our time and our people to do useful things, and we have proven that labor, and the production of necessary things, are a secure foundation for our economy. It is much better than your gold rush!”

I have been told that the American left with a very thoughtful expression on his face.

Jewry has persuaded the peoples of the earth to accept this bluff, this swindle, and has built a whole system of lies and fraud. Their goal is to establish and defend the rule of the Jews over human beings and peoples. As long as the peoples of the earth believe in this swindle, the five Jewish bankers named above are the real lords of the earth. All the other so-called leaders of the peoples, all the kings and emperors, all the parliaments and democracies, all the economies and classes, are only pieces on the chessboard of these gold and money lords.

Since the churches and sciences have also bowed down to this rule of gold over the years, they also are not free of Jewry and its devilish system. They all dance around the Jewish golden calf. Gold is their idol, and the meaning of their earthly life.

We recently read the news that the House of Rothschild has organized a consortium of banks to finance the war supplies flowing from the United to States to England and France. This was a brief announcement, easy to overlook. However, it revealed the deepest and truest meaning of this struggle:

The battle of money against labor,

The hatred of the Jew for National Socialism,

The alliance between Jewry, England, the USA, and Soviet Russia to rule the peoples of the world.

This fact shows clearly how seriously Jewry takes the situation, and the prospects of this war.

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Employers ask job seekers for Facebook passwords

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

When Justin Bassett interviewed for a new job, he expected the usual questions about experience and references. So he was astonished when the interviewer asked for something else: his Facebook username and password.

Bassett, a New York City statistician, had just finished answering a few character questions when the interviewer turned to her computer to search for his Facebook page. But she couldn’t see his private profile. She turned back and asked him to hand over his login information.

Bassett refused and withdrew his application, saying he didn’t want to work for a company that would seek such personal information. But as the job market steadily improves, other job candidates are confronting the same question from prospective employers, and some of them cannot afford to say no.

In their efforts to vet applicants, some companies and government agencies are going beyond merely glancing at a person’s social networking profiles and instead asking to log in as the user to have a look around.

“It’s akin to requiring someone’s house keys,” said Orin Kerr, a George Washington University law professor and former federal prosecutor who calls it “an egregious privacy violation.”

Questions have been raised about the legality of the practice, which is also the focus of proposed legislation in Illinois and Maryland that would forbid public agencies from asking for access to social networks.

Since the rise of social networking, it has become common for managers to review publically available Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts and other sites to learn more about job candidates. But many users, especially on Facebook, have their profiles set to private, making them available only to selected people or certain networks.

Companies that don’t ask for passwords have taken other steps — such as asking applicants to friend human resource managers or to log in to a company computer during an interview. Once employed, some workers have been required to sign non-disparagement agreements that ban them from talking negatively about an employer on social media.

Asking for a candidate’s password is more prevalent among public agencies, especially those seeking to fill law enforcement positions such as police officers or 911 dispatchers.

Back in 2010, Robert Collins was returning to his job as a correctional officer at the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services after taking a leave following his mother’s death. During a reinstatement interview, he was asked for his login and password, purportedly so the agency could check for any gang affiliations. He was stunned by the request but complied.

“I needed my job to feed my family. I had to,” he recalled.

After the ACLU complained about the practice, the agency amended its policy, asking instead for job applicants to log in during interviews.

“To me, that’s still invasive. I can appreciate the desire to learn more about the applicant, but it’s still a violation of people’s personal privacy,” said Collins, whose case inspired Maryland’s legislation.

Until last year, the city of Bozeman, Mont., had a long-standing policy of asking job applicants for passwords to their email addresses, social-networking websites and other online accounts.

And since 2006, the McLean County, Ill., sheriff’s office has been one of several Illinois sheriff’s departments that ask applicants to sign into social media sites to be screened.

Chief Deputy Rusty Thomas defended the practice, saying applicants have a right to refuse. But no one has ever done so. Thomas said that “speaks well of the people we have apply.”

When asked what sort of material would jeopardize job prospects, Thomas said “it depends on the situation” but could include “inappropriate pictures or relationships with people who are underage, illegal behavior.”

In Spotsylvania County, Va., the sheriff’s department asks applicants to friend background investigators for jobs at the 911 dispatch center and for law enforcement positions.

“In the past, we’ve talked to friends and neighbors, but a lot of times we found that applicants interact more through social media sites than they do with real friends,” said Capt. Mike Harvey. “Their virtual friends will know more about them than a person living 30 yards away from them.”

Harvey said investigators look for any “derogatory” behavior that could damage the agency’s reputation.

E. Chandlee Bryan, a career coach and co-author of the book “The Twitter Job Search Guide,” said job seekers should always be aware of what’s on their social media sites and assume someone is going to look at it.

Bryan said she is troubled by companies asking for logins, but she feels it’s not a violation if an employer asks to see a Facebook profile through a friend request. And she’s not troubled by non-disparagement agreements.

“I think that when you work for a company, they are essentially supporting you in exchange for your work. I think if you’re dissatisfied, you should go to them and not on a social media site,” she said.

More companies are also using third-party applications to scour Facebook profiles, Bryan said. One app called BeKnown can sometimes access personal profiles, short of wall messages, if a job seeker allows it.

