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Global warming devastates America

Tuesday, January 7th, 2014

See that white stuff floating down past the orange trees and landing on your alligators and manatees, Florida? That’s global warming, that is. See that frozen white thing by the harbor that used to look a green woman with a spiky headdress, New York? That’s global warming, that is. See that chilling solid yellow stream […]

Experts Say More Cubans Arriving in U.S.

Wednesday, November 28th, 2012

The number of Cubans arriving in the United States without visas has risen sharply in the past year, U.S. officials say.

There has been a surge in Cubans traveling to the United States from other countries—including Spain, Ecuador, Mexico and Canada—the South Florida Sun-Sentinel reported. Greater numbers are also traveling by boat to Florida.

Under the “wet foot, dry foot” policy, Cubans intercepted at sea can be returned there, but those who make it to U.S. soil are free to stay. That means those who arrive by air or cross a land border are safe.

About 20,000 Cubans arrive every year on scheduled flights from Havana with visas. No one keeps an exact count of the others, but refugee groups estimate it is about 10,000 a year.

The Coast Guard detained 1,275 Cubans on boats intercepted before they reached Florida in the 12-month period ending Sept. 30. That was the highest number since 2008.

“The influx of Cubans into the U.S. is increasing,” said Ernesto Cuesta, who runs programs for Haitian and Cuban refugees for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in Miami. The young people we are seeing are desperate. There is no hope in Cuba.”

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George Zimmerman Sues NBC over Edited 911 Tape

Friday, October 5th, 2012

In March, NewsBusters broke the story about NBC’s Today show airing an edited audiotape of George Zimmerman’s 911 call the day he shot Trayvon Martin in Florida.

On Thursday, the New York Post reported Zimmerman is suing the Peacock Network.

According to the Post, the complaint will be filed against NBC News President Steve Capus and correspondent Ron Allen who was the Today reporter involved in the March 27 broadcast.

As NewsBusters noted at the time, Today played an audiotape with Zimmerman saying on a 911 call, “This guy looks like he’s up to no good . . . he looks black.”

But this was the fuller text of the call:

ZIMMERMAN: This guy looks like he’s up to no good, or he’s on drugs or something. It’s raining, and he’s just walking around, looking about.

911 DISPATCHER: Okay, is this guy, is he white, black, or Hispanic?

ZIMMERMAN: He looks black.

NBC deceptively removed the question from the 911 dispatcher to make it appear Zimmerman was racist, a mistake the network ended up apologizing for.

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New Study Finds Fastest-Growing Cities Not the Most Prosperous

Friday, July 27th, 2012

As communities seek new ways to emerge from the recession, many may look to growing their population as a strategy. However, the belief that population growth will bring jobs and economic prosperity for local residents is a myth. These findings are published in a new study in the latest issue of Economic Development Quarterly (published by SAGE).

Growth may be associated with economic development success; however, it is not the cause of that success,” wrote study author Eben Fodor.

Fodor examined the relationship between growth and economic prosperity in the 100 largest U.S. metropolitan areas from 2000 to 2009 to determine whether certain benefits commonly attributed to growth are supported by statistical data. He found that the slowest-growing metro areas had lower unemployment rates, lower poverty rates, higher income levels, and were less impacted by the recession than the fastest-growing areas. In fact, in 2009, local residents of slower-growing areas averaged $8,455 more per capita in personal income than those of the fastest-growing areas.

“The successful economic development program is typically the one that creates new jobs,” Fodor wrote. “The new jobs tend to stimulate population growth as people move into the area seeking to take advantage of the new employment opportunities … But growth is not creating employment opportunities. Instead it is reducing them as newcomers fill job openings.”

This new study used information taken from the U.S. Census to study 100 of the largest metro areas, representing 66% of the total U.S. population. It concluded with a comparison of the 25 slowest-growing metro areas with the 25 fastest growing from 2000 to 2009. The slowest growing areas were located in 13 different states, including Connecticut, New York, and Ohio while the fastest-growing areas came from 12 different states, dominated by California, Florida, and Texas.

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Norman Vanigas charged with rape and attempted murder in Brighton Beach attack

Thursday, June 28th, 2012

The armed craven thug who raped a Brooklyn woman and shot at cops pursuing him asked for his victim’s cell phone number after assaulting her, prosecutors said Wednesday.