Sears is one of the companies using apps. An applicant has the option of logging into the Sears job site through Facebook by allowing a third-party application to draw information from the profile, such as friend lists.

Sears Holdings Inc. spokeswoman Kim Freely said using a Facebook profile to apply allows Sears to be updated on the applicant’s work history.

The company assumes “that people keep their social profiles updated to the minute, which allows us to consider them for other jobs in the future or for ones that they may not realize are available currently,” she said.

Facebook declined to comment except for issuing a brief statement declaring that the site forbids “anyone from soliciting the login information or accessing an account belonging to someone else.”

Giving out Facebook login information also violates the social network’s terms of service. But those terms have questionable legal weight, and experts say the legality of asking for such information remains murky.

The Department of Justice regards it as a federal crime to enter a social networking site in violation of the terms of service, but during recent congressional testimony, the agency said such violations would not be prosecuted.

Lori Andrews, a law professor at IIT Chicago-Kent College of Law specializing in Internet privacy, is concerned about the pressure placed on applicants, even if they voluntarily provide access to social sites.

“Volunteering is coercion if you need a job,” Andrews said.

Twitter did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

In New York, Bassett considered himself lucky that he was able to turn down the consulting gig at a lobbying firm.

“I think asking for account login credentials is regressive,” he said. “If you need to put food on the table for your three kids, you can’t afford to stand up for your belief.”

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The Triumph of Racial Thinking

Tuesday, March 20th, 2012

The new scientific understanding of the importance of blood for the existence of the German people and its culture did not win without a struggle. Our people’s thinking was misled by the forces of the Church, Liberalism, Bolshevism, and Jewry. Only the victory of Adolf Hitler and the National Socialist worldview enabled the German people to think racially. The worldview appeals to the Nordic blood inheritance of each German. We have it to thank for the enormous progress of our people after 1933, and for the unprecedented triumphs of its army in building a new order in Europe and the world. Destroying Jewry will remove the final cause that led to the decline and fall of Europe and its culture.

When National Socialism took power in Germany, most citizens did not understand the revolutionary significance of racial science and genetics. The victory of racial thinking in so short a time is astonishing. Scientific knowledge often requires decades, even centuries, so enter a people’s thinking. The worldview Adolf Hitler developed, based on these incontrovertible scientific results, enabled the greater part of our people to be persuaded of the correctness and decisive significance of racial thinking.

Even in other parts of the Germanic world where the influence of Liberalism has been the strongest and most persistent (Sweden!), people are realizing the historical significance and value of common Nordic blood and the importance of keeping it pure. They recognize that even today the North Germanic peoples are endangered.

The other peoples of Europe too, above all our allies, are recognizing the importance of racial thinking. A racial manifesto of leading Italian scientists in Fascist Italy on 14 July 1938 affirmed racial thinking clearly. The seventh of ten points is:

“It is time for Italians to openly affirm racial thinking. Italian racial policy must be Italian in nature, and follow the Aryan-Nordic model.”

Point 8 said:

“It is necessary to make a clear distinction between the Mediterranean peoples of Europe on the one side and the Oriental and African peoples on the other.”

Point 9 said:

“The Jews are of non-Italian blood.”

Point 10 added:

“The pure European physical and spiritual traits of the Italians may not be altered. The pure European character of the Italians will be changed by mixing with any other non-European race, which is the carrier of a culture other than the ancient Aryan culture.”

This racial manifesto clearly recognizes the biological differences between the human races, and draws the necessary conclusions from that scientific knowledge. It is not a mere imitation of National Socialist thinking. Its significance is that a second great power, building on its own scientific foundations, recognizes the significance of racial thinking and sees maintaining the purity of its good blood as its most important task.

Practical measures soon followed the manifesto. An example was the fall 1938 law that banned marriages between Italian citizens and the colored (“Colonial subjects”).

Each of Europe’s peoples must return to the source of its existence and affirm its racial uniqueness if it is to be renewed in the way the German people has been under National Socialism. In recent years, most European peoples have found the will to protect their racial purity against mixing. The Jews are increasingly excluded from economic life, and marriages with Jews are forbidden. Examples are Slovakia, Rumania, Hungary, Croatia, and Bulgaria. Halfway solutions always prove useless. When any kind of back door is left open, the Jew gets around the intentions of the lawmakers. European nations are increasingly coming to the realization that the Jewish question can be solved only as a racial question, and that only racial thinking consistent with natural laws can guarantee the life and characteristics of the individual peoples. Adolf Hitler introduced a new era in the history of Europe and the world. A new world is rising. The barriers of centuries are falling. Empires are declining and a new order under the leadership of the young peoples is rising. The spiritual revolution of our age is just as significant. The spiritual and political boundaries have probably never been clearer than they are today. The lines are clear everywhere. The Second World War is a struggle between two worldviews and two ways of life. Our enemy hates us because we have recognized that the single raw material that cannot be replaced is the raw material that the German people have more of than any other people on earth, our good blood, which is our Nordic inheritance. They hate us because they know that we hold the key to victory, to our future, and to the eternal Reich of all Germans.

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