Norman Vanigas, 23, was charged with rape, attempted murder and other counts in Brooklyn Criminal Court and was ordered locked up without bail.

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Gun Shots Fired on Second Street Saturday Night

Monday, June 25th, 2012


11:45 a.m. Framingham Police Lt. Ron Brandolini said no arrests have been made in Saturday night’s shooting.




Framingham Police responded to a report of gun shots at 113 Second St at 11:30 p.m. Saturday night, according to the Framingham Police log.


Initial scanner reports had the gun shots coming from two houses on Second Street.


The Scanner also reported that two dark-skinned males wearing hoods ran towards the Carlson Road area.


Framingham Policce were using the K-9 unit last night.


Framingham Patch will update when we learn more.

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‘Violent crime spree’ ends with arrest

Saturday, June 23rd, 2012

A man law enforcement officials say is responsible for a nine-day crime spree that included the abduction and slaying of a Cape Coral resident, was arrested Friday morning after he stabbed a woman, stole her car and then forced a teenage girl into the trunk.

At a brief press conference Friday, Lee County Sheriff Mike Scott announced the arrest of Antonio Thomas, 29, who faces a myriad of charges, including first degree murder, kidnapping, sexual assault and carjacking in connection with a number of crimes throughout Lee County.

Those crimes include five attacks on women including the deadly attack Wednesday in Cape Coral.

Officials say he approached Phyllis Stein, 61, of 150 S.E. 1st Place at about 3 p.m. as she was washing her new car.

He forced her into her vehicle; beat, assaulted and killed her; and then dumped her body behind the AutoZone on Bayshore Road in North Fort Myers, officials said.

Stein’s vehicle was found in the Dunbar area by Fort Myers Police Thursday evening.

“The message here is obvious. An extremely dangerous individual who, over the course of nine days, has ravaged innocent victims has been taken off the streets,” Scott said. “We want to reassure everyone, we’re much safer today as a result.”

Scott was joined by Cape Coral Police Chief Jay Murphy and Fort Myers Police Chief Doug Baker, neither of whom spoke, and Lt. Bill Kalstrom of the Lee County Sheriff’s Office violent crimes unit.

Scott said he couldn’t get into many specifics in the case because they were investigating other things. He added the crimes were random and that the accused, while he had a criminal record, had no violent crimes.

Most recently, Thomas, described as a transient, served more than two years in a Florida prison on drug charges.

“Something just snapped and we’re a better place today because he’s in jail,” Scott said.

Kalstrom said the spree started on June 13 with an attempted carjacking and robbery in North Fort Myers at Pondella and Orange Grove.

The victim fought off the attacker.

On June 15, a victim was kidnapped in front of an appliance story on N. Tamiami Trail and brought to Cape Coral, where she escaped.

On June 20, Stein’s body was found behind the AutoZone on Bayshore Road.

Officials say the crime spree in which Thomas is accused ended Friday in Fort Myers after he broke into a home in Dean Park, beat and stabbed a woman during that home invasion, stole a car, and then kidnapped a 15-year-old girl just miles away, forcing her in the trunk.

She was able to escape.

Fort Myers police found Thomas later that morning and took him into custody.

“These women were victimized during the day in front of businesses like nothing we’ve ever seen,” Kalstrom said. “We’re grateful for the cooperation of the three agencies and all the hard work everyone did to bring this to a quick end.”

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Before Trayvon Martin Shooting, George Zimmerman Blasted Cops over Beating of Black Man

Saturday, May 26th, 2012

The gunman in the racially charged Trayvon Martin killing once criticized local Florida cops for allegedly covering up the beating of a black homeless man.

George Zimmerman‘s comments at a public forum came a year before he shot the black teen at close range—but his supporters will seize on them as evidence he is not racist.

He spoke out in January 2011 after a video of a white cop’s son beating the black victim went viral—without an arrest being made.

“I would just like to state that the law is written in black and white,” Zimmerman said during the meeting. “It should not and cannot be enforced in the gray for those who are in the thin blue line.”

He demanded that Sanford repeal the pension of then-police chief Brian Tooley for what Zimmerman called “his illegal coverup in corruption,” according to a tape obtained by The Associated Press.

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Judge in Zimmerman’s trial steps down

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

ORLANDO, FLA. – A Florida judge removed herself on Wednesday from presiding over the second-degree murder trial of George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunteer who shot and killed unarmed 17-year-old Trayvon Martin, according to a court news release.

Circuit Judge Kenneth Lester Jr. will take over the racially charged case, which captured national attention and prompted demonstrations across the United States when Zimmerman remained free and without charge for more than six weeks.

Circuit Judge Jessica Recksiedler’s order removing herself was expected. Last week, Recksiedler disclosed a potential conflict of interest in that her husband’s law partner previously had been contacted by Zimmerman seeking representation. Recksiedler asked Zimmerman’s lawyer, Mark O’Mara, to file a motion quickly if he wanted her off the case, which he did on Monday.

Recksiedler announced her recusal in a three-page order that said O’Mara’s two undisclosed legal arguments to remove her were individually insufficient but that together they formed a compelling case.

“Even though this court finds that neither of these, standing alone, is legally sufficient for disqualification, the cumulative effect of the events and the totality of the circumstances provides a legally sufficient basis for this court to grant the motion to disqualify,” the news release said, quoting from the order, which was sealed with all other documents relating to the case.

A bond hearing was set for Zimmerman on Friday at 9.a.m. EST. Court spokeswoman Michelle Kennedy said before Wednesday’s announcement the bond hearing remained on the calendar pending the availability of the judge replacing Recksiedler.

Besides whether to set bail, among the first issues Lester must decide is whether to unseal all court records filed in Zimmerman’s case.

At O’Mara’s request and with the consent of the prosecution, a different judge at Zimmerman’s initial appearance agreed to seal the records, noting the trial judge would make the final decision whether the records should be made public.

Zimmerman, the son of a white father and Peruvian mother, shot and killed Martin, who was black, on Feb. 26 following a confrontation in a gated community in the central Florida town of Sanford.

Police released Zimmerman, saying they found no probable cause to arrest him based on his account of self-defense.

That led to a wave of protests and intense media scrutiny – public pressure that forced the Sanford police chief and the regularly assigned prosecutor to step aside.

Governor Rick Scott appointed a special prosecutor, Angela Corey, who charged Zimmerman with second-degree murder last week.

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Prepare for “Race War” Over Florida Shooting

Wednesday, April 11th, 2012

Black and white racist groups including the “New Black Panther Party” (NBPP) and the “National Socialist Movement” (NSM) — both believed to be heavily infiltrated by federal agencies — claim to be preparing for an all-out “race war” as the fallout from the shooting of Trayvon Martin continues to spiral out of control. Meanwhile, President Obama, much of the establishment press, professional hate agitators, and even the United Nations have been pouring fuel on the fire.

Law enforcement officials have said that so far, there are no indications of violence or “armed patrols” in Sanford, and that protests have been peaceful. Sgt. David Morgenstern with the Sanford Police Department told the press on April 9 that there were no signs of either the neo-Nazi NSM or of the NBPP. However, both racist groups and their affiliates are under fire for openly proclaiming that a “race war” is coming and that they intend to participate in the slaughter.

In a recording of what was reported to be a NBPP conference call obtained by the conservative media service, leaders of the NBPP black supremacist group describe their preparations for imminent “bloodshed.” One activist participating in the call advocates the complete destruction of capitalism and “class structure,” urging other members to begin stockpiling military weaponry and start training to use it.

“Black power! I just wanna say to all the listeners that’s on this phone call: If you are having any doubts about getting suited, booted, and armed up for this race war that we in, that has never ended, let me tell you something, the things that’s about to happen to these honkies, these crackers, these [police] pigs, these pink people, these ***** ****** purple people, it has been long overdue,” said a woman who identified herself as NBPP Tampa chapter “Chief of Staff” Michelle Williams.

Another call participant then speaks of blood and revolution. “We gotta suit up and boot up, and get prepared for the war that we’re in,” said the man, identified in a recording of the call as “Nation Spokesman of the New Black Panther Party” Chawn Kweli. “This stuff got to boil over, and all your greats talked about there having to be bloodshed involved with revolution — true revolution means some bloodshed…. We gotta go through it.”

And he sounds serious, too. “We’re talking about some blood. We’re going to have to cause some blood and go through some blood and battles,” Kweli emphasized. “I’m talking about that blond haired, blue eyed, sometime brown eyed, Caucasian walking around with a mindset — a demonistic mindset and a nature to do evil and brutality.”

Later, an unidentified female on the call praises black men who riot or kill whites. “I’m kinda pissed off right now that the state of Florida ain’t on fire,” she said. “I am for violence if non-violence means we continue to postpone a solution to the American black man’s problem just to avoid violence. You feel me?”

Petitionersactivists and shooter George Zimmerman’s family are all calling on race-obsessed Attorney General Eric Holder to arrest and prosecute the NBPP leadership involved in inciting violence. Among the grievances against the group was a “bounty” it offered for the “capture” of Zimmerman, who has said he shot 17-year-old Martin in self-defense. He has not yet been charged with a crime.

“I am writing you to ask you why, when the law of the land is crystal clear, is your office not arresting the New Black Panthers for hate crimes?” an unidentified member of Zimmerman’s family wrote in a letter to Holder. “I would surmise that, based on your own definition of a hate crime, you have chosen not to arrest these individuals based solely on your race.”

On the other side, white supremacists are claiming to be organizing “armed patrols” to “defend whites.” The neo-Nazi group NSM, long known to be filled with federal agents — or government agents provocateurs, as some analysts portray them — has made public statements suggesting that it, too, is making plans to parade around Florida in anticipation of a “race war.”

“The NSM does not disagree with the Panthers on the matter of Racial separation, however their ability to openly and very publicly break the law and avoid prosecution is something that is of grave concern to the White Community,” so-called NSM “Commander” Jeff Schoep wrote in a statement posted online, claiming his “patrols” would be operating within the law. “As citizens and neighbors dissolve along Racial lines, the possibility of further Racial violence in the Melting Pot is brimming over like a powder keg ready to explode into the streets.”

National Socialist Movement self-styled “Commander” Schoep told the Miami New Times that the group’s armed “patrols” consisted of 10 to 20 “volunteers” from around the state, though it remains unclear whether there really are any white supremacists on patrol. “We are not advocating any type of violence or attacks on anybody, but we are prepared for it,” he was quoted as saying. “We are not the type of white people who are going to be walked all over.”

While concern about the escalating potential for violence is growing, only minor incidents have been reported so far — mostly vandalism variously blasting and praising Zimmerman. Late last month in South Florida, however, a group of dozens of young protesters purporting to seek “Justice for Trayvon”ransacked a store. Residents were alarmed, but the furor soon died down.

Experts say that the Obama administration appears to be shielding the NBPP from prosecution — a controversial response that attracted severe criticism after members of the group were let off the hook despite intimidating voters at the polls in 2008. But, there are several state criminal statutes that the organization may have violated in recent weeks, too, opening up the possibility that they could be arrested in Florida.

“There was a time in this country when criminal threats were treated as criminal threats. There was a time when stalking polls on election day with a billy club was taken seriously,” wrote former Justice Department official Christian Adams, who resigned after the administration decided to drop the prosecutions of NBPP members. He calls them “thugs.”

“They’ve been talking like this for years,” Adams noted in response to the recently released conference call. “They tone down the rhetoric at strategic times, just enough to make people like Loretta King and Steve Rosenbaum at the Justice Department give them a pass.”

Zimmerman, meanwhile, has gone into hiding in fear of his life. “As a result of the incident and subsequent media coverage, I have been forced to leave my home, my school, my employer, my family and ultimately, my entire life,” he said in a statement posted on his website. “I assure you, the facts will come to light.”

According to analysts, powerful “Insiders” — people who wield massive influence in media and government with the aim of consolidating control — would use any “race war” violence to further advance an anti-constitutional agenda. Meanwhile, a contrived “war” would serve to distract Americans from the real problems facing the nation, and those responsible for them.

Multiple investigations into the tragic shooting of Trayvon Martin are ongoing as investigators try to determine the facts. In the meantime, sensible people of all races are demanding an immediate end to the foolishness and hatred — and the prosecution of anyone caught breaking the law.

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